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  1. You totally lucked out to have them play for your cruise. They are one of the best local bands in the Chicago area and we see them at several events during the year. They sounded awesome on Harmony.
  2. I use a lanyard. It's easy access and doesn't require me to carry a bag or purse. My purse usually stays in the safe in my room once I board the ship. The lanyard also keeps it handy for ordering drinks all day. I really don't care what it looks like with whatever outfit I'm wearing. I'll take it off for photos though.
  3. We have brought our own hole punch in the past. We punch the card on one end. Never had a problem with the card not working. Just make sure you punch the hole far enough away from the magnetic strip so it can still be easily swiped.
  4. We're also on the 2/24 Harmony sailing. A while back someone posted compasses from the same sailing last July. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2531534
  5. I'm on the same sailing and purchased the drink package when it was $43 back in November. It hasn't been that low since then. It has been fluctuating between $45 and $48 depending on the sale of the day. Keep checking every day as they might drop it back to $45 one more time in the next couple of weeks. If you book it at $48 you can cancel and re-book if it goes down to $45.
  6. I'm on the Harmony in two weeks. Who are the best bartenders? We'll look for them!
  7. Are there any photo packages offered onboard between the single photo for $20 and the 20 photo package for $200? We usually pick out 5-10 photos we like and I'm just trying to figure out if I'll end up paying the single photo price for them or if there is a smaller package we could buy on the ship.
  8. I'm trying to avoid doing that as we have a late flight and will be sending the day sightseeing in Ft Lauderdale. I'd rather not have to lug around a suitcase all day or make a stop at the airport in the morning to check it. If that's the case it's just better not to bring any liquor back.
  9. We are planning to do the luggage valet program on our harmony cruise in Feb. If we purchase liquor in ports will RC deliver it to our stateroom prior to the time we need to put our luggage outside our room on the last night? I want to make sure I'll be able to pack the liquor the night before disembarkation since we won't see our luggage again until we land at our home airport.
  10. We are sailing on Harmony in February and have selected My Time Dining. Do we absolutely have to make reservations to get a table or can we just show up when we would like to eat? We like to wing it on vacation and not have to deal with a specific schedule. We usually eat later, around 7:30 or 8pm. We've only sailed NCL before and they just give you a pager if tables aren't available right away when we arrive at the dining room. Does RC do something similar?
  11. So what happens when they do the combo beverage/internet package? Is the gratuity calculated based on the full package price or only the beverage portion? Does the consumer inadvertently pay more with the combo because gratuity is paid on the full price?
  12. We will be cruising on Royal Caribbean for the first time in Feb. We have only cruised NCL in the past. We always buy the beverage package but also like to give certain bartenders an extra tip from time to time if we get exceptional service. Does RC have you sign for every drink when you have the beverage package so you can add an extra tip for the bartender? Or do we need to bring cash for tips? I don't want to get into a debate over whether tipping is necessary. We like to do it because we feel we get better service and get to know the bartenders better that way. Just looking for info on how things work on RC with the beverage package.
  13. Drink packages for our sailing on Harmony in Feb went on sale at the beginning of October. Deluxe package is buy one get one half off and there is a deluxe beverage package/internet combo for 25% off.
  14. When other cruise lines raise prices on onboard amenities does Royal Caribbean usually follow with similar increases? This week NCL announced that as of 9/29 they are increasing the price of the beverage package by $10 per day to $89 a day. I'm just wondering if I should expect Royal Caribbean to follow with a similar increase and prepay my beverage package now. RC's package is so much cheaper so I could see them raising their price to be more in line with the competition.
  15. http://www.bernardstours.com/ We used Bernard's Tours a few years ago. Full day tour of the island with several stops and time at both Orient and Maho beaches. They were excellent and provided drinks for the van and got us back in plenty of time.
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