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  1. Someone on my cruise in October posted that they were able to get FTTF two days ago.
  2. Someone in one of the FB Carnival groups, who was in Galveston a couple of days ago, posted pics of what looked like new crew members arriving with their luggage. I've also read elsewhere of crew being notified to report to the ships that are on the July sail list.
  3. I didn't know those types of elevators were going in the ships, but I'm familiar with them from using them in some newer office buildings. Still the same concept though as far as touching then sanitizing. In this case you're just touching the buttons, or in this case a pad, before getting on the elevator instead of after you get on.
  4. The elevator thing shouldn't be an issue. Press your buttons, don't touch your face or put your fingers in your mouth, get off the elevator and use the bottle of hand sanitizer that you're already carrying with you. It's no different than using an elevator on land or opening a door at a business where you have to touch the door handle to open it. As soon as I get to my car I use hand sanitizer from the bottle in my car door that's been there for over a year.
  5. They were always scheduled to leave on the 7th even before they arrived. The main reason they came into Galveston was crew vaccinations, supplies, and some maintenance they couldn't do while underway. They're both in the gulf now about 200 miles from Galveston and supposedly will stay in the area until cruising resumes, returning to port as needed.
  6. It won't be a deal breaker for me if it goes away, but I'd still like a paper copy. It's easier to skim through the night before and see what's happening the next day, plus it's a nice souvenir of the cruise. Maybe Carnival can stop leaving them in the cabins and just make them available at GS. That way they could get a better idea of how many people really want one and print just the quantity needed.
  7. I was there today when they came in. I was on Pier 26 between the terminals. I have to say it was very emotional. I can't even begin to describe how great it felt to catch that first glimpse of the whale tail as Breeze came around the eastern end of the island and started coming up the channel.
  8. It's not so much about making their job easier as it is getting through the line quicker. I have a family member that works for CBP in the Houston/Galveston area and he works the cruise terminals from time to time. He said they can process roughly three passports to each birth certificate.
  9. I got the vaccine and I'll gladly cruise with anyone regardless of their vaccination status. I'd bet there are a lot more that feel the same way. No matter which way this goes I don't think the cruise lines will have a problem filling their ships.
  10. I'm not a finicky eater, but the only thing on there that I found appealing was the smoked cheddar and jalapeno croissant for breakfast.
  11. I have one from my first cruise with RCCL in 2012. Carnival was still offering them when I did my first cruise with them later the same year but completely forgot to buy one. That was the last time I saw them offered for sale.
  12. Hey Gina! I think part of it is that Disney is going above and beyond when it comes to how they've been treating the whole social distancing/mask thing (and I don't mean that in a bad way). They can probably also afford to keep their ships empty longer with all that Disney+ money rolling in. They can easily wait and let the other cruise lines start operations again and see how they do for a couple of months before committing to start sailing again.
  13. I agree that the Cheers promo is to entice people to book and that it's probably aimed at people that won't get the full benefit out of it. I got the offer and it's pretty much wasted on me. My SO had to stop drinking for medical reasons about three years ago and when I'm with her I don't drink. Our last two cruises our bar tab was almost non-existent. She had nothing and I had maybe a couple of spiked coffees in the morning when she wasn't with me, and a couple of beers in the evening if I attended a show or a movie that she wasn't interested in. I'd transfer it to someone that could use it i
  14. When my March cruise was cancelled and I rebooked for September the FCC covered the fare plus port fees and taxes. I had insurance through a third party and didn't prepay gratuities as I usually wait and do that closer to the cruise but held off this time due to the possibility of not sailing, so can't speak to those. I ended up only owing $12 on the new booking.
  15. I was looking for a particular cargo ship a couple of days ago and because my last search a few months ago was the Dream, my app automatically centered on her. She was off the Western cape of South Africa headed north.
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