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  1. Not to burst your bubble of convenience 🙂 ... but place with shipping containers on their dock is actually Coaster, a furniture retailer. (https://www.coasterfurniture.com/) Scott.
  2. F-ree C-ash F-low Scott.
  3. Pretty sure that's ms Amsterdam. Scott.
  4. FCF preservation. Scott.
  5. ANY of the Chardonnay Sisters threads ... Scott.
  6. Cheap anchorage, favourable heat and humidity, shared resources w/ other CCL assets that are also in Moni? Scott. source: https://www.cpa.gov.cy/CPA/userfiles/file/lssol new charges from 22_2_2018.pdf
  7. Is on the auction block. Sealed bids are due midday 08th October. Sold on an "as is where is" basis at the time of sale, on the Admiralty Marshal’s Conditions of Sale, with clean title and free of encumbrances. Might be a chance for some CC members to put their business acumen to the test. 🙂 Scott. source: https://eggarforresterships.com/auctions
  8. The Pacifics Princess, Dawn, and Aria (former Ryndam) are currently transiting the Suez all with destination of Moni Bay, Limassol, CY.
  9. As of 27 July. A lot of motherhood statements. Scott. Source (and full details): https://gohal.com/app/uploads/2020/07/HAL-Information-on-Protocols-7.27.2020.pdf
  10. source: https://www.rmgtcpasettlement.com/Documents/RMG_FinalApprovalOrder.pdf Scott.
  11. The Pacific Aria is waiting he Suez transit, and is currently destined for Limassol, CY and the Moni anchorage. There may be hope yet. Scott.
  12. Rudbeckia laciniata -- cutleaf coneflower, or more commonly, "biffie plant." Will grow to 3m / 10 feet in full sun, and is useful for hiding one's outhouse. 🙂 It likes support, heavy rains will flatten them. Scott.
  13. Carnival Imagination -- AIS updated for Aliağa, TK. Departed Willemstad, Curacao. Fascination is still alongside in Cádiz , ES Scott. source: https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:370651/zoom:9
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