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  1. Never paid tax on beverages in Florida when sailing on Royal Cp or Celebrity cruise lines while still in port - with or without a beverage package.
  2. I have a stainless steel fridge, magnets do stick to it.
  3. I loved my balcony for our cruise to Alaska. We spent a lot of time there, as well as on deck. We were lucky, I suppose, as the temps were fairly warm, even with a moving ship, and there was no rain. We took warm clothes, light weight jackets and rain gear and did not need it.
  4. left from Port Everglades this summer. Porters were not aggressive or demanding. Instead they were very helpful. The porter who helped us did not refuse the tip, but, he did not demand one either.
  5. I also will be on this cruise. What two nights are chic nights? It is a western Caribbean cruise. Our sea days are day 3 and day and day 7. Thanks.
  6. We don't have iPhones, but have chatted with the grandkids through instant messenger. The grandkids loved it.
  7. Thanks for all of the replies. I had forgotten about "airplane mode" I used that while on our last cruise to Alaska. No extra charges for air travel, on the ship, or while in Canada. Shouldn't need wifi calling. Ships wifi package will enable any necessary communication via Facebook messenger with adult kids.
  8. I have down loaded the app. I can not find a copy of the dailies or menues. What am I missing?
  9. Going on a cruise, and flying to port. I know I am supposed to do something to my cell phone so that I do not get lots of charges, but I can't remember what to do. That last time I cruised with my phone was 3 years ago. I will be getting internet on board the ship. Thanks for the help. Technology is not my strong point.
  10. Thanks for the info and the videos. We have never been to Key West, and are really looking forward to stopping there
  11. Thanks for the info. We will keep in touch via Facebook messenger, but I like having emergency phone numbers - just in case. My kids are adults, so daily contact will not be an issue or necessary.
  12. I will be on the Celebrity Equinox. Is there a phone number that family members can use to contact the ship in an emergency. Thanks.
  13. DH and I will be on Celebrity Equinox at the end of the month. Our first port is Key West. Does anyone know where we will dock, and if we are to be tendered? Thanks.
  14. I do not find this comment sexist; I was actually amused by it. It is true. Some women do wear 6 inch heels with the very pointy toe. I did in my younger days. Couldn't do that today. Definitely not good for foot health. Oh. And I would love the recliner
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