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  1. DD's first cruise was Allure when she was 2 1/2. We had early seating (with other family & friends). Except for the 1st night when she was exhausted from the excitement of the 1st day, it worked out great. The first night she didn't make it through dinner--fell asleep at the beginning and then woke up very cranky. We took turns taking her out to walk around and then I left with her. They gave DH desserts with covers to take back to the cabin since we missed that. Every other night, they had a fresh fruit cup waiting for her when we got there. They'd get her food o
  2. Absolutely! We've cruised RCCL, Disney and MSC with DD (almost 9) and RCCL is by far her favorite. We've sailed Oasis Class (Allure and Harmony) and Voyager Class (Mariner) with her. She loves the kids club and activities (water slides, flowrider, sky pad, rock wall, ice skating, dry slide, etc.)!
  3. We were scheduled to be there this past Sunday on Mariner, but weren't able to dock due to the winds and seas (Navigator couldn't dock either). Had a cold sea day instead.
  4. We had pretty much the same experience with ScootAround. They offered to help my dad to the car, but we'd have to wait a while for the guy to return so he opted to go out the door the short distance to guest pickup and sit on his walker while we got the car. Being able to get the scooter in the terminal was huge! My dad is a big guy and none of us would have been able to push him in a wheelchair once onboard.
  5. At Port Canaveral, if you use ScootAround, you can get the scooter in the terminal before boarding the ship.
  6. We just got off Mariner and rented a scooter for my dad through ScootAround. This was an excellent option as they are the only vendor located in the terminal. He was wheeled upstairs to ScootAround where he got the scooter and had a short overview (do's/don'ts, etc.). When we got off, he was able to use the scooter up until the terminal exit (there was someone there to collect the scooter). We chose ScootAround because of the terminal access. With the other company through RCCL, they put the scooter in your cabin and you leave it there at the end of the cruise. This means you have
  7. We just did Key on Mariner for a 3 day sailing. We paid $25 per person per day and would do it again for a short cruise (not sure about a longer cruise). - Embarkation - Key did nothing for this. We were expedited arrival, but had to stop to pick up my dad's scooter in the terminal. There was no wait to get on the ship. - Embarkation lunch: Food was excellent (best dessert of the cruise). It was nice to not fight the Windjammer crowds, especially with my mobility impaired father (was using a scooter). Service was a bit slow so we were not done until close to 1. As a re
  8. We just returned from 3 days on Mariner. My mother, DD and I sailed the same ship & itinerary in August 2019. This time, my father joined us. He has severe mobility issues. A few observations from this sailing... - The food in the dining room was better than August. It was good in August, but even better this time. The service was excellent both times. - The new captain has decided not to allow balcony dividers to be opened (this was a big issue for us as there were no connecting staterooms available so we had counted on doing this based on our experience in August-
  9. We sailed Mariner in August and DD loved the laser tag. We're sailing next week again--do they still have the laser tag (a compass I saw from this fall made it seem like they may not)?
  10. I can see a distinction with frozen/non-frozen (not that I agree, but at least it's pretty clear). My mom (Diamond) has run into issues with bartenders insisting it's just for straight alcohol and does not allow for any mixers (ex. rum on the rocks, but no rum and coke or tequila straight, but not a margarita on the rocks). On one sailing every bar she visited told her this. It was clarified after speaking with a bar manager and it was no longer an issue later in the cruise.
  11. As someone else stated, she will not be able to sail. Cruiselines are very strict on not allowing women to sail after they are 24 weeks pregnant and babies can't sail until 6 months or a year--depending on itinerary (except Disney). I sailed at 14/15 weeks pregnant and had to provide a letter from my doctor saying I was ok to cruise (no complications, etc.) and how far along I was.
  12. My parents, DD (8) and I will be sailing in early January. We did not tell DD about this cruise. We've wrapped up 3 separate gifts---a pair of water shoes, a long sleeve rash guard and the final box with her t-shirt from our last visit to CoCo Cay with her boarding pass tucked inside.
  13. We ran into an issue on our last cruise. It turns out there is no way to put a person as no charging if they have any packages (drinks, dining, arcade, etc.). I put DD (8 years old) as no charging. I purchased her a refreshment package and arcade credit in advance of the cruise so there would be no need to charge anything. When we boarded and she tried to get a beverage on her package, we were sent to guest services because it wasn't allowed. According to Guest Services, I had to open up her account to charging or she couldn't use the beverage package or arcade credit. I could limi
  14. A few things we found that could be the cause of the high ratings.... - Easily accessible Port Canaveral. - Ship was recently updated and is well kept up/clean. - There is a lot to do for a 3/4 day sailing. - Staff is very friendly. - Some new options, like the laser tag. - CoCo Cay is wonderful. I just think it's the best 3/4 day option we've encountered and would sail again. DD has been on Harmony & Allure and she loved Mariner.
  15. As one person just mentioned. There is a crew elevator that can be used to access the suite sun deck. You must have a crew member with you to use this. When we were on Harmony with my father (could not walk stairs), it took a half day of going through guest services and management to finally get an answer and offer of assistance (the first few people said there was no way to access without walking up stairs).
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