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  1. It's actually not per stateroom either. You have to read the new fine print. The $50 will be applied to the cost of the excursion for the first person on the reservation. If the cost of the excursion is less than $50, the first person gets the excursion for free. The balance is not applied to the second person. So, let's say I am the first person on the reservation for my husband & I. We want to take a beach excursion for $39 each. Previously, the $50 would be taken off the TOTAL amount for the stateroom. $39x2= $78-$50=$28 stateroom total. Now, it's my $39 for free and $39 ful
  2. Dinner at Le Bistro is a great perk for being Platinum. I always had a hard time choosing between the Dover sole and rack of lamb, both of which were outstanding. Now, both are priced over $35, which is the max limit for an entree in the Platinum dinner perk. It was only about 4 or 5 years ago when the limit was $20 and no entree except the lobster (which isn't even on this more recent menu) was priced above that.
  3. Just to clarify, this is for the Free Verandah offer the the OP was talking about. My husband got the same offer.
  4. I just got off the phone with BC and they told me that AI was not included.
  5. As a resident of Florida, I find this whole thread insulting. When my husband and I retired, we decided to move to Florida for 2 main reasons: 1) We were tired of the cold and snow in the northeast and 2) we wanted to be close to Florida's cruise ports. We had already taken more than 50 cruises while living in New Jersey but liked the idea of the wide variety of ships and itineraries available within a few hours drive. We are very concerned about the future of cruising for us if there really is a showdown between the cruise lines and Desantis. Frankly, we are fully vaccinated and
  6. This happened to me a couple of years ago. We are Elite status in Captains Club, so I called the CC desk. They were able to get us into Select dining.
  7. I haven't been on any of X's Edge class ships, but the Solstice class ships (100k-115k tons) have the same layout as you describe. The lower level is for traditional dining and the upper level is for what they refer to as Select dining, or Anytime dining. We are able to make reservations when we book the cruise on the Cruise Planner and have never had to wait more than a couple of minutes to be seated. If you like a particular server, you can request to be seated in their section. It works very well. Hopefully, this new arrangement will work well for our cruise on the Enchanted next year.
  8. We know that the CDC is requiring ship shore excursions only. But they also RECOMMEND, limiting shore activities to those countries listed as Level 1 low risk by the CDC. So I looked at their map and the only countries I could see that are Level 1 are Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Uganda, Australia, New Zealand, Greenland, most of SE Asia and (are you ready for this) CHINA. Gee, I wonder if a shore ex there would include a visit to the Wuhan fish market. Except for Greenland, I don't think there are any cruises leaving from US ports that visit any of those countries. I think it s
  9. Actually, I agree with you. If you recall the CARES act passed a year ago was written to exclude cruise lines as it required corporations to be incorporated in the US and have a majority of employees located here. Aside from shoreside operations, which represent a small percentage of their operations, cruise lines pay very little in US taxes, either corporate taxes or payroll taxes. Add to that the environmental violations, highly publicized norovirus outbreaks, passenger injury or deaths caused by either criminal acts (which can't be prosecuted as they occur at sea under no country's jusidict
  10. We sailed on the brand new Horizon on the brand new Celebrity Cruise Line to Bermuda in 1990. Our voyage number was actually 0007. While in Bermuda we went out to a pub one night where there was a guitar player entertaining the crowd and urging singing along. After a few (or more) beers, my husband got up and started singing "You Lost That Loving Feeling" along with the entertainer and then proclaimed he was just like Tom Cruise (in "Top Gun"). Well, about month later, we were attending a concert at a local venue at home and we heard someone call out "Hey it's Tom Cruise". People
  11. They are standard balconies. I tried the sticky first but couldn't access the spreadsheet. I just did a search of the topic and found one of the mini-suites reviewed (D725). They are uncovered which is the reason for the cheaper price. No shade, no privacy. I knew it was too good to be true. I'll opt for something better. Thanks for the tip.
  12. These cabins are located on deck 9 aft (Dolphin) and are category BD. They are right next to mini-suites D711-D725 and appear to have the same size balconies as the minis, if the deck plans are fairly accurate. The price is much cheaper than other standard balconies. They are not listed as obstructed. If anyone has seen or stayed in one of them I'd like to know if there is anything to be aware of such as are they uncovered? Do they have steel in lieu of clear fronts? Are they on top of life boats? Or any other drawbacks? Are they secret gems or are they inferior in some way other than their si
  13. Double check the "disembarkation 2 hours after docking". Normally that only applies to the home port at the end of the cruise not to port stops. Disembarkation in Caribbean ports is usually within a half hour after docking which is normally well before the "scheduled" arrival time. If you're scheduled to be in Antigua at 10:00AM, you'll most likely be able to get off the ship at that time as the ship will probably dock sometime between 9-9:30 AM.
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