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  1. sleepless

    Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, Florida

    Thanks for this info. We will be sure to check out both areas. I did check out the web clam. What kind of food is served at GG's Waterfront? Others then restaurants, what other things are there to do along A1A, and the boardwalk?
  2. sleepless

    Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, Florida

    Never having been to Hollywood Beach before I am confused by "considering Both A1A and the Boardwalk."' Are they close together, are both accessible by the Water Taxi? :
  3. sleepless

    Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, Florida

    Thanks you all for your replies regarding Hollywood Beach. I do appreciate them. We are hoping to spend the day on the Water Taxi while enjoying a visit to Hollywood Beach. Are there any must see on Hollywood Beach, and recommended places for lunch. For this visit, DH and I are not interested in visiting the Everglades.
  4. We are going on a cruise this summer. We are planning on spending a few days pre-cruise in Fort Lauderdale. While there, we are hoping to visit Hollywood Beach via the Water Taxi. What is their to do at Hollywood Beach, and is it worth the trip. Also, how long is the Water Taxi ride to Hollywood .Beach. Thanks.
  5. sleepless

    Concierge class? Is it worth it?

    I recently upgraded to a Concierge Class balcony on deck 10. The cabin is on a slant, with a larger balcony. I paid less for the Concierge Class balcony cabin then I did for my standard balcony cabin on deck 7, so it was an easy upgrade choice. Never having been in a Concierge Class cabin, I will have to decide if the extra perks are worth it (embarking lunch, sparkling wine, and treats in the afternoon. I know that I will like the extra points, and the larger, slanted balcony. My cruise is not until June of 2019.
  6. Thank you. Can not wait to enjoy this amazing balcony. June can not get here soon enough.
  7. I am one deck below in storeroom 1044. Am I going to have any obstruction because of it?
  8. I would interested in the location of window washing equipment on the Equinox, starboard side. Thanks.
  9. A balcony is a must for DH and I. We spend time out there throughout the day, and always at night before going to bed. We would not consider sailing without a balcony.
  10. sleepless

    Priority check-in for Concierge class

    I was able to up grade to an angled (larger) balcony C2 Concierge cabin on deck 10, from a balcony cabin on deck 7. The price of the C2 was less then the balcony cabin, and a larger balcony. A win for me. Cruise is on the Equinox in June.
  11. sleepless

    Priority check-in for Concierge class

    What is on the "expanded breakfast?"
  12. sleepless

    Text message and calls

    I have a Galaxy 7 through Sprint. I will also have the WiFi package on this ship. Will I be able to sent text messages while on the ship? Would I need to put it in airplane mode only, or is there something else I need to do? Not really interested in calling home, but would be interested in sending a text message or two.
  13. sleepless

    Favorite items to buy on ship or at ports?

    I always buy a ship Christmas tree ornament, post card, and a ship magnet if it is the first time on the ship. I also buy magnets and post cards in port.
  14. sleepless

    Cabin 1044 - Equinox

    Thanks for the information. I am excited to know that the balcony is extra large.