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  1. I just got this response from Silversea via FB messenger. I'd written with regard to the identical itinerary for 9/3 and 9/15. So I guess both sailings ARE happening: I can confirm that we were in the process of making the change when we encountered the system issues. Rest assured everything is still 'a go' and we will be sending out fresh information asap (hopefully early next week). I have asked my colleagues in Miami to email you the new details once we are able to. Have a good cruise! All the best, Silversea Team
  2. Holy moly! I totally missed the part about the 9/15 sailing being identical to the 9/3! I'm going on both, as well. Now that I re-read it, I see what you mean.... This is all way weird but I'm still going... And I, too, booked the Day 2 Covid test on my own. I will say that the part about the itinerary change was sort of buried in the message....
  3. Ugh....I'm booked on Spirit's September 3rd sailing which now appears to be the ship's return to service. The very weird thing is that I paid the deposit back in February and the balance was supposed to be due 120 days prior to sailing which was weeks ago. I even called Silversea to alert them that the balance hadn't been charged. They said by the end of that week (maybe three weeks ago??) and still it hasn't been charged...which makes me wonder. Not that I'm dying to see thousands of dollars on my credit card bill, but it would make me feel like I'm really going.
  4. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Little Arches, a boutique hotel with only 10 rooms/suites but absolutely phenomenal. The rooftop restaurant is fantastic too. Oh, I would SO recommend it!!!!!
  5. Whoa, Jess4845, don't pin this on New York! From what I heard, it was a group from California...I really wish SeaDream could sue their irresponsible, entitled asses... Heartbreaking news and my heart goes out to the extraordinary crew, the company and, from what I understand, the vast majority of guests who knew how to behave during this time.
  6. SeaDream has paused sailings for the rest of the year. This appears on their website: https://seadream.com/pressreleases/seadream-pauses-sailing-for-the-rest-of-the-year/
  7. I noticed the schedules have been updated for Silversea today: https://www.silversea.com/information-on-itinerary-changes.html Silver Origin's first sailing now appears to be November 7th.
  8. I haven't read all nine pages on this but scanned and agree with those who say safety always comes first. I've missed ports and sometimes it was a huge disappointment but that's cruising! Of course, there'd be a whole lot more to complain about if the ports had not been cancelled and people were injured or killed while tendering or whatever.
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