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  1. And in today's interesting intersections of history, HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was born on Corfu, in Mon Repos, about 3 kms south of Kerkira, where Volendam is currently alongside. Scott.
  2. Not to burst anyone's bubble, but Carnival Corp has released their Q1 results ydy and had the pro forma analyst community results call. Full transcript here: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4418067-carnival-corporation-plcs-ccl-ceo-arnold-donald-on-q1-2021-results-earnings-call-transcript But excerpted? Scripted portion (Arnold Donald speaking) Q+A with analyst community (Arnold Donald speaking again) So read into that what one will ... Scott.
  3. This NHK (Japan's state broadcaster) video did it for me ... Scott. https://youtu.be/oB9mAgicwAg
  4. Well according to this live source, Zaandam is still moored at Southampton as of 2 mins ago, with no destination loaded up on AIS, so not sure what the source is ... Scott.
  5. Excerpted from the CDC's Conditional Sail Order, which would apply until it's rescinded, or expires 01 November 2021, or, eek, is extended. Note that 'threshold' is not defined in the order. Sounds like fun !! Scott. Source: https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/pdf/CDC-Conditional-Sail-Order_10_30_2020-p.pdf
  6. It was more for the benefit of the [very hopeful] OP. 🙂 Scott.
  7. 2021 Alaska cruises are on stop-sell, meaning no new bookings are being permitted. Existing bookings are being honoured, until HAL cancels them. Currently, they have cancelled through June. Scott. Source: https://gohal.com/app/uploads/2021/03/Trade-FAQ__3.16.21.docx
  8. I'm w/ @RuthC -- I shan't lament its loss. Imagine if your airline did this? "Congratulations YXU AC*SE for reaching Air Canada's top-tier Aéroplan SuperÉlite status once again. Here is your home-delivered copy of En Route, our award winning in-flight magazine." and tried to fob it off as some fab perquisite. Scott.
  9. Last edition published - Winter 2020: https://digital.cenveomobile.com/publication/?i=645549&p=&pn= Given it's advertising masked as editorial content, I expect it's on hold. Scott.
  10. Spotted in a London, ON vintage store (along w/ enough tiles to refinish a bath surround.) Scott.
  11. Perhaps you have me mistaken for someone else. But, I'm sure you'll agree, facts matter @Mary229 - which are cum'd and change daily. Feel free to keep up. https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations 🙂 Scott.
  12. Italy must suck at predicting lol (or are waiting for His Holiness' intervention) 🙂 Scott.
  13. So assuming you're on Nieuw Statendam, here are the data points I would periodically be looking at - relative vax rates of your origin, destination, and transit countries, with US as a benchmark, and Israel as the current gold standard. 14-mos to sail (and your final payment at a year-ish out) is a bit away. Scott.
  14. #socalproblems oh to not have winter LOL Scott.
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