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  1. Oops, my previous reply quoted the wrong post, sorry. NO, HAL does not supply K-cups because the machines in the Neptune Suites are not Keurigs. The coffee pods are much smaller size - like the kind used in a Nespresso machine. The coffee is excellent, but it makes an espresso sized serving. I make mine into Americano by adding hot water (through same machine) and I think the coffee machine in the suite is one of the best things they've added in the last couple of years, but if you like a big mug of coffee, you are going to be disappointed.
  2. They are more like Nespresso machines NOT keurigs. They do not use k-cups so bringing your own will not be useful. You could presumably bring your own espresso-type cups (the kind Nespresso machines use would probably work) but why would you do this? Your cabin steward will bring you as many coffee pods as you could possibly drink, and IMO it's really good coffee.
  3. Actually I've been on that Tracy Arm catamaran excursion twice (once from the Volendam and once from I-can't-remember-which ship, possibly a Vista) and both times we arrived in Juneau at 1 PM and the ship stayed until 9 or 10 PM. OP, check the times on your ship's itinerary to see what applies to your particular cruise. Nancy is right, if you arrive in late afternoon it might be a tight fit. Also, of course this is never, ever a guaranteed experience, but... the first time I went to Tracy Arm we saw HUNDREDS (nope, I'm not exaggerating) whales!!!! The guides on our catamaran were completely
  4. Just wanting to clearly answer your question here. The Tracy Arm excursion takes place while the rest of the guests on your ship are on their way to Juneau. No back-tracking.
  5. The Tracy Arm excursion is the absolute BEST thing you can do on an Alaska cruise, in my humble opinion. I have cruised to Alaska every summer since 2004. If the Koningsdam is offering an excursion that leave the ship (you get on the catamaran while at sea, near the opening to Tracy Arm. The K-dam is too large, I believe, to actually cruise into the arm), that is, as I said the BEST excursion and you should grab it. It fills up. The ship will leave you, as said, near Tracy Arm, to go exploring on your catamaran in the morning, and you'll be brought to Juneau to meet your ship in the early
  6. No, why would you need passport photocopies to embark? I have been on too many cruises to count have have never needed a photocopy. You need your actual passport... the photocopies are for you - in case you lose your passport, it's easier to get a new one if all the info is right there, but no, you don't "need" photocopies (unless there is something I don't know and for some obscure "type of cruise" the photocopies are a thing?? Yes, I do the same in hotel rooms, cruise cabins, and on longer flights I wipe down my seat area, the table and the touch screen and seat belt. I get some looks but
  7. You are right to bring the photocopies of your passport. They are what will help in the event you lose your passport, although I would imagine the passport card would as well. If you are going to Europe or anyplace other than Canada, you need your actual passport and not just the card. For Alaska cruises I bring only my passport card, and leave my actual passport at home, since the only foreign country we visit is Canada. I keep my driver's license in another wallet in case I lose the passport card so I can still fly home! 🙂 I love that you bring wipes to clean - I bring Clorox wipes and I w
  8. I'm leaving tomorrow for Seattle, and Monday I board our Alaska cruise. I wish I found packing "tedious". Instead, I find it a little stressful. Not usually, but for Alaska, I do. Somehow I keep thinking I need clothes for all four seasons even though we'll be there only 2 weeks. Alaska can be so cold I wear long underwear, and so hot I wish I'd brought shorts (I never do). It's the one destination I don't only bring carry on luggage for. all the winter coats and hoodies and shoes and such... well... I bring a suitcase. Just put it in the car a few minutes ago. Feel like I need a drink
  9. Kdam, in my opinion is a bit large for Alaska. You won't have the wrap around deck that you probably came to love on the NA (well, it's there, but not the same... and especially in Alaska, I would think you'll really miss it), and in you won't be able to get as up close and 'personal' with the glaciers simply because of the size of the ship. The "newness" won't really wow you... NA is fairly new as well, and in fact, if I had a choice I would go even smaller - down to Vista class or smaller, for Alaska.
  10. Pools are small - a "lap" is about a stroke and a half. These pools are not really meant for fitness or exercise type swimming.... How long is your cruise? On my one week Amsterdam cruise last summer there was one spinning class. I don't remember how many yoga classes, but I believe at least 2.
  11. I absolutely love this post - thank you for taking the time to write out your thoughts. You are SO right. I have found that an attitude of gratitude goes a long way in erasing any of life's little irritations, whether on a cruise or on land. One of my favorite things to do is make sure I think every single crew member I pass - especially the ones hard at work polishing and cleaning and scrubbing to make the HAL ships spotless and shiny and gorgeous. When I stop on the stairs or on the deck to thank someone, they always light up and you can see in your faces how much it means to them that a
  12. I usually book my next cruise while on board a cruise, because I get so excited, and sad to disembark... I find the Future Cruise Consultants on board HAL to vary in quality as far as the knowledge and help they provide, but I usually am able to choose what cruise I want to do next and put down a refundable deposit, along with whatever the best promotion they are currently offering is - usually some OBC, or whatever. Then I transfer the bookng to my travel agent. It used to be that I could do that anytime before final payment, but now the rule is you have to transfer your booking within 60 d
  13. It's just semantics really. That beverage package you have is a "promotion". It was probably available during certain dates. It's the way these things work, and I agree it's a little crazy, but it's at least consistent. To us, it seems like you just want to pay more and get a different room and leave everything else alone, and I totally agree that seems logical, but that's not the way they do it. Instead, they knock you off your previous booking altogether (including the drink package) and rebook you at whatever best price for the room you now want is, with whatever promotion is available.
  14. Yes, it's annoying, but when you change your booking to a different promotion you lose all the perks of the promotion you had before. It's happened to me as well. You just have to choose whatever seems to be the best deal. If it were me, I'd stick with the Lanai and all the perks you were originally offered, but in my opinion, a Vista suite is not an "upgrade" from a Lanai, so that's just me... YMMV!
  15. I loved reading this! I've never cruised on NCL and probably never will. All the things you mentioned are things I love about HAL. It's always nice to know someone new is appreciating them as well.
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