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  1. My recent cruise on Jewel all of the above were subpar minus Teppanyaki. If I had to remove one then it would be La Cucina, food was lacking any quality. Based on my recent cruise I would not bother with the specialty restaurants even if free as I felt obligated to tip even though food and service reflect didn't one.
  2. I found your review, you were not on the same ship, you were on the Bliss.
  3. Guess you get more response when complaining in person as I witnessed platinum latitude members complain about their meal in a specialty restaurant and they were sucking up to them after that.
  4. Just got off the Jewel following 6 night Pacific Coastal and received an email from NCL asking about our cruise experience. I completed the survey and had some not so nice things to say about the cruise, will NCL contact me to follow up or do these not really get read?
  5. Anyone called NCL for dining reservation inquiry? I cannot seem to find the correct menu option to talk to someone, seem to be on hold forever with no answer!
  6. So I just looked on my cruise docs and it says 3 Meal Special Dining Package (promo code DINPK3) so it looks like we have 3 dinners. I waited too long too book online and many restaurants are full or have super late times (10pm), will time slots free up? How do I cancel/modify a reservation I made online?
  7. I logged into my account to book my dining as I was given a dining promo by my travel agent, and I am confused to how many specialty meals I am allowed to book. I thought I had 3 meals for my wife and I. However this is what I see: ( I removed our names under "Guests")
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