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  1. I am sure I am not the only one who will need a PCR test within 36 hours of returning home. Are they available on board? On. the Edge? How much do they cost? Thanks for any help.
  2. "The more it's whipped, the bigger it gets" * * 3 Musketeers commercial that lasted about a week I think before someone noticed.
  3. Yeah, when did we start shipping board members? 😂
  4. It can't be air. The "i" has already been used.
  5. This is going to be me at my first post-plague party.
  6. I had no idea watching Captain Marvel was so hazardous to your health. 😉
  7. The clock in the last row is set to 2 instead of 3, so the answer would be 10.
  8. To quote Shrek: Do you think he's compensating for something?
  9. Celebrity is offering single fares for 125%. My price for my January sailing has gone down considerably.
  10. The asteroid in question is so small (7 feet) that if it does hit us, it will most likely break up on entry. It is not a threat to human life.
  11. Some people have been newbies for a hundred cruises. 😉
  12. I can't remember if I or anyone posted the original autotune of Justin Trudeau's "Speaking Moistly" speech. But I think we all know it was only a matter of time before someone did an awesome cover.
  13. Book a suite, get 10 points. 🤣 Ummm....
  14. I tend to see it in pie or soup. Also, to prove I'm patriotic:
  15. Thanks for all your help so far. Please keep it coming. By the way, I do know it's supposed to be "sail". I was a little tired when I posted, and now I can't find the edit button.
  16. I just ordered 2 formal masks. 😄
  17. It looked too good to miss, although I normally go for smaller ships. Also, they have a single supplement sale (say that 5 times fast) going on now. I'm hoping we (I) can actually sale by then. Any Edge alums want to share tips, tricks, and experiences?
  18. Thank you. Now I just need to find food grade lavender flakes.
  19. Yes, I have. I love them. That's why I was asking. I have a cruise booked for next year, and that is going to be my first drink on board, if possible.
  20. My favourite response to this one is "Who the heck washes their hands with their tongue?"
  21. I guess I'm a bit late to this thread, but maybe it was a glitch? I'm on there now.
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