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  1. That is weird. You don't happen to have 3 phone lines? Your amount is exactly to the penny 3 times the amount of my check.
  2. Remember when there was a class action suit about the phone calls for a free cruise. Well I just received my huge check, The website about the settlement said each valid claimant would receive about $20. Well my check is for $8.34. WOW!!!!!!!
  3. Ha! Several months and it is still the same. Keep making excuses for them. If they can't handle this, what else can't they handle. I won't put my trust in a company that hasn't earned it.
  4. I think I am tired of everyone saying don't worry about it. I think if Carnival cancelled a cruise almost 2 months ago there is no excuse for asking for final payment now. These emails are just causing too much confusion and it can't be that hard to correct it. By not correcting it they are just causing more phone calls and more delays. They should take the time to make sure the emails do not go out for cruises Carnival has cancelled. They would save a lot of time and frustration. They definitely are not creating good will with many customers. Go ahead and attack. I know there are many on here that think Carnival can do no wrong. Well my husband retired in January and we had a full year of travel planned. The only place where there is any trouble with refunds is the cruise industry. Our trip to Glacier was cancelled due to the Blackfeet Indians closing down their reservation which blocks access to Glacier National Park. All reservations on the East Side were cancelled for the rest of the season. People are getting their refunds in a matter of days. Mine took 5 days. Maybe they don't have the number of reservations as Carnival but they also don't have the same amount of staff as Carnival. They have a short season there to earn their money so a year without income cannot be easy but they are making the refunds. Our trip to Disney World was cancelled which also included going to Key West which was closed. And we got our refund in 3 days from all companies. I have rescheduled all these trips for next year due to the good response from them. Have not rescheduled our April Carnival cruise that was cancelled due to their handling of the situation. I have cancelled my Legend and Radiance cruises also. I am taking a wait and see stance with Carnival. There will most likely be someone else to take our place, but at least we will be having a more relaxed less stressful vacation somewhere else than on a Carnival cruise that may or may not happen. I have had many great cruises with Carnival and would like to have more but I will not be doing it anytime soon.
  5. I have stayed in that cabin (2294) on the Breeze. It is not under the Lobby. It is under the dining room and we heard no noise at all. Remember the dining room is not the galley.
  6. Well here is part of my theory. They have been doing some processing all along but just didn't submit for payment. There were little to no refunds for several weeks and now many people are reporting refunds either partial or total. Something tells me they were sitting on many of the refunds until just recently. I mean everyone saying they hadn't received a refund and then a large number reporting they have now received it. If it was because of the volume of refunds some should have been being done all along. Then suddenly all kinds of refunds! They sure did pick up their ability to process suddenly.
  7. This is what I was wondering about. So many people are saying they are refunding in the order of cruise date. But that would not be fair to people who have cancelled cruises that are later in the year. You should still get your refund in the ridiculously long time of 90 days. You should not get consistently pushed backed as they cancel more cruises before yours. You could then be waiting 6 months to 9 months. That simply is unacceptable. I am glad I jumped ship (ha-ha) at the first sign of trouble. I cancelled all 3 of my cruises before Carnival cancelled any cruises. I had booked with refundable deposits and had all my money refunded in about 3 to 4 days. When it comes time for us to book again we will definitely be booking with a refundable deposit. It just made things so much easier. Also at our ages (husband is over 70) we didn't want to take any chances on what conditions might be enforce later. Better to be temporarily on the sidelines watching the proceedings.
  8. I agree with you. I had several trips this year that have been cancelled. We had a vacation at Disney World cancelled. We received our refund in 3 days. We were supposed to be going to Yellowstone in June, but at this point we cancelled since the earliest they say they are opening is 2 days before our arrival. Signal Mountain Lodge and Xanterra refunded our money in 1 day for Signal Mountain Lodge and 5 days for Xanterra. I don't think they have all their people working either. Xanterra has properties in several National Parks (over 2000 rooms alone in Yellowstone) and they have people coming and going on a daily basis unlike the cruise lines that have people for several days at a time. That is also a lot of reservations and possible refunds to process. But there is a big difference. These companies know they will be opening sooner than the cruise lines. The cruise lines don't know when they might be able to sail again. I believe they are taking their time in refunding money, just like they are waiting as long as possible to cancel the cruises even though they know some of them are going to be cancelled. As soon as they cancel those cruises they will have to refund even more money. Different industries with different considerations. I don't believe it is because of so many cancellations and not enough personnel, but rather because of the uncertainty of the future sailing dates and money flow. This is how they are handling it. I understand why they are doing it, but they are doing it. It certainly doesn't make me confident in giving them my vacation dollars now.
  9. I wonder how everyone booked. I cancelled 2 cruises after some of the people who have posted on this and other threads. That was on March 11 and had my refund for the cruises and the excursions on March 13. Our cruises weren't included in any of the offers that required you to make a choice of refund or FCC. We were the ones that cancelled not Carnival. We were also before final payment. We had booked with a refundable deposit so there were no penalties. No Early Saver etc. I keep thinking ours my have been handled by their automated system since 100% was refundable. It would be helpful to know if others had a penalty that would result in a FCC or had to choose their option. This might be why most are not receiving a refund yet since it might have to be processed by a human not by computer. There may be money there just no one to process it. Our refunds totaled over $3500.
  10. I had a my card replaced in November. It was with American Express. When I cancelled my cruise the refund showed up on the new account even though the numbers were now different. Hope it works the same for you. The same thing happened when we cancelled our reservations in Yellowstone for the beginning of June. Booked with 1 number and refunded to the new number since it is essentially the same account.
  11. We cancelled our cruise on February 29 for a May 4 cruise. We had CFAR. We stated that we were cancelling due to family matters. Didn't state anything else. At the end of the day Friday we were notified that our claim had been processed and approved for the 75% and the check would now be processed. We only had a penalty of $300 so we will be receiving $225 back soon.
  12. I agree that something is wrong with the numbers. According to your screenshot of the cancelled cruise you had made payments of $3798.97. But you say you are only getting back: Gift cards: $1142.14 Friends CC: $795.09 Money Transferred: $453.81 TOTAL: $2391.04 Where is the remaining $1407.93 on the original payments. Is this going to be a FCC that just hasn't posted to the new cruise yet? Also where is the $600 in OBC. Your screenshot of the new cruise only shows OBC $50. You need to call and find out what is going on.
  13. I cancelled and have received my refund, but I did not receive the email confirmation of the cancellation. So don't give up hope. The emails don't seem to be going out.
  14. Yes. They are definitely swamped. To add to the mess is there are different options for cancelled cruises or people who decide to cancel. It takes more time to make sure what each person is entitled to. We happened to cancel a cruise on March 11. It was before final payment date and we did booked with a fully refundable deposit. Our refund was on our credit card in 2 or 3 days. They didn't have to go through checking what was a FCC and what was to be refunded. Ours was simple and easy, a definite benefit of a fully refundable deposit that was only $20 pp more than ES. Also we did not use gift cards which also made things easier. Most people have booked through a special offer including many forms of ES or Past Guest ES etc. Each having its own set of rules for what is non refundable. That affects the resulting FCC. It will take them a lot of time to get it all sorted out.
  15. Duplicate post. I only hit the button once but it appeared twice.
  16. I cancelled 2 cruises both before final payment which had a refundable deposit on Wednesday. I received an cancellation email for 1 of them but not for the other. The refunds for both cruises posted on our American Express card today. For us it only took 2 days. We decided to wait and see if we will cruise again being that we are in the over 70 age group and don't know what will be happening on that front. We wanted the cash refund not a future cruise credit.
  17. It all depends on the Insurance Company. I have switched to another date a couple of times. The insurance company said they would do it one time only on each policy. You also have to state that you are making no claims on the policy currently. Which makes sense, you shouldn't be allowed to use 1 policy to insure 2 trips and possibly make claims on both. I would call the insurance company or the place you bought the insurance through, such as trip insurance store, insure my trip, etc.
  18. I have an update to this post. Just a short time ago the credits for the cancelled cruises posted to my American Express credit card. That only took 2 days.
  19. I cancelled 2 cruises. I received an email confirmation for one but not for the other. This was done on Wednesday. Both were before final payment and with a refundable deposit. So there was no penalty. I think their system is having trouble handling the volume. By the way when we cancelled a cruise before it did not take 90 days to get a refund. The one cancellation letter I received Wednesday says that it will be refunded in 10 to 14 business days. Previously it was refunded in about 3 business days but I imagine they are swamped and wouldn't expect it until closer to the 10 to 14 business days. That would be 2 to 3 weeks.
  20. I believe you would lose your standard deposit. The reason for that wording is that some fares have reduced deposits. If your deposit ($375) is the standard deposit for the cruise that is what you would lose. If it was a reduced deposit than you need to find what the standard deposit is for the length and type cruise you booked. That will be you loss. You do not add penalties together.
  21. No we had our insurance through insure my trip. In fact they are no longer selling that particular policy with the 'cancel for any reason". We booked and purchased our cruise at the beginning of December before all of this became known. Then we cancelled just before Carnival changed their cancellation policy. So our penalty was the deposit of $300 since it was a 5 day cruise. With cancel for any reason we will get back $225 (75%). Not much to pay to for the peace of mind of not being quarantined. Not as worried about catching it, even though we are in the age group they are warning about we don't have any underlying conditions. But our oldest son does have conditions. We are a small family. All parents have died and we only have our 2 sons. I have no bothers or sisters. My husband has a couple of brothers that both have series heart problems. Our other future cruises also have "cancel for any reason" but through a different insurance company but still through insure my trip. We always purchase our insurance within 2 weeks of booking a cruise. The policies we pick don't cost much more than those without cancel for any reason. Our premiums are already on the higher side since we are older. I believe Carnival's cancel for any reason gives you a future cruise credit not cash back. I prefer the cash back. They also don't have the same level of coverage for medical and evacuation as outside insurers offer.
  22. I would think that if Carnival cancels your cruise you would receive gift cards. If you used $2500 worth of gift cards that is what you would get back. But here is the kicker. If you cancel your cruise isn't Carnival giving you a future cruise credit because you are on one of the cruises purchased before March 6 and departing before June. If they give you a credit you cannot use your travel insurance. The insurance company will say you are not out anything since the credit can be used. Therefore you have no loss. I am not sure what the terms are on the credit since I cancelled our cruise before they announced their new cancellation policy. We will be getting back 75% of our deposit which means a loss of only $75 and we are not tied into spending a credit on Carnival within a certain time frame. We had "cancel for any reason" also.
  23. But we are also in our late 60's and early 70's We are therefore in a more susceptible group. We still have 2 other cruises planned. This was just a quick 5 day cruise. Our others are an 11 day European cruise next year and a 14 day journey cruise shortly after that. Since we had "cancel for any reason" insurance we are only out $75. The loss is small.
  24. We were sailing on the Valor on May 4. But we have cancelled. We have the first case of Coronavirus in the Tulsa area today. Just not going to take any chances catching or spreading it.
  25. There is now 3 cases confirmed in St Bart's and 2 suspected cases in St Martin. https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/ars-confirms-three-cases-of-coronavirus-in-st-barths-two-in-st-martin-suspected
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