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  1. I just finished scanning several thousand of my old color negatives (lots of time on my hands) using an older Plustek 7600i film and slide scanner and it worked very well. I have never used or even seen the other device you referred to so I can't compere it with that. One thing to beware of when you scan your negative, you will see a lot of scratches and grain that didn't show up in the prints as the printing of negatives through an enlarger tends to minimize that. The Plustek has an infrared channel that can be used to alleviate some of the scratches and dust spots, not perfect,
  2. Thanks, maybe I will add the additional 32GB and add a bit of future proofing. I also debated whether to use i9-9900k instead of the i7-9700k because the i9-9900 supports 16 thread. I had read an article that said in the future that would become more and more important, but ultimately I decided to stick to the i7-9700. Anyway, thanks for your comments. Dave
  3. Thanks for all the info. I am currently upgrading my computer that I built six years ago and will also be using the i7-9700K and a similar, but not the same Asus motherboard. I have been debating on whether to go with 32 or 64GB of RAM and finally settled on 32GB as none of the benchmarks seemed to warrant very much benefit with more RAM for the software I use.. I am wondering if you are seeing a performance boost by going with the full 64. The main software I am running is Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier, and After Effects. Thanks for sharing the information on your build
  4. I recently sold some Nikon old lenses and cameras I wasn't using anymore and use B&H. You don't get top dollar, but it was fast and very easy.
  5. I have a question for the Luminar users. I am locked into the Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop combo for my own work, but I am looking at Luminar 4 as a Christmas gift for my brother. He is looking for a way to organize his photos and I thought a program such as Liminar would do the trick for him without having to deal with a subscription plus it looks like a relatively powerful, easy to use editor. I have read reviews and everything in this thread, but I haven't actually heard anyone say much about the cataloging capabilities except for the speed issues, I can't even find much detail on the Lum
  6. I mainly used the only Z lens I had at the time, the 24-70 f4. I thought the 24 mm was probably as wide as I needed so the only other lens I brought was my 80-400 which is a decent lens, but way to big and heavy for travel. Since I mostly do travel photography, every time I have traveled with that lens, I have regretted it. Since then I have bought the new 70-300 mm which is much better than the old one I used to have and is small enough to use for travel. I am looking forward for to new Z lenses, but I'm sure they will be trickling out slowly. I didn't have any regrets using the 24-70 an
  7. I bought my Z6 last January and took it to Rio for Carnival and then up the Amazon and loved it (both the camera and Brazil). I was using a D750 and did bring it with me, but rarely used it and when I got home I sold it and now shoot exclusively with the Z6. It is a very nice camera and while the body isn't significantly smaller than my D750 the Z lenses are. The only thing missing is a selection of Z lenses, but the FTZ adapter works well, but you lose the size and weight savings. I have no regrets buying the Z6 and would recommend it.
  8. My wife and I took this cruise in 2015. Here is a link to our travel blog for that cruise. http://daveandvalstravels.blogspot.com/2015/03/inca-emprie-cruise-almost-time.html Dave
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