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  1. New to the message board as well so please forgive if I'm in the wrong place.... Been on 7 cruises, Going on Disney Wonder for the 3rd time in April 07. Haven't been on Freedom but have haven on 3 RCL cruises, Adventure, Voyager and Enchantment. My kids loved the Disney. They haven't been on the others but I recommend Disney. Not that RCL isn't great for kids but from my experience all 3 kids loved Disney. First time the kids were 9-11-13 and they all loved it. We didn't check them into "daycare" until day 3. Actually THEY didn't check them selves in until day 3. I felt that perhaps they were too old for daycare and just didn't think of it. We were having such a great time. Come day 3 we went up just to check it out and they wanted to stay so we said sure. Very safe in the aspect they can't just leave and wonder around when they want. Once checked in they cannot leave the area until you pick them up. You are given a pager when you check them in. If for some reason they want to leave, one of the cast members will page you and you have to go get them which was great. You didn't have to worry about them leaving and wondering around the ship alone. I remember one night at midnight laying on the playroom floor myself begging them to go to bed. LOL they just loved it! This year they are 12-14 (17 year old not going) and they can't wait to check out daycare. Never thought I'd hear that! Disney is great if you are taking kids. Everything is geared towards the kids and it truely is magical! Even as adults (cruised once on disney without kids) we had a wonderful time. Enjoy!
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    Castaway-has anyone seen mickey?

    Thanks! I hope we can find it. If facing the water, it would be over to the right if I remember correctly? Again thanks for all of your help!
  3. My family will be returning to the Disney Wonder in April 2007. This will be our 3rd time on this ship. My children and I would really like to find the sunken mickey. Does anyone know where this is or how to find it? If you ask people as the beach the just tell you to keep snorkeling. LOL thanks