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  1. Are ships stopping in Acapulco? We are on upcoming Bliss and they dropped Costa Rica from the itinerary and added Acapulco. If you were there recently did you feel safe? Is there a big police presence? We are concerned.
  2. We are a party of six and have been to St. Martin before. I am wondering if we can get off the ship and hire a taxi for the day to go to just the places we want to go. Mainly Maho Beach for lunch and then some shopping. Do they have taxi vans that will accommodate 6 people? TIA
  3. H4, no question. Second bedroom with bathroom leaves the living dining area a sleep free and potentially clutter free zone. Two bathrooms for four people definitely speeds up departure time and reduces stress! H4 is relatively large and luxurious!
  4. The Haven on Gem and the Haven on the Away class ships are two different worlds. If you are happy where you are on the Gem then stick with it. Epic and above are a different story with the pool, private sundeck, restaurant, bar, concierge desk and even observation lounges on some of them. In Alaska, for example, on the Bliss or Joy the Haven guests have their own observation lounge that is approximately the same size as the general observation lounge shared by the rest of the ship. The lounge is wonderful and seldom crowded. The Haven usually provides a sense of peace and serenity, the crew takes very good care, and the concierge can sometimes make magic happen with reservations, sold out excursions and last minute changes. Honestly, if there is a Haven on a ship then I plan to be in it instead of wishing I was.
  5. Regarding Haven Bartender and Haven restaurant, IF the service is friendly and efficient, we tip as we go which is usually 5 for breakfast, $10 for lunch and $20 for dinner. Same goes for the bartender, we tip as we go. Maybe after a couple of round of drinks we will leave $5.
  6. Here is the thing. In the Haven the concierge doesn’t just tell you where to go, unless that is all you want to know. The concierge actually invites you to assemble in the lounge and then when you are ready he escorts you down HIS elevator and you miraculously come out at the front of the disembarkation line. Same goes for shows, tenders, exiting at ports. We tip the Concierge more than the Butler because he can make all kinds of magic happen!
  7. And they shortened the inaugural from Southampton to Miami from an 11 day cruise to a 9 day cruise, arriving in Miami (or NYC) on 11/11instead of 11/13. So where are they going from 11/11 through 11/24?
  8. Different amounts for different games and it also varies from ship to ship.
  9. As Haven guests we have experienced the offer of free lunch at Margaritaville on embarkation day. They offer free to get you to try it and then come back later in the cruise and pay. We enjoyed Queso, great burgers, lovely dessert and the Havana & Banana frozen drink is excellent!
  10. As one in NYC waiting to get on the Breakaway just wondering where y’all are and how you are doing! Any updates on arrival time? Is everyone able to get airfare rebooked? How is the weather?
  11. They didn’t say but I am guessing per cabin. We are in the Haven and it is $75. They said for lunch and dinner since we can’t be on the ship. $75 for lunch and dinner in NYC? Haha. I think they said we could drop our luggage off at the pier. That doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Plus expensive taxi to the pier. I think we will try to get a late checkout or leave our luggage with the bellman at our hotel. I’m sure it will all work out, it not a very good start to our cruise. And think of all the returning passengers who will have to rebook their flights! What a mess!
  12. Does anyone who has recently been in the Haven on the Breakaway know if they still have DVR players in the cabins?
  13. Normally we like the steak at LeBistro more than Cagney’s but not on the Bliss. Cagney’s was exceptionally good. We liked certain things at Q. And Food Republic. La Cucina was more upscale and didn’t look like Olive Garden.
  14. Went with my husband. I don't eat seafood and he does. I had a steak and I do not believe they hit me with the upcharge but my husband had fish and did pay the charge. The absolute best thing on the menu was the bread!
  15. Yes, there is a real poker table and they have live games and tournaments. They also have a couple of Ultimate Texas Hold'em tables, one in the non smoking area and one in the smoking room. Lots of blackjack but I didn't play because it is constant shuffle and drives me crazy.
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