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  1. I have booked and paid for a non-refundable flight through flights by celebrity. If I cancel the cruise, do those flights still belong to me? or does the cancelling of the cruise cancel the flights?
  2. One of our family recently received a diagnosis that will require daily meds that must be stored in the refrigerator. This is new territory for us. I think I’ve figured out how to transport it on an overseas flight with a cooler, and now I must figure out the cruise and hotels. For those with similar needs, what do you do on the cruise? Do you use the minibar fridge? How do you handle hotels? My experience in some hotels is that the fridge is not that cold. Our hotels are in Rome and Venice, if any one has any specific experience there. And we are sailing on an M class ship in a f
  3. I thought so to, but the deck plans online show from May 26 2020 to April 3 2021 they are family verandas. Best guess is they will be designated sunset suites for all sailings after April 3 2021
  4. I was very happy with the response from celebrity. We were contacted via email that our veranda cabin no longer slept 4. We were moved to a midship veranda, and after I inquired we were able to get corner family veranda for a slight upcharge. I am super excited.
  5. Fairly certain we will be moved. Our veranda cabin now shows at occupancy 2, and we are family of 4
  6. We do Christmas tree ornaments. Its always fun to decorate the tree each year and pull out all those memories.
  7. I once was scolded for having my kids in a shop at Disney's Magic Kingdom.
  8. We have booked our second celebrity cruise (first with kids) for next summer in Europe. The kids have sailed RC, DCL and MSC. We have also done land vacations in Europe. Of the seven plus sailings they have done we learned they like the smaller, less crowed kids clubs; they like slides, and they love playing UNO or other card games with us. So when we decided on a Med cruise, we had to make the choice between a cruise with slides or one without. Ultimately, we decided that if we went on a cruise ship with all those bells and whistles (i.e. slides, rock climbing, ice skating etc) we would have
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