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  1. As a passenger on this cruise I would have hoped that X would have contacted us. Based on my calling them and saying they had heard about it through media channels. Thanks to this board and Canadian news. I don’t fault X on the early stages as the pax didn’t inform the ship. However, since Saturday the news has been out there and yet nothing. I have self quarantined myself and informed my work of the situation. I have no symptoms on day 11 since debarkation and feel fine. I suspect X is overwhelmed and if their office is anything like their website, I understand. I hope all wh
  2. Great review so far. I was one of your fellow passengers on this voyage. For us it was an amazing trip, excellent service and great memories. Based on the world now, we want to go back and disappear from the world. Looking forward to reading more.
  3. Wow. God Bless you folks on board. I know you didn’t sign up for this extra adventure, but seems you’re keeping it in good spirit. God Speed to the US.
  4. Thank you very much for all the details. While I don’t think I’ll like an IV, I need to book one to really understand and experience it for myself.
  5. We had 3 on a recent 12 night. One of those was Valentines Day. Not sure if that was added or 3 is the standard on a 12-14 night.
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