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  1. I agree that the Cheers promo is to entice people to book and that it's probably aimed at people that won't get the full benefit out of it. I got the offer and it's pretty much wasted on me. My SO had to stop drinking for medical reasons about three years ago and when I'm with her I don't drink. Our last two cruises our bar tab was almost non-existent. She had nothing and I had maybe a couple of spiked coffees in the morning when she wasn't with me, and a couple of beers in the evening if I attended a show or a movie that she wasn't interested in. I'd transfer it to someone that could use it i
  2. When my March cruise was cancelled and I rebooked for September the FCC covered the fare plus port fees and taxes. I had insurance through a third party and didn't prepay gratuities as I usually wait and do that closer to the cruise but held off this time due to the possibility of not sailing, so can't speak to those. I ended up only owing $12 on the new booking.
  3. I was looking for a particular cargo ship a couple of days ago and because my last search a few months ago was the Dream, my app automatically centered on her. She was off the Western cape of South Africa headed north.
  4. Our September cruise was our second cancellation after the one in March. I thought about taking the refund this time, but with it possibly taking up to 90 days I decided to let it ride. Since we've got plenty of time to use the FCC I'll just wait until cruising opens back up. If they start back in October I'll try and book for November or December. If not, then maybe next summer.
  5. Normally I'd log in here daily, especially when I have cruise planned. Right now I'm only popping in two or three times a week out of boredom and see the same stuff over and over. Posts about refunds and when sailing will resume.
  6. The article says they were told they would get a refund in 14 days. Has anyone else here been told this? All I've ever heard was 90 days. I wonder if it was a computer generated letter that would go out under normal circumstances and wasn't adjusted for what's happening now.
  7. Carnival has said from the beginning that it could take up to 90 days. They've never tried to hide that as far as I can see. I rolled my cancelled cruise fare over into another cruise but would love to get my excursion and fun shop payments back but it's only been just over 30 days so I'm being patient and hoping they get around to it sooner than later.
  8. I also use Park N Cruise and know all about that drive from the terminal to the parking lot. A hundred yard trip ends up taking ten minutes. Our last couple of cruises have been 5 day itineraries so we take a couple of medium size roller bags so we can just park and take the bags across the street to avoid the terminal traffic. Looking forward to reading more. It's a nice break from the majority of the posting we're getting lately.
  9. Yes. Was supposed to be on Dream March 21st. Already rebooked for September 20th on Freedom.
  10. The cruise I rebooked for September was $200 less than the one I was supposed to be leaving on today. The PVP I went through told me that the leftover $200 would be applied to OBC.
  11. Shorter cruise aren't going anywhere. They always sail full and are so popular that every time Carnival moves the ships in Galveston it's always a larger or better ship doing the 4 and 5 day sailings now. Dream replaced Valor, and Breeze will be replacing Dream. The first was an increase in capacity, and the second is a newer, nicer ship. The 4 day cruises from Galveston always leave on a Thursday and return Monday morning. It's basically a long weekend so people don't have to take a lot of vacation time from work. I like the 5 days cruises because I can take the cruise then still have a coup
  12. I rebooked my March 21st cruise for September today and wasn't asked for a deposit. Since we're switching from Dream to Freedom and were originally in a cove, we decided to go ahead and book into an OV instead so we wouldn't have to pay any extra for a balcony since the cruise is a day longer. The FCC covered my cruise , and going down in cabin type made it cheaper than the original cruise so I'll be getting almost $200 extra OBC on top of the $300 Carnival was already going to give us. The PVP I talked to simply made the change and I got an e-mail a few minutes later with the new booking num
  13. Doesn't mean it's wrong. He named the other lines that have already announced they are shutting down. Carnival probably just didn't have a press release ready yet.
  14. We sail on the 21st and my DW has one of the issues that would prevent us from boarding. She's in pretty decent health and her condition is controlled by meds and very rarely gives her a problem. She feels horrible about this and even tried convincing me to cruise without her. I told her that's not happening and we'd wait until after the 16th and see where Carnival goes from there. I'm hoping that maybe for cruises after the 16th they'll agree to accept a doctor's note as hers has already given her the green light to go.
  15. We're getting $150 and were already planning to do the Behind the Fun tour, so instead of it costing $190 for two of us it'll only be $40 out of pocket. If by some reason we can't book it (we have FTTF so should get to the excursion desk before it's sold out) or change our minds we'll probably just play more bingo or eat at the steakhouse a couple of nights.
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