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  1. I cancelled my cruise directly with Celebrity on Friday. No email received stating a cancellation. The cruise is still showing on my account. Anyone else have this happen? Did you receive an email showing cancellation. My cruise date is close, 3/15/2020.
  2. We are booked for March 15 and will be cancelling. I’m in a higher risk pool due to my health and doctor said to stay home!
  3. As we have an evening flight, We were wondering how late we could stay on the ship. Thanks for posting this info. What restaurants are available? Are the pools open? Did you feel it was worth the cost? Would you choose this option again. Thanks!
  4. We have had three cruises cancelled by Celebrity directly. Each time we were given up to $200 pp towards an airline rebooking fee. Even if your ticket is “non refundable”, you can rebook at a later time minus the $200 fee ( Delta airlines rules).
  5. Is the $25 per person? Or for two? Thanks
  6. Is this the price if you have the premium package? How much if you have the classic?
  7. Same here - we also have been on the 14 night cruises. This is also a new port for us in St. Vincent so I was also looking for ideas. Did you book this excursion directly?
  8. Customs at the port took an hour. We need Global Entry! Left the ship at 8 am and in taxi by 9am. Five customs agents. Do not use first line as they also add in handicap pass with same custom agent making the line much slower. We also used luggage valet. Worked out great. Airport a breeze as we have sky priority with Delta. Three hours until our flight.
  9. Reflection on 1/4/2019 prices did not change. Holiday cruises do not offer dining packages. We found this out by calling Captains Club.
  10. Interesting. We always book onboard for the obc. Also one or two perks, depending on class of cabin. But never have we received a bottle of wine or other gifts. Do you receive these extra gifts only by booking on the first day? Never booked on day one as there is always so much going on.
  11. We leave on the Reflection for a 14 day cruise in a little over a month. Thanks for posting the dessert and dinner menus. Looking forward to lots of great meals!
  12. Just upgraded our 1/4/19 booking with a 30% discount, $7/day +18% = $8.26/day for 14 days = $115.64 pp. If you like the Martini Bar or a glass of wine just two drinks/day will break even. 1/31/20 booking is not included. For a 14 day cruise at 30% off I figure it's not going to get any better so might as well pay for the upgrade out of my OBC. Not sure how they decide what bookings are included. Atwell just checked and stated sailings up to May 11, 2020. I'll check again in a few days.
  13. Great topic. Living in the cold and snowy Tundra of Minnesota, a 14 day Caribbean Cruise is a respite from winter. We like the ABC islands and prefer a 14 day cruise. Interesting to see what you chose.
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