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  1. That's why I am on a wait and see what happens. Spending my disposable income on land trips. Flying is enough adventure as is driving! No tests, no vac card just pay and proceed. Inspite of the glowing reviews of Alaska cruises look at what these cruisers had to go through just to get on the ship. Outer Banks here we come. The rest can wait until it's business as usual.
  2. Looks like the Alaska ports are as industrial as the Hawaiian ones. If I never hear another back-up alarm it will be too soon!
  3. Why I myself feel absolutely naked with out my handmade alpaca boxer briefs on. They have to be rolled up and packed just so, to prevent wrinkling🧐
  4. Have yet to cruise X but I definitely thought NCL was better pre Del Rio. As for cruising in the future I think we are done with mass market amusement park cruises. Maybe a river cruise some day.
  5. My feelings exactly. Platinum ain't what it used to be. Neither is NCL for that matter. Time for some land trips.
  6. 🤮 Sure you can, question is will you drink it? I prefer Ripple over Andre anyway.
  7. Especially since the 2 day hop on hop off pass booked through Viator in Monaco is $32.00 p.p. Whether it's NCL'S or the port city's rules it's a deal breaker.
  8. Sorry, l just suck at math. Seems to me though that getting that many people to take a shot or 2, and the vaccine works with minimal side effects is a left handed crap shoot. On a different note I have seen the NCL commercial a couple of times and also got two mailers as well. Cruising is not on my radar and won't be for a long time. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  9. One hundred million.... the population of the US is approximately 320 million. 15 % of 320 million is 4,800,000. Its just bad math and facts.
  10. 100,000,000 is 15% of the US population? Guess I have been in quarantine longer than I thought.
  11. I would fly to San Juan and do a 9 day Southern Caribbean. Lots of of what ever you want to do. Short of that I would opt for the Western Caribbean itinerary, having done both a few times. As Budget Queen says, look up the ports and the tours. Stay away from ship excursions if at all possible. Post back what you decided on.
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