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  1. Did you get to choose your cabana number? What number did you have and did you like the location? We have one reserved in the general area in January 2021.
  2. I am thinking they don’t want you to wear shoes? Yes or no?
  3. Thank you. I was able to cancel and rebook by calling Celebrity.
  4. We booked the cruise through a travel agent, booked the excursion on line. Today it is $12 cheaper per person. Do I need to call my travel agent or celebrity? I tried to cancel and rebook online but couldn’t.
  5. Ahhh. I’m on the Equinox, so it should be available!
  6. I did not know this! All categories of rooms or just certain ones? Looking forward to not dragging my bag around waiting for the room to be ready.
  7. I’m hoping to do that in January, can you tell me what version iPad and price?
  8. We ask for a cheese plate instead. I also bring some ziplock bags on the cruise and will pick up some crackers from the lunch buffet (usually not enough crackers if any with your cheese) and keep them in a bag in our room. Also get extra cutlery...usually have to hide it in a draw so they don’t take it 😁
  9. Has anyone taken the ships tour? We are on Equinox soon, the ship excursion “deluxe stingray city sandbar” doesn’t say how many people it takes. We don’t want to be packed in like sardines which I’m thinking is what will happen. Trying to decide if we should book an independent tour. I would appreciate any feedback.
  10. We had that offer as elite on the reflection in January. Had to be a day when we were in port.
  11. We just sailed Reflection in January. When we did our check in it asked for a pic, which we did. When my sister checked in it did not ask for a pic.
  12. We didn’t care for the canapés, talked to the concierge and she had it changed to cheese plate with dried fruit.
  13. In the past they’ve offered several martinis (small) that you could use classic beverage package. In January on the Reflection we were told at the Martini Bar that there is no smaller size-if you have the classic package you will be charged the difference. I love the banana split martini 😋
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