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  1. Did they give you an estimated time for departure yet?
  2. Had a bathroom odor issue on an RCCL ship. Turns out the ventilation was blowing the stale air into the bathroom (smelled like a sewer) and just had to be reversed. Maybe that's the problem and therefore can easily be fixed.
  3. I am surprised it is permitted by the US Coast Guard.
  4. What are the numbers after the "#" about? Thanks.
  5. I have wondered how HAL (or any other cruise line) goes about deciding which crew gets assigned to which ship. Anyone know? Thanks.
  6. Does the flagship tend to get the better, more experienced crew? How does HAL decide crew assignments? Thanks.
  7. Please note the time deadline is strictly enforced. We decided to do the valet about 6 hours after the deadline and were told it was too late b/c the airlines strictly enforce the time for notification.
  8. Several people mentioned the Oceanic of Home Lines. Cruises many times on the Oceanic and nothing has ever come close. We have enjoyed all of our cruises,but nothing was like the Oceanic.
  9. We were also on the 12/23 cruise. We are experienced cruisers and while we have a "go with the flow attitude" we still acknowledge any negative aspects. We had a wonderful time on this beautiful ship. The crew was outstanding and pleasant. Always senior officers around to ask how things were going. They seemed truly interested to see what was good and what needed improvement. Felt very little crowding, if any. No issues getting an elevator or with lines around the ship. Booked again for next year!
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