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  1. I agree. We cancelled our October 10 day BEFORE final payment on 4/24/20. Got the refund yesterday 5/14. Looking elsewhere to spend my disposable income.
  2. Klaus Lugmaier now the Regional Vice President Fleet Hotel Operations at Norwegian Cruise Line. He was the best on the Dawn Southern Caribbean cruise we sailed on. Also Anoop our concierge on one of our cruises.
  3. Why your welcome. I can't wait until I need credit card guidance so I can post up here with my question for valuable accurate advice instead of calling my cc provider. 👌 If you have to wait an hour on hold get a different card.
  4. Give me the cc# expiration and code on the back I'll take care,if it for you. Or call the number on the card
  5. Timely announcements concerning NCL'S cruise schedule are available for a $25.00 fee. For your convenience of course.
  6. My PCC is missing in action. No response to emails or 2 VMs. Guess that is better than getting hounded. It must really suck to have a job at NCL corporate right now.
  7. You must be short or able to fly first class and enjoy being in a herd.
  8. People cruise because they like it. No one in their right mind likes to fly, especially after 9/11. Let the airlines bail themselves out.
  9. I hope they don't make the Escape another floating 6 Flags amusement park. Hopefully there will be outside deck space so you know you are on a ship not at a mall.
  10. My mailman dosen't care where the mail comes from as long as he can support his family. Amazon boxes = more garbage than the USPS ever did. Why not, they do it on their ships. How many US citizens do you see working on cruise ships? Anyway I get two or three NCL brochures a week. Moving on.
  11. Dosen't matter where; somebody is doing an honest days work. And my mailman lives 3 houses down from me.
  12. Because they don't do maintenance on there mail lists. I am a retired printing and mailing professional. I would of loved to have had their printing business! BTW we are platinum for a long time and as previously poster said the barrage just started for us a couple of months ago. Keeps people employed in a skilled job though. Paper is made from farmed wood and recycled paper. Better for the environment than tons of broken electronic devices tossed in a landfill.
  13. NCL did post to this board several times when Kevin O'Sheean was the captain of NCL. NCL corporate officers and Kevin himself occasionally sailed on cruises and mingled with the passengers too. For instance anybody who met Klaus Lugmaier on their cruise is not likely to forget it. I was one of those people and he was a great ambassador for NCL and was kind and made you feel special. I read he is a regional vice president now. Since Del Rio took over, NCL is just a cold corporate machine that at times has all the personality of a clogged drain. And getting back to the original OP, I have emailed my PCC twice in the last 3 days and he has not replied. Don't know what the deal is, guess I'll have to chase him down next week.
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