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  1. From a friend on Bequia 19 minutes ago, Sea Dream is currently at anchor in Admiralty Bay. Hope this helps.
  2. We had such a great time on our 3 outings with Ellis this past February. We had used his services last year too and this year was just as much fun, if not more. So I just have to write about him again. This year he took us first to the magical Caguana Ceremonial Grounds. This is a well-preserved archaeological site where the indigenous Taina had their ball courts, performed rites and made astrological observations some 800 years ago. Our visit to this peaceful location way up in the hills was enhanced by the historical and botanical insights of a National Parks Service guide as
  3. Hi, he doesn’t, do tours of Old San Juan. In our experience it is best just to walk around as the area is not large. What the pricing example you gave means is that the minimum charge is $180. If you have just two people you pay $180. If you have 3 people you pay $180. If you have 4 people you pay $240.
  4. 4 people would be no problem at all.
  5. Sorry for the tardy reply...I haven't checked the board for a while. We stayed in an apartment opposite the Vanderbilt in Condado and he picked up up right in front.
  6. Ellis' tours started about 10-10.30 and ended around 4 - 4.30, but Ellis will tailor the timetable to match people's schedule. The Mango Daiquiri tour is the longest one at 6-7 hours. At the time, it cost $85 US per person or a minimum of $225 This is the link to his Facebook page. We used FB messages to stay in touch. He does not have a separate website. https://www.facebook.com/EllisPRTours/ Hope this helps
  7. In February 2019, my partner and I had the pleasure of 3 tours with Ellis. We are usually independent travellers, so why choose a tour? Well, frankly, we did not want to have the hassle of renting a car nor cope with the challenges of driving and navigating in unknown territory. Why choose a personal tour instead of going with a group? We wanted the schedule flexibility offered by a personal tour arrangement, and the ability to tailor destinations to our interests. Why choose Ellis? We read the reviews, looked at the website, and corresponded with him direct
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