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  1. According to the Celebrity website, when I look up my booking for my 7/3 Alaska cruise, it’s not been cancelled. But when I look it up on the Celebrity app, it says that voyage has been cancelled. I know there’s a very high probability that it will be cancelled but I am holding out hope. Anyone know why the app would say something different than the website?
  2. Our cruise ends in Seward and I know we need to get to Anchorage to fly home. I’ve heard about a train and a bus that can get us there. Can anyone tell me about these options please? Cheapest, fastest, most scenic, etc. Where do we go to get either option? Will Celebrity sell them as excursions? We will be flying home to Boston. Do most people fly home the night of debarkation or the next day? If the next day, where do you stay? We are kind of on a budget and are already stretching it so staying extra days isn’t something we can do this time. I’d appreciate any advi
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