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  1. The initial price you see when you choose your outbound leg is the cheapest fare for the full trip. When you go to select your return leg, you will see an accessorial price +0$, +18$, +73$ etc ... that is added to the initial price you're quoted on the outbound leg. As a word of advice, I personally have never found FlightEase to be particularly competitive on price, to off-set its touted convenience. For my fall TA on Rotterdam, they are about 30% higher than what I can book for myself currently, so it pays to use a good search tool like ITA Matrix to evaluate your faring
  2. For my cruise scheduled in October 2021, it is currently 33.22% (ie 1$ US = 1.3322$ CA). In my last 20 cruises w/ HAL, only once was it more advantageous to price in CAD versus USA -- and that was in 2010 when the currencies were more or less at par w/ each other. Scott.
  3. I am. Rotterdam repositioning, and then a 4-day Caribbean industry preview loop B2B. Scott.
  4. With respect, you're the only one that is suggesting this ? HAL has already laid out what it is proposing to do here: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/news/coronavirus-travel-advisory/traveling-and-staying-healthy/covid-guest-protocols.html I do think it is a commercially relevant question to ask, is someone willing to fork over 10k on a vacation experience that may have [several] encumbrances attached to it, that some might find less than satisfactory, or particularly vacation-y. One interesting thing they did ask was consumer views wrt non-vaxxed under-16yos, and should
  5. Actually, it was 1500 disembarked persons maximum per day, and an individual vessel capacity (pax + crew) of 1300 or less -- so no Volendam / Zaandam at their rated carrying capacities. Scott.
  6. No. But HAL can certainly gauge customer reactions to and and acceptance of same, and what drags (or boosts) they may have to future bookings / likelihood to recommend, etc. Example (which was not profiled) is the current requirement for HAL-only shorex -- which is an absolute non-starter for me. Scott.
  7. Just received a survey invitation from HAL wrt vaccination views and acceptance of various proposed health protocols ... Scott.
  8. Conditional Sail Order. ie this: https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/pdf/CDC-Conditional-Sail-Order_10_30_2020-p.pdf Scott.
  9. And after some time off the Promontorio di Ancona, Rotterdam has returned to Fincantieri's service drydock in Trieste, IT. Scott.
  10. As @richwmnnotes, Rotterdam continues her sea trials in the North Adriatic off San Benedetto del Tronto, IT. Scott.
  11. Rotterdam has cleared the Porto di Malamocco and is toodling about the Gulf of Venice off of Lido. Scott.
  12. The order text is restrictive: "It is prohibited to navigate, moor, anchor or berth in Canadian waters, other than arctic waters, if (a) the passenger vessel is certified to carry more than 100 persons as indicated on its inspection certificate or Passenger Ship Safety Certificate issued under the Vessel Certificates Regulations or on an equivalent certificate issued by a foreign government; and (b) the passenger vessel is equipped with berths or cabins for overnight travel by passengers." source: https://tc.canada.ca/en/ministerial-orders-interim-orders-directives
  13. Citi (in your case) is your agent with MasterCard and is a licensed user of the MasterCard brand, and by using your MasterCard, you are consenting to have their rule architure apply. MasterCard's rules with respect to settlement, payments, chargebacks, merchants, etc. are universal and apply to all card issuers. TL;DR, in the case of good / service not provided (specifically a merchant-branded prepaid gift card) you have recourse. Scott.
  14. Unfortunately, you were asking the incorrect question. This is not a perquisite, indemnification, or insurance offered by your branded cards. @cruiserchuckis referencing the chargeback rules for MasterCard. https://www.mastercard.us/content/dam/mccom/global/documents/chargeback-guide.pdf For a chargeback initiated on/after 17 July 2020, for pre-paid gift cards w/o out an expiration date, one has 540 days from the time of first presentment to dispute. For pre-paid cards w/ an expiration date, one has 120 days after that date to initiate a chargeback. Steps req
  15. It was. Given that Carnival sails from fourteen US home ports, and relies upon the drive-to-sail market, I can see why he isn't being categorical. Scott. From further along in the call. Arnold Donald In terms of whether we would consider sailing or home porting out of the Caribbean, Carnival is really America's original cruise line. It is America’s line, we sail more people than anybody else from America and more kids and all that. And part of it is the drive to market capabilities to access for people. So I have 14 home ports here in the U.
  16. Actually he did say that. Here is a more fulsome excerpt of what Mr Donald has said. Emphasis is mine. This is from CCL's Q1 2021 results call held w/ the analyst community a coupla weeks ago. You may read the entire transcript here: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4418067-carnival-corporation-plcs-ccl-ceo-arnold-donald-on-q1-2021-results-earnings-call-transcript Scott. James Hardiman (Wedbush Securities) So a lot of discussion about vaccines and how that may or may not help the regulatory landscape. I'm curious about the consumer landscape. Obviously, y
  17. Apparently seven years ago today was Easter Sunday. And the weather was good, b/c I barbecued an entire ham. 🙂 Scott.
  18. Anecdotally, it is interesting what other sorts of risks we choose to normalize. Scott.
  19. Rotterdam TA AMS PEV + an add-on 4-day Bahamas and Key West travel agent loop this fall. Booked it in July last year, when either I was an optimist, a fool, or probably both. I'm 50-50 on whether the TA will actually go w/ pax, and right now 0-100 that it will go to an acceptable customer experience for me - so playing the cancellation waiting game. Scott.
  20. And in today's interesting intersections of history, HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was born on Corfu, in Mon Repos, about 3 kms south of Kerkira, where Volendam is currently alongside. Scott.
  21. Not to burst anyone's bubble, but Carnival Corp has released their Q1 results ydy and had the pro forma analyst community results call. Full transcript here: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4418067-carnival-corporation-plcs-ccl-ceo-arnold-donald-on-q1-2021-results-earnings-call-transcript But excerpted? Scripted portion (Arnold Donald speaking) Q+A with analyst community (Arnold Donald speaking again) So read into that what one will ... Scott.
  22. This NHK (Japan's state broadcaster) video did it for me ... Scott. https://youtu.be/oB9mAgicwAg
  23. Well according to this live source, Zaandam is still moored at Southampton as of 2 mins ago, with no destination loaded up on AIS, so not sure what the source is ... Scott.
  24. Excerpted from the CDC's Conditional Sail Order, which would apply until it's rescinded, or expires 01 November 2021, or, eek, is extended. Note that 'threshold' is not defined in the order. Sounds like fun !! Scott. Source: https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/pdf/CDC-Conditional-Sail-Order_10_30_2020-p.pdf
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