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  1. Eat a great steak meal. See www.guiaoleo.com.ar for restaurant ratings. Take a cab to the Recoleta Cultural Center next to the cemetary (12 minutes) and tour the Center and the cemetary. If it's a weekend there will be a crafts fair in the plaza near the cemetary. If it is Sunday take a cab to either the San Telmo (20 minutes) fair or the more countryish Mataderos fair (30 minutes). Shop for antiques in Barrio Norte. Start by taking a cab to the Alvear Palace hotel. Have a cocktail at the Alvear Palace lobby bar. See the animals in the local zoo located in Palermo. Shop for shoes and handbags in the shops especially in Barrio Norte and Palermo. Go to dance tango at a confiteria like La Ideal on 320 Suipacha St.(short cab). Prearrange a walking tour of the city with one of the groups that offers free tours (Ciscerones or www.freebuenosaires.com) Hop on the hop on-hop off bus for a tour of the city neighborhoods Take a cab to the MALBA museum or the museum of decorative arts nearby. Eat a great steak meal.
  2. One reason not to exchange money on the ship is that they always offer a horrible rate. There are oodles of ATMs in Rio, all of which work with local cards and many of which work with Star, Cirrus, Visa Plus network cards. HSBC ATMs work with everything and there is an HSBC branch every few blocks in the tourist zone in Rio. If you can not contact the guides you anticipate using in advance to resolve the matter, I would not worry as long as you have a functioning ATM card ( and money in the account :D).
  3. Sorry you didn't have good weather for your cruise. Bear in mind that summer starts Dec 21. The temps in Buenos Aires, for an example, in Jan and Feb easily exceed 80-85 F. Rio is often well over 90 so the weather off the coast won't be too bad except at the extreme end of the continent.
  4. "Especially if the cruise line is sued " fairly interpreted means whether the cruise line is or is not sued. This appears to say the cruise contract controls whether the cruise line is sued or not. It doesn't appear that way. But lets be clear. You now agree that the contract venue clause doesn't apply unless the cruise line is absolutely joined as a party ( not especially if it made a party). Ok. We understand you now. Lets take out our aggression on the guy pulling the 80 year old over the seats, not each other.
  5. Just remember that the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere so that when you say a "winter" cruise it will be summer where you will be sailing. The daylight weather in all but the most southern waters will be pleasant. You will be able to enjoy breakfast or a sunset cocktail on the balcony if that is something you like to do. Ultimately, it boils down to how you like to allocate your travel $.
  6. I agree. We should close this thread. It serves no purpose and may only confuse some. p.s. smeyer418, It's been a while since I did lawyering, but I hope you will agree that if the cruise line is not a party to the lawsuit then the cruise contract venue provisions are not triggered and the plaintiff is not bound by them. Suit on the tort may be brought either where the tort occurred or where the defendant resides. "Convenience" and "state citizenship" (do you mean residence?) are irrelevant, are they not? Sorry, but I don't follow your last comment about jurisdiction being "more difficult than venue anyway."
  7. It's not nice to call others a broken record. I don't doubt you can easily construct an argument, but I am curious. What is your argument for the venue of a suit against the offending pax (not the line) to be that which is set forth in the cruise contract for actions against the cruise line?
  8. What are the injuries? What are the damages? Does the cruise line have legal responsiblity simply because they were slow in responding after the incident occurred? OP, troll or otherwise, might have a claim against the offenders if in fact they committed an unjustifiable battery and assault as he appears to allege, but it doesn't sound like he has one against the cruise line. If he sues the offenders, the venue for the incident would likely be where they live, not where he lives. On board a cruise ship unpleasant experiences occur, but we can't expect to recover money every time someone acts the fool. Now what about those government taxes and fees?
  9. Actually a day tour to Buzios can be pretty demanding as it is a full 2+ hours from Rio. That's a lot of driving. You might want to consider a visit to the Imperial museum in the former capitol city of Petropolis for a day tour. It's about an hour scenic drive outside Rio. Have lunch at La Locanda restaurant and it would be a more relaxing day especially if you want cool mountain breezes in lieu of a beach scene.
  10. There is one cruise terminal. There is no port authority set price. The $70 set price is an arbitrary fare established by the so-called taxi mafia that works the cruise terminal. The reason there are no other cabs is that these thugs will intimidate any street cabs that try to pull into the terminal lot to service the pax at normal rates. Reminds me of Istanbul's pier. Despite the existence of these ripoff artists you should be able to call a radio cab, remis or limo service like Silverstar to pull into the terminal lot and take you to your destination for the correct price. If need be, take the Stern bus, exit as soon as possible and grab a regular street cab. If you offer 80 pesos total (incl tolls and tip) the cabbie should be willing to take you to EZE.
  11. An example of that segment of the population that scoffs. A reply as confusing as the advertising.
  12. Shopping for a cruise is made unnecessarily confusing because agents and cruise lines define govt taxes and fees quite differently. So, for example, when you access the website of an online agency that is famous for advertising up to 75% off, they exclude govt fees and taxes from their advertised price. Since govt taxes and fees are not uniformly defined you are required to call or write them to obtain the true total price. You will discover their figure for taxes and fees is higher than the cruise line calculation. The published ad is of little use for comparison shopping. Many preople don't perceive this to be a problem because they maintain that ultimately the bottom line total price is disclosed to the customer prior to his committment to buy. The fact that acquiring the bottom line price is rendered unnecessarily complicated is of no significance to this segment of the population. Some even scoff at those who are put off by the lack of uniformity in price advertising equating concern with the issue with a petty and overly litigious mentality.
  13. Can you afford a bodyguard? If not, are a couple of buddies/shipmates who share your interest available to accompany you ? Otherwise, you have to ask yourself if you feel lucky.
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