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  1. Thanks for the memory refresh BUT looks like the same menu selection from over 2 years ago. I guess I could still be happy, knowing my preferred choices from experience. HAPPY CRUISING (whenever that is 😟)
  2. Financial news update shows RCL paid with stock to purchase the remaining 1/3 ownership of Silver Seas Cruises. So now SS 100% owned inside 'Group'.
  3. Lisa was very nice hostess who organized our Captain's dinner also in that timeframe. I hope she and other staff from that time are doing well now. How the years roll by 😷
  4. Hi - so far it seems these cruise restrictions, even if temporary, are impacting ocean cruises. After MANY ocean trips, we have lately been trying European river cruises and having great small ship experiences, historically-oriented itineraries. No casinos, no theater productions, few children, etc. Will wait and see if these restrictions also change the character of these alternatives. Best wishes for all.
  5. Hi, 6311 should be fine, but keep checking website to switch if 6315 becomes available since a bit wider balcony. About 6-7 weeks before sailing X posts the 'last minute' exciting deals and you can decide whether to 'buy up' to suite (with its special restaurant). Otherwise, if foodies, visit the specialty restaurants for dinner. Skagway has historic White Pass RR as big attraction there. If you're visiting Sawyer Glacier, they should be offering a small boat excursion that visits closer to the glacier than the big ship. Juneau has easy access Mendenhall Glacier to visit and/or take the hillside tram from the dock halfway up Mt. Roberts for view and I think a Raptor center there. In Icy Strait (Hoonah) they offer whale watching excursions and a nature tour seeking bears but not guaranteed. I think Juneau has a transfer up river and everyone takes a small raft floating back in unspoiled river scenery. GOOD LUCK
  6. I suppose you weren't in the Penthouse suite 😉 I've tried to participate in Whisky tastings and was told minimum 4 signups necessary. Bartender said about half the evenings have too few participants. On Reflection last May we had about 12 groups of 6-per-table and had nice wine blending experience. Favorite is "World Wine Tour' where for $75? each you have an hour to mingle in a room with free pour from about a dozen different wine varieties, half red/white. Fell in love with Chateauneufdupape only to learn its above my budget for casual drinking - so 'special occasions'. Happy Cruising
  7. You should consider the 'first night' specialty discount choice, although some may find themselves worn out from traveling to ship and not enjoy it. On port days, especially eating BEFORE 7pm, they occasionally offer discounts ( e.g. $30 instead of $45) to go to specialties that night - depending on if reservations are slow. A staff person will be in buffet lobby or main dining lobby. OR go EARLY to preferred specialty and ask if they offer a discount that evening. Good Luck
  8. I my experience, I have been able to upgade to premium on day-3 evening ( embarkation day is not a full day, and no Capn-Club drinks either). But it seems a 'gray' area about adding it very long after cruise start. For example, we're reserved on Hawaii-to-Vancouver next May. About 5 days around island, 5 ocean crossing. It would not seem in X interest to permit upgrade as late as 6th day start of non-port ocean crossing. GOOD NEWS: I have never been blocked onboard from upgrading just myself to premium (no upgrade interest from wifester). With booking perk or pre-cruise upgrade its BOTH required. If in Europe, apparently some other locales, be careful when upgrading onboard in certain jurisdictional waters for risk of VAT being charged. GOOD LUCK
  9. I've taken advantage of bucket 'deal' when only drinking 1-2 right away. I first confirm with server that later/tomorrow I can swap an unopened bottle from bucket for cool one (or get ice for room storage, since frig usually not very cool). Always has been ok but I do swap later at same bar where purchased. Bon Voyage
  10. Did LCG twice this June on Reflection to Iceland. Very cool, breezy and supplemental heaters only partially effective. Number dining was low due to discomfort. Because of unpleasant conditions, $27.50-$30 available most nights. Never saw Porch open and assume it was also the weather. Good Luck
  11. Here's 3 decks with end cabin solid walls. They are partially obstructed view but standing at forward rail helps. The last 8 cabins on S-class are over the specialty dining (blue roof extension) BUT your deck is 1-2 ft deeper. Plus some 'echo' off wall
  12. Agree that X pricing has gotten pretty rich (20 years, 30 cruises with X, Reflection-Iceland this June) and we have been trying other "premium light" lines lately. Broadening our experience includes our recent 1st river cruise, which can offer competitive 'bang for the buck'. About 2 months ago I posted a 3-page review comparing X ocean cruise to our Viking Rhine river. Here's the link if interested REVIEW: LEFT THE BRINE TO WINE/DINE ON RHINE
  13. We often take advantage of late discounts by upgrading cabin category at the reduced price (although you may have to accept 'gty' assignment AND lose some perks. Pays to watch and evaluate choices. GOOD LUCK
  14. AGREE - in Tuscan the Alfredo pasta dish was overwhelming in entree size, manageable as half-serving. Also request upgrading a filet or strip steak into 'surf & turf' HAPPY CRUISING
  15. The purpose was comparing Celebrity ocean to river experience.
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