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  1. Carnival Australia VP Australia now on the stand... https://webstreaming.lawinorder.com.au/scirp
  2. Anthem of The Seas Indian crew are finally on the long sail to home....
  3. Be aware that in USD, Port taxes/fees are added later, as are gratuities when on-board.. In AUD, the bottom line you get to, is the real bottom line.. HAve found that in recent years, after conversion, everything very close apart from final payment and cancellation windows. S and P
  4. Likewise, crew on CMV ships are "trapped" in Tilbury UK.. The last CMV ship arrived yesterday after sailing direct from Fremantle via South Africa. ------------------- The ship was sailing on a Northbound Voyage to the UK, which sailed from Fremantle, Australia on 12 February when CMV announced the suspension of cruise operations on 13 March due to the global outbreak of Covid-19. Vasco da Gama sailed from Phuket, Thailand, on 18 March to repatriate 798 Australian passengers and 108 New Zealand passengers, to Fremantle, Australia, before sailing on a 6,098 nautical mile voyage back to the UK on 30 March. CMV has recorded no Covid-19 coronavirus cases among passengers or crew on board Vasco da Gama or any other ship within the CMV fleet. There are 552 crew members on board, eight of whom are British. The voyage included a technical call for fuel Cape Town, South Africa on 13 April before sailing to the London Cruise Terminal at Tilbury. CMV crew who are not the eight British nationals will remain on board while quarantine measures remain in place. CEO at Cruise & Maritime Voyages, Christian Verhounig, said: “We are tremendously proud of our onboard and shoreside teams for their fantastic job with the repatriation voyages and the return of Vasco da Gama to the UK. “On behalf of the directors, staff and especially our hard-working crew, CMV would like to thank all of our passengers for their support, patience and understanding at this time.” Vasco da Gama is the final CMV ship to return to her home port.
  5. Yes, Golden still at pier, and the Pacific is now opposite
  6. The Golden Princess and Viking Orion are getting some new company in Melbourne today.. Both the Pacific Princess, and Seabourn Sojourn heading in this morning.. Wonder what is in store for them??
  7. BREAKING: Two more people have tested positive for coronavirus in the NT. The Heath Department has confirmed a Territory couple who disembarked from the Ruby Princess cruise ship in Sydney and flew to Darwin yesterday went straight into isolation and immediately underwent testing which confirmed the positive results. They will be admitted to the Royal Darwin Hospital today and remain in a stable condition. It brings the total number of cases in the Territory to five.
  8. Just had a look at AIS... They have Milly now heading at a relatively slow speed to next port of Ensenada..
  9. Has now moved from Honolulu to anchor at Lahaina... Presume is still sailing to nowhere, and without passengers?
  10. Yes, it has been a long time since passengers were cut short of cruising and unloaded in Singapore. Good to see that Milly has been in HNL for the last 2 days.. Not sure how much longer... The Spectrum of the Seas transited (empty) south to Sydney Australia, and is currently on a free 4 day, first responders cruise for those involved in the now mostly extinguished wildfires, (bushfires), around Australian states.. Another one starts this week, and it is reported that a third "cruise to no-where" will follow that... Great that RCI and X are winning a lot of new friends by providing this break to wonderful volunteers across the world... Hopefully, though, all the losses the companies, and stock-holders will be experiencing this year will be rewarded later bythe goodwill gained..
  11. Guest Services Manager would ultimately answer upchain to the onboard Hotel Manager.
  12. THey can always, and probably will, change itinerary as per T & C... No cruiseline just cancel a sail-date and go no-where... Only exception is ship a break-down.. (eg. A recent cruise we had booked left USA to 3 ports in Cuba... USA Govt clamped down and would not allow.. Ship ultimately sailed a totally different itinerary, and insurance did not cover situation where government caused the problem.)
  13. Not tender ports and sailing AU waters, so no formalities.. When ship is cleared not long after arrival, just be in line and "clock out"
  14. CMV is a British line... gratuities are some of the lowest you will get on any cruiseline... (Most USA lines near $20USD/day) On CMV, pre-sail purchase of a beveridge package includes those gratuities... Also, no gratuities added for beveridges themselves... Best to pre-pay and further discount applies...
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