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  1. You are only actually near the glacier for part of that time - not really from 8 AM til noon. I don't ever remember arriving at Hubbard as early as 8 AM... but in any case, the sail approaching the glacier, as close as your captain can manage, is absolutely wonderful - go out on the bow of the ship! Usually the bow can be accessed from quite early in the AM until and during the time you are actually viewing the glacier. I try to go to the bow until the captain starts to turn the ship around, and then I make my way to the sea view pool area to keep the glacier in view as long as possible as we retreat from the area... Dress in warm layers!! Gloves and hats included!
  2. Oh thanks for letting me know! (bTW where did you find this info?)
  3. Captain Jonathan Mercer was my FIRST captain - Oosterdam July 2005 - on my very first cruise. I've been fortunate to sail with him many times since. I've been following his blog with so much enjoyment. His wife and family are with him on the present voyage and he is enjoying every minute it seems. I thought this was probably his last cruise before retirement, but the news that he'll be back gives me hope that he might still be on Amsterdam when I board this August 2019 for my birthday cruise!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway.
  4. I'll be on Amsterdam August 12-26, 2019 - after reading the OPs post I took a look at our itinerary and it has us in Anchorage port until 9 PM as well. Too bad the OP doesn't have a longer day in his old stomping grounds... 😞
  5. I get this pass on almost every cruise, and have never booked in advance. Just go to the spa on the first day - they usually have some kind of embarkation day deal. You can skip the spa tour (they will try to rope you into that) if you are not interested and just say please put us down for the spa weekly pass. There are NO set times. You can use it whenever it's open, which is virtually always (well, not in the middle of the night). Just bring your room key and trade it at the spa desk for a key to the hydropool and thermal suite.
  6. I know, right? On cruises where I'm taking my own luggage off, I get depressed when I see that rubber sheet lying at the foot of my bed after dinner the night before we disembark. It's like it's screaming at me - "pack and leave!" I just fold it up and stick it somewhere and try to go into denial :) When I'm sending my luggage home and have to leave it out the night before, I pack up before bed and THEN try to go into denial... sigh...
  7. I know! It just boggles my mind that people start packing well before the cruise is over! I am an early packer BEFORE a trip, but on the way back I'm the opposite. I don't want to admit to myself the cruise is over until I absolutely have to.
  8. The smoking area isn't even all the way back at the stern - so really not even near your cabin. It's concentrated at the Sea View bar - which is next to the entrance to the Lido. Not a worry in the least. Enjoy your wonderful aft Neptune suite!
  9. How can you tell how many are unassigned?
  10. Yes, that will work just fine. Just enough communication to keep them from worrying about you, and not too much so you can enjoy the solitude! Have a great solo cruise!!
  11. Nobody seems to have addressed the OP's comment about her husband wanting coffee available 24 hours. As has been said, the Neptune lounge is usually open from 7 AM until 8 PM, BUT, all Neptune suites have coffee machines in the suites now, so you can have coffee absolutely anytime!
  12. Ha! I could so easily forget those too. But I never do, because... shoes. When it's time to pack my shoes (which I would NEVER forget) I always stuff them with underpants. So if I've forgotten to get those into the packing pile, that's when I remember. Thank goodness for shoes.
  13. When HAL first converted some of the promenade deck ocean view cabins to lanais there were a few complaints from people that their private deck chairs were not honored. I think part of the problem was that people were just so used to having *all* the deck chairs be "public", and the other part was the lack of clear designation (the signs were tiny and the chairs identical to the public chairs). Now that people are more accustomed to the existence of lanai cabins and their accompanying chairs, and also now that the chairs are more prominently "marked", this is pretty much a non-existent problem. I loved the lanai cabin but bear in mind they are the smallest cabins on the ship. If you don't mind that, and the proximity of the promenade deck makes up for it in all it's wonderful expansiveness, you will love the lanai.
  14. It includes the same things as on the larger ships, but the "hydropool" is in the same room with the ceramic loungers and is much smaller and not as "active" as far as jets and such. However, what I DO like about these "pools" on the smaller ships is that they have a view! On the Vista class and above, the hydropool is in an indoor windowless room. The pool is amazing, but it's dark in there... just my opinion.
  15. You'll have no problem doing that. "Couple" can be any two people. I've gotten the discount with friends, and my daughter. Enjoy the wonderful spa!
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