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  1. New NSW Presser sched for 2PM following cabinet crisis meeting. UPDATE.... GREATER SYDNEY area and close areas now locked down for 2 weeks.
  2. BINGO... Well done... Its a shore photo of the wharf. officially known as "OLD FISHERMANS WHARF". Thought that this one would need a big Q and A to get anywhere near, so well done!! . This place has a great aquarium, lots of history, is a gateway to 17 mile drive through Clint Eastwood territory to Carmel etc. A photo straight up the pier centre would have made it too easy... Been there many times, but way back in time, on our first visit, remember sampling many Clam Chowders from all vendors on the pier... Over the years still taken lots of free samples before payi
  3. ???? Hillary's ?? There was a Hillary in my class at primary school.. Only one I have known/knew.
  4. Sure is a hell of a walk BOTH ways in the heat of the day.. Almost tempted to take an animal back. Noted that the price coming back gets inflated dramatically LOL
  5. The path/roadway to the Treasury Petra?
  6. Yes, thats it.. The trail goes from Grand Canyon Village on the south rim and winds down to the Phantom Ranch.. Think its a hike of more than 10km.. All yours again 🙂
  7. No .. Not anywhere near NSW No .. Not anywhere near NSW
  8. You are one Lucky you. You are in a good spot... Stay there!!! To fill time where we would normally not be in OZ, we have managed Syd, Tassie and NQ, during this year so far.. At the mo, back in Melb, and shortly due to head for our annual 2 months MEL winter on Sunshine Coast.. This new debarcle may put paid to that as it did last year.. With 2,500 tracers in Vic, and still probs doing the job, best that State Govt leave it to the other states or the Feds. In addition, PPl who apply and get permits to leave OZ to work or get married etc, should not be able to return whilst we are in t
  9. Yes.. Cape Horn it is.. This was taken on our very first Royal Caribbean cruise which was booked almost last minute back in December 2008.. Three cruises B2B from Port Canaveral to San Diego over 46 nights.. Had us really worried due to Brazilian Visa needed for the trip. We were flying from Australia to FL on December 31st.. Our Passports had to be sent away, and finally arrived back with Visa the day before the Xmas break!! The ship was Mariner of the Seas, which had to be repositioned from Caribbean sailings to the Mexican Riviera. Since it was too large to transit the existi
  10. ANOTHER CLUE... Sailors historically used to dread this corner of the earth
  11. Yep, you have the country 🙂 .. Where in Chile?
  12. It was cold for us in Jan-Feb, and probably would be cold for us all seasons.. Norway is looooonggg way away..
  13. You are sorta warmer, but still wrong country, and not HAL. (Ship would just be a bonus, and Uncle Les might provide a donut if anyone gets that as well).
  14. Thanks .. OK... I taking this photo, we were in which country, and which location? (Free balloon if you can name the ship).
  15. Exacery!!! Bingo for you Uncle Les...... Time for you to virtually take us somewhere new... 🙂
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