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  1. Just got back on Cruise Critic. I don't live here like some. You could just scroll on by. LOL
  2. You did not answer the question. Where is the citation for your assertion and this one.
  3. According to the website, only biometric data is saved on the passport. Do you have a reference or are you making an assumption?
  4. Get the waiver. I had the Yellow Fever shot when I was on active duty and got viral encephalitis from it. This vaccine is known for side effects. Most folks I know who still venture to areas where yellow fever can be caught weigh taking the vaccine very carefully. I was 29.
  5. Passports only include biometric data. they do not include travel. Does the TSA release this info to cruise lines? Do you have a citation. Not everyone gets a stamp in the passport.
  6. The site is behaving badly. We're trying to book our excursions for an upcoming cruise and are having to wait for the site to load and cannot pay for selected excursions. We'll call Princess to get the excursions booked.
  7. I'm really surprised at the discussion on another forum. People are advocating for the ship to be taken out of service so they can have their money back on upcoming cruises. A travel agent said that she's having a hard time with customers because Princess can't deliver on the advertised cruise. There's a lot of gnashing of teeth over the subject and suggestions for how Princess should handle the situation, even though none of these people have any experience other than being passengers. I've missed ports and excursions because of issues with weather and the ship. But, I never thought of t
  8. Interesting discussion on another forum about elite benefits. People there allege that elite benefits are afforded to the entire cabin, not just the elite member. The examples they gave were the minibar set up, the upgraded toiletries, and laundry. Clearly, two of these are sunk costs afforded to the elite member. Once provided, there is no way to control their use. Laundry is not a sunk cost. People on this particular forum urged members to include nonelite laundry with their laundry because Princess will never know, so who cares? They likened it to people pouring their own wine they b
  9. Do you have a link? When you say official page, do you mean on FB or where?
  10. Other people have dog allergies. I'm one of them. I can't even ask the airlines if there are dogs onboard a flight for fear I might be deemed too ill to fly. United pulled that one on me. Luckily, a sympathetic flight attendant handed me down my carryon so I could use my inhaler. Now, I medicate before I fly. Thankfully, Princess will tell me if there has been a dog in the cabin.
  11. Stay away from that vaccination. It has a very high level of side effects, some permanent. I got it and I do. It really is not required unless you are going deep in country, like into the Darien Peninsula. You do not need it on the cruise ship.
  12. This is the animal and owner I posted about. Her post is anything but lovely as was her behavior after the captain's circle party. She recently acquired this dog from Russia.
  13. To be very clear, I said there was a picture of the dog being served Champagne. I did not say the dog was drunk. I have no idea of the dog's state in that picture. The owner thought it was cute that the dog had Champagne tastes.
  14. I was just kidding. Used to have horses and trailered them all over the Western US. My last one died this summer. Logistics aside, traveling with a horse on an airplane is just not appealing. Even the little ones can pack a significant punch. In fact, one of he worst horse accidents I witnessed was a mini stallion take its owner apart at a horse show. It's fun to think about. It'd be even more fun to observe other folks' reactions.
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