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  1. Some people living in Australia have residency, but are not Australian Citizens... They have to get an ETA, whether arriving by sea or air.. If you are a holder of an AU passport you ARE an Australian citizen, and dont need an ETA whatever travel means you use.. Passport holders from other countries who are arriving by any means also need to check whether ETA, applies to them.
  2. Hi David. Phew!!! Sadly we have needed to do a retake on our plans you have logged during OCT and NOV 2019. Since USA has declared Cuba a "no sail from USA" country with tightened rules, all ship tourism travel is out.. ๐Ÿ˜ž Can you please remove the 3 cruises "BIG KEV" has listed for then? We have also cancelled the advance Celebrity sailing which we have down for APRIL 2021 from Melbourne AU... Time for us to re-hash all plans !!! Thanks for your work, and sorry to cause inconvenience.. Sue and Phil
  3. Uber 2 years ago in heavy morning peak traffic was just on $50 Phil and Sue
  4. After getting email with our options, we decided to cancel our October 25th Empress O.S. cruise.. To experience Cuba was the prime reason we were flying in from Australia.. Phoned and cancelled, and email "Cancellation Invoice" has arrived charging us our deposit $200 ea ($400) "Cancellation Penalty" .. WHAT THE ???????? Sue and Phil
  5. UPDATE Currently on board the Ship and we are all still having a fabulous time and ready to party even more tonight with the way CMV have handled the compensation๐Ÿ˜„
  6. Re-posting below from CMV friends FB page.. CMV seasonally operated Astor from Fremantle, and soon to replace that with Vasco Da Gama.... It's a growing CMV fleet, and good to know that they are handling this problem very well... This is Hot Off The Press... "Our cruise on Columbus to the Norwegian Fjords never made it to Norway! On leaving Amsterdam Thursday afternoon, the ship grounded and was delayed 8 hours for inspection by divers. All was deemed ok and we set off for Norway. Friday night as we neared Norway the captain announced (at 11.45pm!)there was a technical issue and we have to return to Holland for repairs, and the rest of the cruise to be cancelled. Now Sunday morning we are just arriving at a dock-yard in Ijmuiden and will stay 2 days here, then passengers to be returned to Uk by coach & ferry Tuesday morning (1 day early). We are all to get a full refund and a future free cruise!!! We were never in danger and now have 2 more days of free food and accommodation"!
  7. Hi .. As mentioned, it was some time back that we asked for a match.. (Nov 2017).. via an on-line form.. Don't recollect anything about pre-booking on the application form when we applied, and like you, we wanted to be prepared.. It could be that the criteria has changed since then, but we did not have anything booked. We were given a Voyagers club number, and at that time the letter from them says that if we wanted to enjoy benefits and make a booking, to contact the reservations team.. Hope that helps, and, wish you luck ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. We are Elite Celebrity and D+ on RCI...We included both X and RCI on our match request and they gave us BLACK.. (Not sure which one did the trick) .. Did the match about 18 moths ago, but have not booked anything with them yet.. Sue and Phil
  9. Laundromat in PICTON a short walk from where the bus drops you off. You will pass it on the way in to town.
  10. No problems.. If you have chosen MTD as your dining option, you do not need to pre-book each night.. (Some people want to try and predict hunger, but we cannot). Situation is the same as Princess where you can just roll up when and if you wish, on each day. Only difference is that you are not issued a pager and drink voucher on RCI.. We have never had to wait more than a few minutes anyway... Sue and Phil (Must add, that with RCI , during the initial booking process, you would have selected traditional (1st or second set time/table) or MTD)
  11. Official USA government site for obtaining an ESTA https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/
  12. Typical !!! Never used it recently, but understand it correct as you have described... Straight answers never come easy from call centre... However, would advise to minimise future problems, it would be better to do the 3 the bookings at the same time, with the same RCI rep.. You could all put a 24 hour hold on reservations first. S and P
  13. Currencies accepted will be --- USD for USA, NZD for New Zealand and AUD for Australia... ATM's' available everywhere to get local currencies for incidentals, public transport and small market traders... (Best use Debit Card to avoid cash advance fees from your bank) Credit Cards accepted in most retail stores and restaurants etc. Hope that helps, Have a great trip !! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sue and Phil
  14. Much the same as in USA... I seek out bank owned ATM's when in AU or USA .. Charges are minimal and usually 4- $5AU if not your own bank or reciprocal .. BUT to transact through privately owned ATM's is always hit and miss with unclear charges...
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