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  1. My Time Dining is almost a necessity for sailing this ship so consider it a positive. This will allow you to book the shows you want, when you want and then work your meals in around that. I have always pre-scheduled the shows and then we just show up for dining whenever without pre-booking a time. You can get all the shows in in one week with a little planning (sometimes doing them back to back.) Good luck - you will have a blast!
  2. Includes a two hour happy hour in the evening and a full, cooked to order breakfast in the am.
  3. I was very surprised last year when we were upgraded from a Junior Suite to a Grand Suite on our Allure cruise...about a two weeks before sailing. It was our first upgrade from RCI ever. I was especially shocked in light of the fact that this was a "free" Visa points cruise - booked just before that perk was taken away from the Oasis/Allure sailings. I just used our 125,000 points and upgraded to a JS and then we were again upgraded to the GS. Loved that gold card! I am surprised at all the D+ who have never been upgraded...does not bode well for another one for us.
  4. I think the confusion lies in the difference between choosing MTD and then setting reservations with MTD. When you book a cruise you choose for all in your party, at least on Rhapsody: 1. My Time Dining or 2. Early Seating Traditional Dining or 3. Late Seating Traditional Dining If you choose My Time Dining you will be charged all of your gratuities (even for your room steward) at booking time. MTD is very flexible and will allow you to set a standard MTD reservation time or just show up with whoever is in your party. You may or may not have the same waiters every night...I know they strive to seat you in the same area and with the same waiters but it is not promised.
  5. Well I have and while the cruise was very nice, Disney did nothing to make me change cruise lines. I would say in most arenas, it was a comparable cruise with RCI and it was way more expensive. Embarkation/Debarkation was maybe a little smoother but Disney ships are smaller than the most recent RCI ships so understandable. Entertainment was great on Disney but so are a lot of the shows on RCI. Food, rooms, etc...very similar. We had a great time with our family on the Fantasy, but I will stick with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity.
  6. I am communicating with my son who is currently on the Quantum. He has several RCI cruises under his belt in all classes of their ships (he is Emerald - close to Diamond.) His overall impression is that the ship is really nice but the service has been abysmal and the last straw was a reported power outage in his stateroom that was not responded to without a trip to Guest Services 6 hours later. Restaurant service has been terribly slow. This is a holiday sailing and some delays are to be expected with a full ship but I do not think bad service in their eating venues should be acceptable any time of the year. The app to schedule reservations is not working and this coming from an IT specialist so it is not user error. Come on Royal Caribbean - I really want this ship to WOW.
  7. Thank God Mom...you let us know that we would not have to endure the horrid blue safes. We can sail the Allure with no worries now.
  8. Agree that the nursery was really really super and worked so well for our then 10 month old GD on the Oasis. My son and DIL felt very comfortable with leaving Haley (DIL is a school teacher) and everything I observed gave me comfort as well. The staff was so good and accommodated all requests. Everything was documented during her stay and her parents were supplied with a phone so the staff could call if necessary. It was well worth the $8/hr for her parents to enjoy a nice evening dinner and show while she was happy in the nursery. Deb
  9. Called D+ desk yesterday to book Allure and use my points for a "free" cruise. The CS Rep was able to: 1) Apply my Next Cruise certificate (OBC hopefully will show up onboard) 2) Apply the $225 balcony discount to the JS I booked 3) Log into the Redemption site and apply the 125,000 points which gave me $2038 ($1019 x 2) toward the cruise total. I have received an email confirmation both from the cruise booking and the rewards application. I queried the rep twice about the balcony discount being applicable and she assured me that it was. I asked her when the cutoff was for booking Oasis/Allure with free points and she said "when Bank of America got their act together and made it official." We will see if my balcony discount remains in effect when they apply that free cruise credit. Now, if I could only sneak in a stockholders OBC, I would be really happy ;). Deb
  10. Yep...been here about 7 years...live in the Isles. It is a small world.
  11. During the summer here in Florida, you are lucky to get warm water from the cold spigot. We are used to hot water from the cold line for a few seconds during the warm months when the sun is out. Good news is that it does not take long for the shower to be the right temp. The cold tap is only going to be as cold as the water line is and Royal Caribbean does not chill its cold water lines.
  12. What is your parent's financial situation? Perhaps they would be willing to pay the cost of you cruising with them. This is what I did last year with my Mom and her friend. Mother is in great financial shape so she paid for the cruise and hubby and I arranged and paid for the extras like the trip there and back and hotel accomodations. We also got them to wherever they wanted to go and kept them on schedule for meals, shows, etc. While it was not the most relaxing cruise I have ever taken, it certainly was nice and Mother and her friend enjoyed it thoroughly. Everyone stayed healthy and safe. Wishing you luck on this one..glad I took a chance to make memories, Deb
  13. Yes, your county would almost certainly have a way to defer duty under these circumstances. Here in Charlotte County, we can request a deferment for a date of our choosing. Look for the contact information on your summons and call or email...I am sure they will let you off. Deb
  14. First of all...relax. Oasis and Allure are kind of like Disney..it's almost impossible to do everything in one trip. Therefore..take the pressure off yourself so that you can have a little vacation in the midst of it all. Just schedule the shows that you think are a must (for sure I recommend the ice show and the aqua show) and work around those. You will be able to get reservations at most of the specialty restaurants once you board if you are a little bit flexible. It is work to get everything in in one week so pace yourself and hit the highlights and vow to come back for the things you miss. The Bahamas will not be cold..cooler than the hot humid summer months, but not cold. Shorts, t's and flipflops will almost certainly be the dress code. Have a wonderful cruise, Deb
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