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  1. KERB

    Windsurf Suite Noise?

    We stayed in #335 and it was totally quiet on our cruise. Great trip! -KERB
  2. KERB

    Wind Surf - Any Cabins to Avoid?

    Andrea, We cruised the Northbound Barbados trip the first week of April. We had suite 335 and it was terrific--no outside noise--absolutely perfect. I did hear other passengers comment about cabins near the anchor; however, I don't know which cabins those were..... Lucky you--being able to sail again so soon!:) -Kelly
  3. KERB

    How's the Staff doing?

    We sailed the first week of April on the Northbound Barbados cruise and though there was talk of the sale, the trip was just as wonderful as we anticipated. The staff helped make the trip perfect with their service and smiles. We never heard discussion about the sale when staff had "down time" tendering to shore, or any other time. The captain stated that they anticipated changes (as with any change in ownership); however, they hoped the changes would be for the better. The ship was beautiful and the food delicious. We hope reports continue to be good following the sale because we look forward to sailing with Windstar again in the future.
  4. KERB

    few windstar - barbados NB questions

    Glad everything is working out for everybody. Looks to be a great time..we're now down to days. Hope everyone has a safe trip and we'll see you there. We're in 335. We're also leaving (4) kids behind with grandparents and looking for a relaxing and quiet experience...not to mention some beautiful weather. Take care, KERB
  5. KERB

    few windstar - barbados NB questions

    My wife and I also are taking this cruise (our first cruise & 25th anniv.) The message board has been extremely helpful for us, a lot of great info and tips have been shared. Look forward to seeing you there... KERB
  6. KERB

    Barbados Northbound First Timers

    So we'll stay away from the suzuki unless we want to get out and push sometimes! Had no idea how much gas we might use so the 2 gal suggestion is welcome. We'll check out the beaches. At some point all of the beaches begin to look the same-beautiful (:))-although I'm sure they all are very different. Will definitely check out the grocery store-a whole different point of topics for the different port stops. We'll be interested in finding a similar place in Barbados before we board. Thanks for the link! -Kelly
  7. KERB

    Barbados Northbound First Timers

    Upgrademe, Sounds like a car is the way to go. Thanks for the lunch/beach suggestion-- Kelly
  8. KERB

    Barbados Northbound First Timers

    JohnnyCruise, Thanks for the info about the car rental in St. Bart. We will check that out online--good to know that this is an easily accessible option. Definitely interested in the "views" on St. Lucia, so the Soufriere excursion looked to be a good mix. We're really looking forward to the small islands, too and have been busy reading and checking everything out online! Thanks for sharing your experiences.... Any recommendation on kayaking excursions? Nevis or St. Martin or are most of them the same? -Kelly
  9. KERB

    Barbados Northbound First Timers

    Thanks for the suggestion, Shirley. We will definitely check into that and will review your previous post about the experience! What a great way to celebrate! Kelly
  10. My husband and I will be first time cruisers on the Windsurf April 1 to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We've been reading these message boards for months and everyone's comments really helped us settle on Windstar for this trip in the first place (we're pretty excited to say the least!!). For you experienced cruisers, are there any excursions or sights that we absolutely shouldn't miss? We're definitely interested in a kayaking excursion and thinking about renting a car in St. Bart (??). Soufriere's Volcano sounds pretty interesting, too. We like active excursions mixed with a little R & R-- 67 days and counting!