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  1. I’m new to Royal….where specifically in the cruise planner do I check to see if the shareholder benefit has been posted? Will I also get an e-mail saying I got it?
  2. Do they have ginger tea anywhere on board?
  3. Thanks.....My cruise is currently showing $23.
  4. Has anyone seen the refreshment package go lower than $20/day?
  5. If you are changing cabins on a back to back, does the staff move your luggage and clothes to the new cabin?
  6. https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/cc/captains-circle-loyalty-benefits.pdf What is the Platinum and Elite Lounge mentioned in the Captains Circle Loyalty benefits?
  7. I was not able to this important venue on the deck plans. Where is the Medical Center on the Navigator of the Seas and the Allure of the Seas? Do they have vending machines that dispense medicine for seasickness and upset stomachs? Cost?
  8. I've done this a couple of times. I left clothes that were on hangers on the hangers, but packed up the rest of my things into my suitcase or in a bag. I took my passport and other items that were in the safe with me. Princess moved all my things into my new cabin without a problem.
  9. No, I haven't sailed with Celebrity. I was hoping I would quality since it's a 14 night cruise, Oh well....
  10. That's a thought. Worse case, I will buy Princess insurance. I don't think we want the kids to come and get us!
  11. Thanks for your feedback. I was thinking coverage with Princess would be adequate for us, too. We both have Medicare, but SO has Kaiser and I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield as supplemental. I'm not sure if Kaiser will cover anything outside of the US. Thank you for suggesting GeoBlue. I will have to check it out.
  12. No airline or hotels needed for this cruise, so I simply forgot to get third party insurance. Perhaps unconsciously I was thinking Princess insurance would be ok. I am checking on third party insurance.
  13. I almost always buy insurance since we're up in age, but I forgot to get third party insurance for this cruise before the waiver period for pre-existing condition.
  14. We have a cruise planned for next March. Hopefully, we can get off the ship but will be happy to safe on board if necessary. 🙂
  15. I have booked my first cruise with Royal going in April 2022. Will they be giving me the double points or am I out of luck?
  16. Have you had to file any claims? I was wondering if we wandered around on our own in one of the ports and hurt ourselves and somehow ended up in the hospital, would we be covered under the Princess insurance?
  17. Actually, I do usually buy from them, but forgot to do it this time. I'm already past the date for pre-existing conditions waiver. Current costs from tripinsurancestore.com would be more than what I have to pay through Princess. Since there are no other costs than the cruise, I was thinking that Princess insurance would be ok.
  18. I am taking a Los Angeles round trip cruise to the Mexican Riviera. No air flights involved because I live near the port. What are your thoughts about the Princess Vacation Protection? Do you think it is adequate or should I be thinking of getting third party insurance? I do have some pre-existing conditions. Do you buy it when final payment is due? Or do you buy it earlier? Thanks for help!
  19. Thanks! I did see that information on the website. I was hoping that someone who has previously bought the Refreshment Package is able to answer my questions about the ginger beer, root beer, milk shakes, and smoothies. If the ginger beer is not included, then I probably will not be interested in the refreshment package.
  20. Ginger beer is used to make Moscow Mules, so most ships should have it. I have bought cans of ginger beer on Princess.
  21. I'm trying to figure out if the refreshment package is something I want to purchase. Does it includes canned sodas? I especially like ginger beer. Does anyone know if ginger beer, root beer, and other canned sodas are available in the refreshment package? How about milk shakes and smoothies? Is there a limit on how many drinks you can have each day?
  22. I checked the prices for both cabins and it appears to be the same (going solo) for my particular sailing.
  23. Does anyone know what is across from Cabins 7682-7692 on the Allure of the Seas? Will stewards be going in and out of that area? Will those cabins be quiet? Any insight would be appreciated. Also, with cabins 7662-7668.....is the stairway right in front of 7662 or 7668? I would like to pick a cabin doesn't have the noise of the stairways.
  24. Thanks for the reply. I'm fairly new to Carnival. Do most of the Carnival regulars book at the early saver rate? What hints/advice for a newbie on reserving a cruise on Carnival? Appreciate all advice!
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