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  1. Bring wine on board. Pay the corkage fees, cheaper in the long run....I used to hate the idea of paying corkage but cruising Australia and NZ changed my mind. Beyond that, pay as you go. 14 days is a long time to keep up a 5 drink a day pace. Also, you ca!n either preorder the water package or get a case at local store and tape on a luggage tag, leave with porters when you give them your other luggage.
  2. Lol. Knowing you, my dear, keep on checking, you might find even better pricing, if not, at least you will know you got the best prices out there. Now, my namaste pine, pull up those big girl panties and enjoy a glass of wine. Miss you and the wonderful guy you are married to.
  3. Make sure all your bookings are linked and requesting the same dining arrangements. They can do tables of 10.
  4. We love Virgin premium economy. If you go to their website you can see the differences between the classes and make your decision. Personally, on longer flights i would upgrade to premium.
  5. We sailed 42 nights on the Diamond on the Japan itineraries. We have no complaints about the food, loved the Ramen station. The beds were just fine, not lumpy but quite nice. It was very much what we expect from Princess, and we prefer them over Celebrity. Happy to sail the Diamond again anytime. The one issue we have with sailings out of Japan is the lack of anytime dining, with the exception of Club Class. We are anytime diners....tough adjustment for us. But the buffet food was lively for the most part so when we skipped dinner in the din8ng room, all was still wonderful. The Diamond and Sapphire were built in Japan and have a wider beam than the Grand class ships. We have sailed them both and love them. Do not hesitate if the itinerary is something you want.
  6. Ft. Lauderdale is your embarkation port? If so, still do a private transfer to the port. Priness transfers are done by motorcoach, passengers are not mixed, the coach is for a specific ship. You get your checked luggage at baggage claim and follow the instructions for having it loaded on the coach. After that, you won't have to deal with it, it will be delivered to your stateroom. As far as waiting, they may take you to the pier, or to a lounge (think banquet space) at a hotel to wait for onward transfer to the pier. Hope that helps.
  7. Really looking forward to this cruising season with them as well.
  8. No additional charge. Paid it within the last year, and had no further issues.
  9. We avoided the Princess megaships as long as possible, but in October of last year sailed the Royal. We were so pkeasantly surprised....we booked a quick little week long on the Regal for December 2018 and loved it. No more hesitation. Each class has their own feel and plusses. Ask him to keep on open mind...there is a lot to enjoy on board. With such a port intensive cruise, i think you might especially appreciate the incredible buffet area, meaning that after goung flat out on shore all day, not sitting through a lengthy meal in a mdr can be the perfect thing, and the quality and selection in the buffet area on these ships is outstanding. We really did change our minds about the Royal class of ships. We also truly enjoyed the Baltic. Bon voyage.
  10. And now for something completely different - we no longer want to stay in the Nob Hill or Fisherman's Wharf area of San Francisco when heading out on a cruise. The city has gotten less safe and appealing, and the hotel rates are pretty nasty, coupled with the taxes on the hotel rooms. We now book for overnight at a hotel by the airport, use the shuttle service provided by the hotel to transfer there, and then have an option of booking a car service to the pier the next morning, or taking the free hotel shuttle back to the airport and using the Princess transfer to the pier (find it at baggage claim and of course, pre-book this if it is what you select), or there is the train from the airport into the city which gets you close, but not to, the cruise pier. It is sad to have to take this approach, because San Francisco was a great place to enjoy several days pre-cruise, but it is just not worth it anymore. That being said, if you want to come in a few days ahead to sightsee, there are some options besides getting a rental car to get around. Greyline tours picks up at a number of hotels close to the airport, and offers some nice options including Muir Woods, wine country, a full long day to Carmel and Monterey. OK, ready to be flamed for this one, but this is just the conclusion that we reached in the last 2 years after many years of enjoying being close to Fisherman's Wharf at the Marriott there, or at the JW in the city. Now we opt for the Marriott by the airport.
  11. Actually, that Caribbean Princess 14 day closed loop doesn't call in South American or Mexican ports. Strictly Caribbean, but the Schengen agreement countries control the ABC islands, we have St. Maarten, and also Trinidad. Any of these coukd have triggered the requirement. We got that notice fof our early Nov closed loop 14 day, too.
  12. Oh, Jonibme, forgot one important thing, contact Princess or your travel agent, and make sure your bookings are linked. Just then touch base at the passenger services desk during the first leg to make sure they roll your account folio over to the next leg.
  13. Because of the long flights, which we do not enjoy, we also thought it would be a one time thing. We fell in love, and are returning in 2020 and 2021. Bon voyage.
  14. You do noy have to do much. You may or may not get a new cruise card for the second leg. If you do it will be delivered to you the last night, and you will also receive instructions about what you need to do if you are planning on staying on the ship rather than exploring Brisbane for the day. Safety suggestion...take 30 seconds and empty all you personal toiletries, meds, etc., from the bathroom before you leave the room on turnaround day. While mistakes hardly ever happen, sometimes a pantry boy who is charged with prepping the bathrooms errs and doesn't realize he is doing a b2b situation, and tosses everything. We just tuch them in a carry on, and take 30 seconds later in the day to put it all back in place. My memory of turnaround day in Brisbane on the Sea Princess is that we coukd disembark at any time with those passengers ending their voyage and go out for the day, no issues. Then, when you return and reboard you cannot disembark again that day. No need to wait and meet your fellow b2b passengers who are staying on and not venturing out, but that group will be escorted through an immigration process and be able to get right back aboard. Again, they then cannot disembark again that day, Hope that helps you plan.
  15. Thank you both so much. Seems like my buddy should head there before she passes go, or has lunch. Lol.
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