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  1. nycragazza21

    Hawaii weather in OCTOBER

    Just curious I only been on one cruise and that was Royal Adventure of the Seas, they had a mall which had a cafe with cakes, cookies etc. Does pride of amer have that and is it included in your fare? Thanks. Also just curious, no casinos, right?
  2. nycragazza21

    Hawaii weather in OCTOBER

    Does anyone know if it's nice in Hawaii in October. I am going on Pride of America Oct 11 2008. It's my honeymoon and I hope that we encounter nice weather.
  3. nycragazza21

    Shore Excursion Policy

    I called Royal and they told me that a 24 hour cancellation is needed or you will be charged. They said it can't even be 23 hours and that they are strict.
  4. nycragazza21

    Ice Tea/Lemonade?

    Thanks for the info! I leave this weekend for AOS out of San Juan.
  5. I called my credit card company(Chase) and told them I will be in the Southern caribbean. They mentioned there is a charge to convert US dollars to whatever the foreign currency is. They charge 3%, is this across the board for all credit card companies.
  6. nycragazza21

    Ice Tea/Lemonade?

    I love tea but didn't get a soda plan. Is it free?
  7. This is my first cruise leaving Saturday for San Juan. I got room 7554 which is closer to the front but not that close. I just hope I dont get sea sick lol. I am all set to go and looking forward.
  8. Hello! I travel on AOS next week and I changed my room. I got the luggage tags in the mail and they have my old room info on it. I hate to get my luggage put in the wrong room. Can I get new tags at the port? Thanks!
  9. nycragazza21

    ATM's on AOS

    Dumb question are there ATMS on the ship?
  10. Thanks for all your advice, it helps a lot!
  11. I am a first time cruiser. I got a balcony room 7544, is this too close to the front and is this a bad choice.
  12. I know there is two formal nights, but if I only wanted to go to one. Do I have to go to both? Is an alternative place to eat on the ship? I leave March 4th out of San Juan, AOS.
  13. nycragazza21

    car rental

    Hey thanks for the info. I leave in two weeks for a S. Caribbean cruise with AOS. This is my first cruise. BTW I am in huguenot.
  14. nycragazza21

    Holiday Inn Express

    Is there limited parking by the Holiday Inn express. I rented a car?
  15. nycragazza21

    scooter rentals

    Is their anyplace to rent scooters in Aruba that isnt too far the ports?