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  1. Yes, they certainly do, including for official ship functions, including the Captain's Circle parties. Good luck with any complaints. There will be plenty of other venues to enjoy, so try making some lemonade.
  2. They use a number of airlines, our experience on Virgin Australia was fantastic and I would recommend them. They codeshare with Delta. The easiest way to take a look at what you might be able to book is to do a booking on line with a courtesy hold for a cruise that originates in the city you are sailing from, for which flights can now be booked (something later in 2020 for example) and look at the flight offerings and pricing currently shown in EZ Air. That should give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect as soon as flights become available for your 2021 cruise.
  3. You can book it from the second part of the back to back as well, just choose the arrival date you wish, as early as you wish. You will have to wait to book the r/t until the return flight does become available. If you want to use the Princess transfers from the airport to the pier, you can still do that for the arriving flight. Just book the transfers and when available, enter your arriving flight info into the cruise personalizer for each booking. No problems. AND, if you are having any difficulty with this, call Princess and they will help you. (or are you using a travel agent?) You can get the boarding pass at the airline website, or you can wait until you arrive at the airport and have the boarding passes printed where you check in your luggage. Do go to the airline website however, and do an on line check in for your flights, even if you don't print boarding passes. Sometimes it is just not convenient to print boarding passes. These days boarding passes can also be downloaded to cell phones, but we are so used to doing the paper thing, we don't mess around with that. lol.
  4. AON is indeed good to work with. My parents had to cancel a cruise they were taking with us, about 2 weeks before sailing. My mom fell, and was advised not to travel. They also missed our eldest son's wedding as a result. Anyway, AON claim processing is pretty easy and straightforward, and Princess does refund excursions and other prepaid items on your account. AON required medical documentation - that was the part that took the longest, getting it from the dr. office. I was able to get things started for them on line, and they followed up with the balance of the medical paperwork while we were on that cruise. They insisted we go without them. Mom is just fine. She didn't break anything, some bad bruising and lots of discomfort for a while, but all healed and ready to go cruising with us and Dad in February.
  5. To the op, even though you have the wifi package, you are still entitled to your platinum/elite free minutes. You own them, so you can do as you please with them. Hence, once you sign up to use them, you are free to let someone else use them. Sharing a limited number of internet minutes is NOT the same as sharing the booze package which is meant to used by one person. I compare it to sharing the elite minibar contents with friends or family who are sailing with you. If you want to give them a soda, and/or a mini bottle of booze, that is your business, go ahead and do it. If you prepurchase a water bottle package, it is your business whether you share that with others who are sailing with you in a different cabin, or use them all yourself, since it is a finite quantity of bottled water and you paid for it. I do draw the line at sharing other benefits which are decidedly personal, such as the elite laundry benefit. But, if we are given the elite bathroom goody package, and my mom wants the little loofah, I will gladly give it to her. Do you get my point, every one out there that is having a bit of a fit? And if I have internet minutes and my mom wants to check her email, she could do it from my device which is logged on to eternal wifi, or do it with my minutes on her device, whatever. She is certainly not going to be logged on forever with limited minutes from my elite package.
  6. These are the instructions from the moderators since the website has been updated..... Go to the first post in the thread. Click the "Report post" link in the top right-hand corner of the post - you may need to hover over the post to get that link to show - and then use the pop-up box to explain to the mods what has happened and what you would like to ask them to do. It was easier before all the changes they made, everything here was much easier then. Do I sound like I don' t like change? lol.
  7. Dear Canadian Cruise Queen Only you can correct the title of this thread, and I ask that you kindly do so, as it is quite misleading to anyone just scrolling through the topics. Please. Because Meet and Greets on Princess are actually quite simple to arrange, and it is easy to invite the officers to the event. I handwrite invitations to each of the officers that are to be invited, and also the Maitre d', the Executive Chef, the Captain's Circle Host or Hostess and Future Cruise Sales staffer. You will find the name of the senior hotel and bridge officers easily available to you upon embarkation, in the Princess Patter that is waiting in your stateroom. I usually plan a 3 min sit down with that as soon as we are on board, to put their name on the envelope and personally address the invitation itself (bring the same pen you used to write the invitation out before you boarded), and then I promptly proceed to the customer service desk and ask that they make sure the invitations are distributed. Frequently the maître d' doesn't get his, because he has an additional mail system for the dining room matters. Princess will provide cocktail wait staff and a bar tender in the lounge to which your group is assigned, in case any attendee wishes to purchase beverages. If you are hosting, be on the lookout for officers to show up, and sort of call the group to order to introduce them and give them the floor to speak and answer questions. If anyone has arranged private tours and the like, let everyone know at the outset that those matters can be addressed at the conclusion of the meet and greet event itself, and suggest that they meet with their people in a specific area of lounge (so they can easily find one another at the end of the event.) Frequently it is also helpful to have the organizers of various on board group functions address the details toward the end of the event as well. I always make a note of the officers that do attend and make sure to send them hand-written thank you notes for attending. Enjoy your cruise - Bon Voyage.
  8. We will be embarking the Crown on Feb. 15, and the Sky will also be in port that day. Hence, I believe that the Sky will be at Pier 2, and the Crown will be berthed at another pier. I know Pier 2 really well, but it has been about 4 years since we have sailed from Ft. Lauderdale out of other than Pier 2. Can someone help me out please? Which pier is Princess likely to use, and I need info about the facilities at that pier. My 87 and 85 year old parents are joining us on this cruise and while they do not need wheelchairs, they also should not use the regular ramps that zigzag and go uphill. Is there a separate ramp for the wheelchair embarkation, and if so, is it accessible from the priority embarkation waiting area (it actually is at pier 2 since the entrance is just outside that lounge area), or do we need to plan to wait in the wheelchair embarkation area? Any help will be appreciated, it is group and I am herding cats. lol.
  9. For years, we resisted bringing on more bottles of wine than the limit, not wanting to pay corkage. We have recently changed our minds about that. It happened when we actually had a beverage package, because it was included with the cruise fare, and that cruise was never refared to trade it out. So....a few days into the 30 day cruise, the ship was out of our favorite wine, a situation which persisted despite numerous port calls. We now bring as many bottles of the wines we enjoy on board, and in doing the math, find we are still way ahead $$ wise, even if we have to pay corkage. When boarding, meaning clearing the security area early, say by 11 ish, the booze police are usually not in place, so we bring everything without paying corkage, and then only pay corkage on the bottles we bring to the dining room....and then only if the waiter decides to charge the corkage. A bottle on which one has paid corkage (booze police) will have a specific sticker put on it, so the wait staff knows if corkage has already been collected. (This strategy works when the port has a great wine store in close proximity since we never put booze in our checked bags when we fly. It also works when you can drive to the embarkation port. Do not put the booze in the luggage you give to the porters pierside, put it in your carry on bags to embark the ship.) To make your own brewed decaf iced tea....order tea for 4 or more from room service the first morning. Use the tea bags of your choice and brew a very strong pot of hot tea. Let it cool, those carafes are not perfect, and then pour over ice as you wish. Hide the carafe from your cabin steward the rest of the cruise, fill with hot water at the buffet, continue brewing the tea of your choice, etc. Just rinse out the carafe thoroughly between uses.
  10. Our travel meds have always included a Z Pac for each of us, now we also each take Tamiflu along as well. Also, our favorite throat lozenges just in case, Benadryl, antibiotic cream. Travel flashlight, playing cards, detergent pods and fabric softener sheet, Shout and/or Tide to go. Collapsible plastic hangers for wet bathing suits, and wet laundry, clothes pins with loops that wrap around towel racks, etc., beach towel clips, short (like 6") extension cords and outlet expanders, magnets with hooks, and binder clips, a small fan, corkscrew, extra zip lock bags, extra glasses (last prescription set of reading glasses and sunglasses), laminated color copies of current passports, notes and envelopes to write thank you notes to specific staff, pens and mechanical pencils....we have an entire checked bag that seems to be devoted to things other than clothing and shoes. I have never been accused of packing light, however, I do leave the kitchen sink in the kitchen. It is just too much trouble to get out the wrenches and free it up. lol.
  11. It was on our 2 week Caribbean Princess cruise in Nov., and on our Regal 1 week this month. Love it.
  12. We really don't stray, we fly to embarkation ports. We have to fly anyway, or take a car service up to NYC, and there are so many varied itineraries around the world. For us, it is the Caribbean itineraries and Canada/New England cruises that are the same old, same old, but then they become very relaxing get aways. We hesitated to make the flight over to Australia for so long, and now are sorry we waited so long. It was amazing. We also bit the bullet for the flight to Tokyo and are glad we did. We just make those very long b2b2b2b cruises, and are able to see a whole lot. Flights to the west coast and Europe are close enough in duration for us to consider them just about equally annoying, but we do it. This fall, we will hit new ports on our Med cruise, and revisit some favorites, so it is all good, and Alaska never gets old. The elite perks make it hard to sail another line and receive a similar level of pampering. Also, the passenger laundries keep us coming back, yes, Princess will do our laundry for free, but there are some things I do myself and do not put in the dryers. With longer cruises, that seals the deal for us.
  13. Sometimes it takes the code, sometimes not. Call or switch browser to Chrome depending upon the mood of the moment.
  14. We have been there before and will return in Feb of 2020, but we won't get off the ship this coming cruise. The only way we would go ashore there is with a Princess tour. There is not much close to the port, the nice beaches are some distance away, not walkable, and it is far better there to be with a group and a trusted guide.
  15. We have a support system that allows us to take extended vacations including very long cruises. First and foremost, we have a cat nanny who is very experienced with our breed, and loves our furbaby. She comes three times a day, and also gets the mail, takes out trash (cat food and kitty litter), flushes toilets abpnd generally checks on things. We have a buddy who is a handyman, and our cat nanny can call him in emergencies, especially when we are out of phone contact, which is when we on the ship....too expensive. We are signed up for USPS to see our mail via email. We pay bills electronically, and can access most of our bills via their websites. I preschedule the payments, for the most part. We also have all income on direct deposit to our bank. We will be putting security cameras in place before our next trip....think Ring Doorbell or something similar. Our HOA handles the lawns so that is not an issue for us. Additional house keys are with a few trusted individuals who live close by. We love sea days, and there are usually lots of options. We like anytime dining, and that means a quiet dinner for 2, or a table with new friends, or playing the lottery at a table to share. Not many repeats on a true 28 day cruise as far as the menus. You will have a marvelous time.....as long as you have confidence all is well at home by lining up the help you need to keep things moving along smoothly there.
  16. Bring wine on board. Pay the corkage fees, cheaper in the long run....I used to hate the idea of paying corkage but cruising Australia and NZ changed my mind. Beyond that, pay as you go. 14 days is a long time to keep up a 5 drink a day pace. Also, you ca!n either preorder the water package or get a case at local store and tape on a luggage tag, leave with porters when you give them your other luggage.
  17. Lol. Knowing you, my dear, keep on checking, you might find even better pricing, if not, at least you will know you got the best prices out there. Now, my namaste pine, pull up those big girl panties and enjoy a glass of wine. Miss you and the wonderful guy you are married to.
  18. Make sure all your bookings are linked and requesting the same dining arrangements. They can do tables of 10.
  19. We love Virgin premium economy. If you go to their website you can see the differences between the classes and make your decision. Personally, on longer flights i would upgrade to premium.
  20. We sailed 42 nights on the Diamond on the Japan itineraries. We have no complaints about the food, loved the Ramen station. The beds were just fine, not lumpy but quite nice. It was very much what we expect from Princess, and we prefer them over Celebrity. Happy to sail the Diamond again anytime. The one issue we have with sailings out of Japan is the lack of anytime dining, with the exception of Club Class. We are anytime diners....tough adjustment for us. But the buffet food was lively for the most part so when we skipped dinner in the din8ng room, all was still wonderful. The Diamond and Sapphire were built in Japan and have a wider beam than the Grand class ships. We have sailed them both and love them. Do not hesitate if the itinerary is something you want.
  21. Ft. Lauderdale is your embarkation port? If so, still do a private transfer to the port. Priness transfers are done by motorcoach, passengers are not mixed, the coach is for a specific ship. You get your checked luggage at baggage claim and follow the instructions for having it loaded on the coach. After that, you won't have to deal with it, it will be delivered to your stateroom. As far as waiting, they may take you to the pier, or to a lounge (think banquet space) at a hotel to wait for onward transfer to the pier. Hope that helps.
  22. Really looking forward to this cruising season with them as well.
  23. No additional charge. Paid it within the last year, and had no further issues.
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