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  1. Source: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/mariner-society.html Scott.
  2. Conjecture, but given the genre overlap of entertainment (comedian, comedian, comedian-magician, comedian-vocalist) there may have been a performer injury and/or otherwise unplanned hiatus w/ StepOne. Scott.
  3. I'm at 300-days-ish now, so not nearly as learned as you, but management is mostly an invisible thing to me. The HAL standard is that -- a standard. Meet it or don't. I'm not one of these customers who needs to know the name of my ship's master, HD, or CD to enjoy my cruise. Tertiarily, I know who they are, but I my cruise is neither made nor broken with knowing who these individuals are. So, Copper 10-8, you may stand down sir, I will never query the name of a hotman. Just as I don't query the name of my pilot, service director, gate agent, FA, or SuperÉlite concierge when I fly. I just don't know how one -- under a single brand -- can equate a Maasdam / EXC experience with a world cruise / grand voyage and/or segment thereof with a Med / Caribbean / Baltic / Hawai'i / Alaska loop on an high(er)-capacity ship? Nor do I see a logical value chain or customer progression to higher-yielding cruises? It seems that HAL's best (or should I say most encompassing) customer experience is leveraged by volume to yield lower pax per diems, and in order to trade up on the value chain I have to forsake a Tamarind or a Music Walk or a 270 degree mainstage experience (or, or, or ... ) to get to super-interesting itins, but pedestrian onboard experience? Aa a strategy, it's somewhat incoherent? It might be eased by at some point dropping the S- and R- classed ships, and then introducing something supra-Pinnacle? At least then the fleet would be on somewhat of an equal footing in terms of customer experience, whereby itinerary would be the main point of differentiation. The only way i see it making sense is today, instead of looking at the brand as a value chain, look at the entire Carnival fleet as a value chain and retaining revenue that way? It might explain the onslaught of the Princess marketing material, push e-mail, and direct PCC solicitations I have been receiving in the last nine months or so. As always though, YMMV. Scott.
  4. Me too. Odd - only one PMJ, despite it being indicated there wld be two in the cruise planner in the room upon embarkation. Also notably absent was any Step One Dance Co spots. Scott.
  5. I don't think it necessarily a fleet size issue, but a fleet composition issue - where the onboard customer experience (which I perceive to be different than standards) and amenity (and ergo brand perception) varies wildly from the now-departed Prinsendam to S to R to Vista to Signature to Pinnacle class ships. Nor really is there a coherent value chain within HAL where a customer should migrate? My last five cruises have been on Pinnacle class ships. I have sailed on the Rotterdam six or seven times -- clearly a favourite -- I would be very hard pressed, as much as I have loved the Rotterdam to sail on her again -- simply based upon the broader choice of amenities available to me on Koningsdam or Nieuw Statendam. And I expect the inverse is fully true as well -- an Amsterdam world cruiser would likely not be Music-walking until the wee hours. Scott.
  6. https://www.captainalbert.com/current-captains-and-their-schedules/steven-albert-macbeath-2/ Scott.
  7. Assuming your citizenship is Canadian (and not just residency) AND you are taking the high-speed ferry from HKG to Macau, you will not require a visa. Your passport will be stamped upon entry to Macau SAR and a 30-day tourist visa issued on the spot. Your passport will be re-stamped upon your re-entry to Hong Kong SAR. A visa (for China) would only be required if you are doing a land (ie bus) transfer through mainland China. Scott.
  8. Enjoy. Did the Koningsdam inaugural crossing in 2016 (and again 2017), the Nieuw Statendam première crossing and Caribbean loop last year and are back again for this crossing. See you onboard. Scott and Scott (um yeah it's that)
  9. Answering the OP's question, you're on your own. 17. AIR PACKAGE D. Liability and Relationship With Airlines: We will use our best efforts to arrange for Your air transportation. If, however, due to any cause beyond our control, we are unable to arrange for air transportation (including, for example, because of capacity controls placed upon us by airlines due to the types of fares under which we book) or the air transportation we arrange is unavailable or otherwise fails to materialize, our sole liability will be limited to refunding the air add-on paid or cruise only credit. Our relationship with airlines is that of an independent travel advisor. We assume no liability for any acts or omissions of any airline including, without limitation, those involving cancellation of flights, schedule changes, re-routings, damage to or delay or loss of baggage, flight delays, equipment failures, accidents, pilot or other staff shortages, overbooking or computer errors. Accordingly, You will not have any right to claim or recover against us as a consequence of any act or omission of any airline. The liabilities and obligations of an airline to You, and Your rights against an airline, are subject to any and all terms and conditions of the airline's ticket and tariffs and any and all governmental laws and regulations bearing upon or otherwise relating to such rights, liabilities and obligations. source: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/legal-privacy/cruise-contract.html Holland America's platinum protection will cover you: Trip Delay If your Covered Cruise Vacation is delayed, we will reimburse you, up to the amount shown in the Schedule, for unused land or water travel arrangements, less any refund paid or payable, and reasonable additional expenses incurred by you for hotel accommodations, meals, telephone calls, and economy transportation to catch up to your Cruise Vacation or to return Home. (to a maximum of 500$US) Source: https://www.hollandamerica.com/content/dam/hal/marketing-assets/manage-my-cruise-already-booked/cpp/CPP_Platinum_Description.pdf Katakolo is a bit difficult to get to -- the closest airport is Patras which has weekly charters to Europe, but no (daily or otherwise) scheduled service to Athens. Your alternative is to fly to Athens and (a) lay-up until the ship hits Piræus or (b) a four-hour bus ride to Katakolo via Corinth. Either way 500$pp isn't going to go too far (if you're purchasing CPP) Scott.
  10. Yes. Log into your booking. Select Cruise Activities and then Dining Packages. The discounts aren't fantastic, but they are there. Scott.
  11. Start here: (1) https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/adam-tihanys-interiors-on-the-new-holland-america-cruise-ship-are-bursting-with-art (2) https://artlink.com/projects/holland-america-line/ Scott.
  12. Huzzah -- well done. I was just about to point that out to you !! Scott.
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