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  1. I usually always hire a car when I travel. I like having someone there waiting for me with a sign, so I can go straight to that person and go, and not have to wait in line for a taxi.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but I think we'll have too much luggage to roll, since we doing a pre-stay at a hotel, and then a 12 day cruise.
  3. Has anyone ever used and can recommend a car or limo service to pick up at the Sydney airport and transport to hotel, and then also pick up from seaport (Circular Quay) to airport? While a taxi would be ok, I prefer to not stress about catching a taxi from the seaport to the airport and making it there on time.
  4. Thanks. The excursion is taking s float plane and landing on a glacier and walking it, probably an hour or so. So, I won't be able to grab another jacket if I need one. so that's why I'm wondering.
  5. The weather is looking great for my upcoming cruise on Ruby Princess starting next week, so it looks like I don't have to pack a ton of warm clothes. However, we do have an excursion on Aug 2 in Skagway, the high temp is forecasted to be 74, low is 60, and only 10% chance of rain for that day. Does anyone know what kind of temperature difference to expect on a glacier walk? Will a Columbia fleece jacket over a top and jeans be warm enough? Thanks in advance!
  6. I am arriving in Seattle on a Thursday evening, and spending 2 nights in Seattle before leaving on the Princess Ruby in Saturday 7/28/18 for Alaska. So, Friday 7/27 is the only full day I have in Seattle for sightseeing. Please help me figure out best way to spend the day. I'm staying at the Four Seasons. I'm traveling with my husband and 2 young adult boys. I only want to see the most important (yes, I know that is very subjective) sights, I would like a somewhat relaxed day, no stressing about running all over the place. So far I'm thinking, walk over to Pikes Market late morning with a stop at the Gum Wall, around 9 or 10 am and spend a few hours there, maybe have lunch there. Then go over to the Space Needle in the early afternoon and walk around that area. Should I get my tickets ahead of time and plan maybe a 1 or 2 pm ticket? What are the must sees in that area? Is it worth it to go over to the International District, maybe for dinner? What is the best mode of transportation with this itinerary? Uber, or is there a monorail type transportation that would take me to these 3 areas? Any other must-sees near those areas? Thanks in advance?
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