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  1. I’m booked NR on 8/7. Cancelled the 3rd person & applied DP to cruise balance then downgraded all the way to GTY inside for the 2 of us. Was quoted a fare $200 less than current then best rate (military and variation of BOGO 60% plus a $25 flash sale). called for 3rd time and it was acknowledged as a pricing mistake they are honoring (probably hoping for any Live ones on sailing lol) so, I gave them another $43 & we called it final Payment. Not doing that dance, will take it as FCC or cancel If they extend Non operational dates Bette
  2. Cancelled 3/29 harmony sailing on 3/13 just yesterday saw refund on CC (split into 3-final pmt & 2 down payments). Two smaller deposited in 4/26, large one on 4/29 but official credit not until 5/4. May the 4th be with me indeed Now advising for refunds to allow for 45 to 60 business days...not to be confused with calendar days
  3. 3/13 cancelled Harmony 3/29 today when checking CC balance, could tell that the credit was posted hooray appears Citibank received the largest refund (approx $1,800) on 4/26 & then on 4/29 split the $500 down payment into 2 unequal refunds? Both didn’t actually credit though until today. CC is designated for travel related expenses, not really familiar with how they post credits but does seem rather odd to have that delay. Regardless, never thought we’d see a refund. Now to see what happens for 8/7 cruise. Still on fence whet
  4. Any thots on whether I should call back & ask to speak to a supervisor? It would be swell to have received a magical $194.97 reduction in my cruise fare plus the same refund, but since we are still awaiting our refund from 3/13 cancellation I am dubious, at best. FYI, The stated timeline for the excursion’s refund is after my final payment date.
  5. Another twist... Previously cancelled pre paid excursion on booked cruise (coco WP $194.97) It was my understanding it would be refunded to my CC yesterday, removed GD from reservation dropped down to an inside guaranty Remaining balance due end of May is less $194.97. Agent insisted the price didnt reflect that as a credit Hung up, called back & spoke to another rep. He said the same thing... the invoice is correct. the refund of cancelled excursion is on file and will be credited to my CC in 2 to three week
  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually for free FP to the eticket rides rolled into a packaged vacation. As in concierge plus or switch up a vip tour to include the SW attractions. They’re going to need to churn income if one more person sends me a link to the UBS financial prediction of parks not opening till 1/21, I may scream. I’m sticking w barrons lol
  7. No guarantee even if refreshing that app at the start. Have been fortunate to enjoy several times. we are semi retired, have several DVC contracts & cheap airfare. already had to cancel Easter trip & cruise😔, who knows how the rest of year will pan out smart Money Is on the theme parks slowly coming back, Limited To locals first with extensively limited activities to encourage social distancing. Still hanging onto my DVC res there for 3 other trips but will cancel them at the last minute possible to preserve/bank my points Early on Disney was c
  8. We Cancelled 3/13 This afternoon I called again, put me on hold & researched, was told: “Refund is in final step, was approved on April 20th... will Take Between 10 to 14 days be received by your credit card... if You don’t see it by May 8th, call back” Check’s in the mail, cool beans 🤬
  9. Fl task force requested to submit info to their governor by the weekend. Details should be emerging soon in game plan. Universal exec has made statements today. They tend to follow each other on security practices etc
  10. Confused, in a balcony now. If I downgrade it would have to cost more than my now final pmt due? Was hoping to shave off some dollars there I keep reading about this $18 score, wow lol
  11. Never my intent to cancel cruise in question. not sure if permissible to downgrade NR booking to GTY before final pmt date if so, would we be assessed a change fee?
  12. U saiD ur points expire the end of September. =October UY Those points would need to be banked by end of May, not April re DVC MS & Disney in general, it often to pays to call back if you don’t like the first answer you receive.
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