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  1. It looks like it is at the entrance to the theater. It appears to be over the stairs connecting the third and fourth decks of the theater. I would expect this to be a quiet room. Unless you retire early there should be no problem. Even then I think you wouldn't hear much from the theater. Those stairs are not used that often.
  2. On my cruises in the Caribbean, on Carnival, the time has always been the time of the home port not the time in the port we are visiting. We have a cruise next year to Europe and we have a stop in Izmir. We are wanting to book an independent excursion (meaning not through Carnival). Our home port would be Civitavecchia (Rome) Italy. There is a 1 hour time difference between Rome and Izmir when we sail (currently a 2 hour difference but Izmir doesn't have Daylight Savings Time). So if our itinerary says we arrive at 7am does that mean 7am in Rome or 7am in Izmir. Need to know to set a meeting time.
  3. Did you happen to book through a TA? Sometimes that is the way things show up on the Carnival site when booked through a TA if you haven't reached final payment.
  4. I have never seen senior discounts on shore excursions or specialty dining. I have seen discounts on Carnival for seniors. Most times it is for a guarantee room which we don't book. One time back in 2012 we got a senior discount on the Magic for a cruise just a month away that allowed us to choose our room. Remember when doing a check of prices to put a check in the box for senior rates. On Carnival 1 person in the cabin has to be 55 or older to get that rate. I believe other cruise lines have a similar box to check. But usually there are no discounts available.
  5. From the very start Oklahoma officials were against Real ID. They passed a law stating they wouldn't comply with the Real ID act as they had concerns about how the information was stored. Even though they will be issuing Real ID they keep letting everyone know that they don't have to get one and they will still be issuing the regular (non-compliant) Driver's Licenses.
  6. How did you save $850 by not buying passports for your first 2 cruises. That's a lot of money. How many passports would you have to buy? You only buy it once every 10 years for adults. Were your first 2 cruises more that 10 years apart? My husband and I would have had to get our original passports and then renewed them 3 times to come out around $850 (prices were less that many years ago). That would take care of 40 years of travel.
  7. We happen to live in a state that has put off Real ID. One of the absolute last ones. In fact it isn't even available in Oklahoma yet. They plan to start issuing them on April 30 in a few select locations in the state. They will not even be available statewide until August 31. Nothing like cutting it close, 1 whole month before being required for certain things like flying. I would expect long lines in the month of September to get a Real ID. I sure am glad we have passports.
  8. We will be joining you. We booked the cruise over the weekend. We cancelled a B2B on the Breeze for next year and moved the money we had paid on those 2 cruises over to this cruise. Those 2 cruises couldn't come close to being as good as this one is. So we also have been busy switching our cruise insurance (not through Carnival) over to the new cruise. There were a few hiccups since the insurance company had done an update on their software and things weren't getting through correctly.
  9. That's a good choice too. The only port you miss from the October 4 cruise is Corfu and you get a different port in Sicily. As it turns out we are no longer looking, we have booked it. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!. We cancelled a B2B we had booked on the Breeze and transferred our money over to this cruise. I am happy we hadn't booked ES. So there were no penalties and now we have to do some research on these ports so we know what we want to do. We spent a couple of weeks in Italy in October once and the weather was perfect, not too hot.
  10. That is correct. None of the cruises start or end in Athens. But they are a few that make stops in Greek ports. We are looking at the Legend on October 4, 2021. It stops in Mykonos, Santorini, Athens, Katakolon, and Corfu, which are all in Greece.
  11. Do a search on the Carnival site for Europe and the Carnival Legend. They have a few cruises that stop in Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, and Katakolon in 2021.
  12. And if look just a little further to the middle of January 2022 you could add these ports to the list as they are being visited by the Carnival Radiance: Amber Cove, Dominican Republic San Juan, Puerto Rico St. Thomas, USVI St Kitts, WI St. Maarten, NA Tortola,British Virgin Islands
  13. I have been in a similar cabin on a different ship with my son a few times. The rooms are roomier than your standard inside cabin. The one thing to consider, you will probably hear waves crashing on the bow of the ship. Most of the time it isn't that bad other times it has been very loud. I have used good ear plugs and I could still tell when the waves hit as you could feel the vibration. It seems to be worse when heading south than when heading north. We are also on the Valor for a 5 day cruise in May. On May 4. But we have an inside cabin on the Empress Deck. We had an incredible offer under my husband's account that we couldn't resist. Since we were already in New Orleans and were checking out of our hotel that day we thought why not. My husband just retired this week so we just decided to add it on to our vacation. So nice to be able to do things like that now.
  14. You could book the room you want with a refundable rate. That way if you have to cancel you would get your deposit back. After your husband has his vacation approved if your category is available and they have a ES rate you could switch to it if you want. You will have to pay the full deposit with this option. I have never seen a reduced deposit if the deposit is refundable. If you book with a $50 deposit you will not be able to move that to another cruise according to Carnival terms. That would be lost with the service charge of $50 per person. I do know that if you look at Carnival's site it will only show 10 rooms available for each category. There could be more. If it shows less than 10 than that is all that is available currently. Sometimes you can see more rooms that are available if you use other sites.
  15. This is a very inaccurate site. It currently doesn't even show my cruise on the Valor on May 4 of this year. In fact it has very little showing for any time in 2020. It pretty much seems to end at the end of 2019. If your click on a month in this year a lot of the time is shows the month in 2018 not 2020. It isn't updated very often. Sometimes not for a year. I also use the timetables site mentioned earlier.
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