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  1. That special california blend of gas don’t come cheap it seems lol.
  2. After hearing horror stories how expensive gas is in Hawaii, very surprised to see it’s only $.50 more a gallon than where I live.
  3. Seriously, it’s usually so much more than filling up in other places. Just to make things easier, was considering if semi reasonable.
  4. Unfortunately, closest costco to me is 100 miles RT, they don’t have large presence in western PA. I need to dig some more as to current price of gas in HNL & compare it to whatever the rental car location charges to decide if it’s worth paying the upcharge for full gallon of gas from them. Here it equates to approx $45 to fill my Altima’s tank there’s probably a gas app out that i’m Not familiar with, will did on apple store later. We will be driving from The Ko’Olina area round noon on a Saturday, figure it will be busy. A google search produced this route via H-1, heading east toward HNL. Was hoping for something ‘easy’ just off highway. Instead I found this route: H-1, Pearl exit 15 to Nimitz. Left to middle lane of Valkenburg. Left on Bouganville. Station a few blocks on the right.
  5. We have a short day in this tender port. Was going with a rental car to beach but, the Mr suggested booking a ship tour. Has anyone enjoyed NCL’s: Big Island Snorkel Tour as described below? $139 pp All aboard to Redhill, a fun and sun destination for the whole family. It’s a snorkeler's paradise – with underwater visibility up to 150 feet and enchanting coral gardens that are home to hundreds of brightly colored tropical fish. Dolphins may follow along as you cruise to your beach destination. Once there you'll find snorkel gear and instruction for those who need it. But that’s not all – there are also flotation toys, a 20-foot water slide and a 15-foot high dive platform. Two extra wide swim platforms make it easy to get in and out of the water. This 4 1/2 hour cruise includes 2 1/2 hours of water time. Continental breakfast, a BBQ beef burger lunch, and soft drinks are included. After snorkeling, alcoholic beverages and smoothies are available for purchase at the cash bar.
  6. Renting car for a week when we arrive at HNL thru Dollar. Normally, we’d never prepay for a tank of gas, both due to it being pricier and the typical ease of finding a gas station close enough to airport. Additionally, we rarely burn thru a tank of gas. Will have car for a week this trip and will touring all over the island, considering adding it as a prepaid at pickup. Didn’t see it listed as an option when booking. Gas here is curenntly $3.10 a gallon, not a stretch to guess it’ll be higher in Oahu in general...let alone the price per gallon vendor would charge if tank not full or for a prepaid tank. Anyone who has rented in Oahu recently...can you share your experience? Any hints as to where we could find the closest gas station to airport coming from Aulani side of island to top off tank?
  7. Gotcha. We booked the ‘private’ for just 2 of us. Still working up my nerve lol
  8. Since it’s an overnight prior, I’d think not an issue. They did suggest to book as early as possible in the day to try to avoid fog. Also mentioned, if inclement weather the first day in port, better chance to be squeezed into a fight the 2nd the day. Contact with them has been enjoyable, great communication.
  9. Thanks, agric inspec always has gone quickly for us in San Juan, hope it’s the same in HNL
  10. Thank you, that’s a helpful rule of thumb to consider.
  11. Out of shape senior woman asking Can you admit defeat (if you can’t solider on to the summit) and descend back down the same trail? pictures I’ve seen posted look as though it can get very crowded and rather narrow trail in points
  12. Never had an issue in any port just grabbing a cab or uber to airport. Are things different in HNL? Our flight leaves around 1 pm.
  13. Just booked this for our cruise early May. Nervous re being on a Cessna, so small, but going to soldier on as I knew the mr would love it. FYI, Called them & advised they are recommending that PoA cruisers NOT book the first time slot, 9 am time, as so many have arrived too late to the shuttle pick up point late. Explanation is the ship has been docking/cleared later last few months. Perhaps, but I’m thinking it’s more likely along the lines that people just aren’t being prompt meet the shuttle.
  14. Glad to hear, we have booked next month for a few days, then onto Aulani pre cruise 🙂 one thing I will say is to keep checking the rate there, it’s dropped substantially via a AAA rate. OP - hotwire is another option for a good deal, pick your hotel zone, then ‘class’. Not that many properties in each zone, easier than usual to identify the majority of the properties. Watch out for the resort fees
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