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  1. The Hero Cruises were a great gestures. Since we weren't paying for them, I will sit patiently and let the revenue customers figure out their cruises with Celebrity over the next 30 days. I'm sure we will hear something from Celebrity in a week or two. They have been quite generous, so I am looking forward to seeing what happens, but regardless will not be disappointed. I am more concerned about the businesses and travel industry that are so affected by all of this. I hope they can all recover. Cheers
  2. Do you think they are adding more Hero Cruises? The link now says, they added 2 more cruises. I know they added 4 more cruises the other day...are they adding 2 more? https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruises-for-heroes Btw, I changed to one of the new dates on Tues and got 2 AQ Rooms 🙂 So excited.
  3. Any Pickleball still on Millenium?
  4. I cancelled 2 OV rooms for 27th around 12:45pm. #2085 & #2077. call and check or online chat asap
  5. They have 2 bedrooms? I just got confirmed for 2 AQ rooms. Hubby is complaining about the new dates, I told him it will be worth it 🙂
  6. Aqua being the best, right? I keep calling waiting for them to release
  7. Wow, the line is busy. Only inside cabins? I would luv to try to get AQ on another date if possible.
  8. Excited to have booked 2 HERO rooms for our family on Celebrity in March. Confirmed OV, hoping to get an upgrade to a Veranda or AQ(dreaming) as some people cancel or don't send in their required HERO identification. I think you only have 24 hours to submit documentation so make sure to email it in asap. Cheers!
  9. Booked on the First Responder Cruise. Hoping for cancellations to upgrade to Aqua. A lot of people spec booked, well at least I hope. Pretty generous of Celebrity to offer this.
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