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  1. So disappointed to hear that Captain Lis is on leave (delighted for her). We are on the Jewel next spring and were hoping she would be there as we will reach Pinnacle on one of the b2b2b. We so enjoyed her on our Jewel cruises last fall. Never saw Captain Castelsky on the one he was on.



  2. We cruised with Carly as our CD on the Serenade in May and thought she was great. Only time we have been invited to dinner with an officer and she was present for the cocktail time before dinner. Everyone got to know her well because of that and then we sat beside her for dinner. I posted about how we enjoyed her on a thread earlier and got very negative responses and seems like no-one liked her as we did.


    Of course she is married to a Canadian and we are from that country so maybe earned extra points because of that connection. We are delighted that she will be on our Snowbird Migration cruise in October.



  3. Sorry to hear most folks didn't like Carly! I did get the feeling that she was friendly with us because we are Canadian as is her husband so we had some mutual things to discuss. We don't go to a lot of the shows so can't really comment on those. Had dinner with her one evening and really enjoyed visiting with her. She even came to the cocktail time before dinner.


    Oh well, cruising is great and we all have our favourite ships, staff, crew, etc.



  4. Hi, Donna! Let me echo many others and say you are truly an asset to this board. Keeping this list is time consuming and you deserve a lot of positive reinforcement. I think we all appreciate what you do.


    May I ask a question. I see the CD for Serenade is aboard for the European sailings. When do you think there will be a change and when do you think it might be announced? We board Serenade in April and are very curious as to who will be CD. Though it is not a deal breaker.


    When we did our 3 cruises on the Serenade in April and May Carly Boileau was the CD and she was terrific. She said she was hoping to be back on that ship in the fall as she lives in New Brunswick and could visit with her husband in many of the ports. We sure hope it will be her when we do the Snowbird Migration cruise and the one following.



  5. After living on this site over the past month, I have rec'd so much information. I can't thank you all enough for your help. I do have one question though. I am booked in cabin 11622 and a bit concerned about location. I am right in the middle of the two humps. Will that make a difference of view? Sailing


    On April 10-celebrating 25th anniversary!

    Think this is the wrong thread as it is brand new with your posting today.


    Don't have you added to the list I have been keeping of all our fellow cruisers.



  6. My husband and I are going on the 4/10 cruise to Labadee, Falmouth and Cozumel, and I'm looking for tips from previous cruisers. What was your greatest surprise? Biggest disappointment? Best meal?


    ALSO, which nights have been 'formal' nights on the 7 day cruise, and does anyone know what the cost of tux rental is on the ship?


    Very excited and looking forward to your answers!




    Can't answer your questions right now, but please check out the thread for the Allure April 10 as you will then get to meet many fellow travellers. Since I see you are new to Cruise Critic, just a hint, for you to sign up for the Meet & Mingle so we can all meet on board.


    I'm not great with computer skills so can't send you a link to that thread and have a meeting in 30 mins. so must leave. I will add your name to our list for that cruise.


    Good Luck!



  7. Thank you so much! Have a great cruise!


    Hi bibbysnow


    I see you are on the April 10 cruise but have not seen you post on the thread for that cruise. I am keeping a list of everyone who has posted and would love to be able to add you to that list. Please join us on the thread so you can meet the group before we sail.



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