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  1. Glad to hear that you liked this as well! We did this excursion when we were in Key West in November (Equinox) and Lauren was also our guide. I thought it was excellent and definitely preferred it over other island tours (i.e. trolley)
  2. Agree this is the way to go. I always take Bonine at bedtime as well. I start the night prior to embarkation and then take it every night right before bed. It just needs to be in your system and will last 24 hours, but you need to take it consistently. My partner had historically used the patch, but last time he used it, he had a bad reaction as well. On this last cruise, he switched to taking Bonine in the evenings and no negative reaction. And by the way, we're happy that we had it. The sea was relatively rough on two of the nights and I'm certain that I wouldn't have felt
  3. Paradise Beach may be an option for you. You do not have to purchase the AI option. Instead, you pay an entrance fee (I think it is $3/pp) which includes chairs/umbrellas and the facility has a nice pool, clean changing rooms/bathrooms, and then you can do "pay as you go". If you purchase a "fun pass" (don't know latest price, but may be around $13-15/pp), you can take advantage of a number of activities such as snorkeling (which is OK), kayaking, paddle boarding, and the inflatables in the water. I think it provides good variety, even if the snorkeling isn't great. Those who ju
  4. Happy to hear this - thanks for the info!
  5. Capriccio - actually I did see that answer on the website, but I should have clarified that it's really the other two questions that I have that I'm more interested in.
  6. Actually, I did and I couldn't find answers to the questions I posed.
  7. One other option is to utilize the "schedule a trip" feature in the uber app. This is available in most cities and you can schedule a ride up to 30 days in advance. Check out the uber website for details. I use this service regularly from home when I have an early morning flight and want to be sure that a driver will be available to take me to the airport.
  8. This is the first time that we're not renting a car post-cruise so we're looking at utilizing the bags-to-go service at FLL. I have a few questions and hope someone can help: Where in the terminal is this located - up by departures, or downstairs near baggage claim? Is checking in the bags, and then picking them up, a relatively hassle-free and quick experience? Or should we expect lines, waits of 10+ mins, etc? For those of you that have used this service, any tips you'd share? Thank you in advance! Jenn
  9. The other website to checkout is dayuse dot com. You'll have use of the room for a specific time period during the day. For instance, on 11/16, the Element (which is within walking distance of Las Olas) has a rate of $109 and the room is available from 10-5, 12-7 or 4pm-10pm. The Courtyard, which is 1 street away from the beach, has a rate of $99 for a room from 10-4pm for that same day. There are less expensive options as well if you don't care too much about location. We've done this once before and had good results and a hassle-free experience.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to write your review and post all of those great pictures! As a first time cruiser on Celebrity, I appreciate your insights/tips.
  11. Jelayne - was going to say exactly the same! I actually don't like paper straws very much at all, but have noticed that they are definitely are not for me if I'm going to nurse my drink. I miss the plastic straws, but I get it and that's all we have now in the restaurants around me so I've learned....drink faster (or exchange the straw a few times because a soggy paper straw is just no good)
  12. Another suggestion - rent a car for easy luggage storage and then take a Walking & Food tour of Little Havana with "Art Deco Tours" since you mentioned your interest in Cuban culture. Last I knew, the tour was 3 hours in length and started at 10 or 11. I found this group through Trip Advisor and they were really great. We haven't taken the Little Havana tour yet (can never work it out with our flight schedule), but we took an evening Art Deco Cocktail tour with them 2 years ago and it was awesome. Learned so much about the Art Deco style, tons of interesting facts, and some very tasty
  13. Calicakes - I truly commend your thoughtfulness and going what I'd consider to be "above and beyond". While we generally tip extra for our room steward and the concierge (on Royal Caribbean), it admittedly hasn't been as extensive. Whether or not the staff appreciates the extra gifts, who cares, it was done by you in the right spirit - to give extra thanks. I was always taught that "it's the thought that counts" and clearly you put thought and effort into your gifts. I have found it AMAZING that on the Celebrity board that there is so much criticism. I come here for inform
  14. Well look at that! By the way, really enjoying your live report and pictures. So fun to follow along!
  15. Thanks for the heads up. I just looked up my cruise on Equinox in November and saw that a few excursions were discounted, including those on the last day in Ft Lauderdale (we have a late flight and are considering one). I'm seeing discounts around 15%. Strange thing is that there isn't even a banner to show that the price has gone down, I just scrolled through them and found discounts.
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