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  1. Thank you to everyone for this thread and sharing your pictures and memories. I never had the pleasure of sailing on the Norway, but my wife and her family did. What a great thread to peruse during this stressful time. Thanks again everyone, well done!
  2. Doug, I am adding my immense thanks for all your efforts on this and your other Live reports. Having done several live reports myself, I know they can be a PITA, especially if the wifi service is lacking, watching the upload bar as the 3 pictures your uploading fill up so slowly, trying to find decent areas with reception throughout the ship, asking your better half to wait a minute while I get pictures to upload and getting that look back, it goes on and on... so to you and anyone providing reports live, KUDOS! Also, reading your post about cutting back had me thinking of this and how we will be longing for a Live Doug Review in short order...
  3. We took about a 30 minute bus ride from the dock to Kennebunkport to do a scenic cruise and lobster pull. Sail near George Bush vacation compound which you can see in the pics below. Had about an additional 45 minutes to explore Kennebunkport area and had an uninspired lobster roll from the nearby clam shack for $21. Yesterday’s was miles better. Headed back to the ship for a 3:30 all aboard.
  4. Pictures of the local area map offered from the info booth. No apparent Wifi at the immediate local dock area..
  5. Good Morning Critics, we arrived into Portland early this morning as a cloudy day dawned again.. catching up on yesterday, after returning from our hike and uploading the video I threw together, I used the last two hours of cell service to do some work that popped up on email. We had dinner again in Los Lobos and again it was excellent. We then wandered listening to music at Gatsbys and the Grand Atrium. We are not show people so tend to miss the theater shows. You can read great details about the shows in Mkings semi live report where he details them in excellent fashion. This morning dawned :) cloudy but much warmer! Big yay from Mrs. S on warmer. Even The Dawn has a big smile! Had a nice breakfast in O’Sheehans of an omelette and corned beef hash which was excellent. One area NCL needs improvement is in their coffee offered, at least as pertains to temperature as we have yet to have a hot coffee outside of the buffet or the purchased coffee at the Atrium Cafe. Here is a short video of some time lapses from this morning.., https://youtu.be/7MnmPYV43MA We are headed out to Kennebunkport to sightsee and take a small cruise around the town. Will post pictures.
  6. We had a very nice hike along the Ocean Trail in Acadia National Park. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and very nice and kept the pace that was comfortable for the whole group. Here is a video of out time https://youtu.be/NA9-CX8ShWE more updates shortly
  7. Immigration started about 8 am but the line started earlier and only for those on NCL Excursions. Once the doors opened to bliss there were 3 officers checking and it moved fast and we were through in less than 10 mins. Be be aware they were checking your excursion tickets in the beginning so I figured you did an early independent tour you should check first as they did turn someone away who said they had an early independent tour. Right after immigration we headed to deck 4 and onto a tender and over to the dock, all in about a half hour after they started immigration. We had a 9:15 ncl tour so we were about 40-50th in the line when it started. like I said, the lineup started early like a half hour before they opened the doors.
  8. Just got back onboard after an awesome hike along the coast of Acadia National Park. I am throwing together a YouTube video of it and will post once it uploads and give some impressions. Short answer it was awesome.
  9. Howdy good sir! All aboard was 11:30 last night with a 12 am departure. Had lobster roll that was 20 in fact had 2 and the place we went, will post later has a $44 2 lb lobster meal. They were fresh steam as we watched. Was plenty of lobster in the roll and others had a whole lobster pot with I think a 5 lb lobster and fixing for +- $65 but do not quote me. I will I’ll post the name when I review my pics soon.
  10. We are waiting for our excursion near the tender dock area of Bar Harbor.. chilly wind so thanks to Mking for the heads up last week on it being cold and exposed in this area.. bundle up is right.. Some snap from the area. Dawn looking sweet anchored in the inlet..
  11. That Greek Isles sounds awesome! Have a blast! Thanks for the kind words and I am glad it is enjoyable! Yes those beavertails would be awesome in coffee! thanks for following!
  12. Good Morning Cruise Critics welcome to Dawn over Bar Harbor Maine and day 5 of our cruise.. Early this morning around 5 am the sunrise was spectacular and now about 7:40 as we wait for immigration to start, they just lowered the anchor and are lowering the life boats to use as our tenders.. Strong ATT Cell signal. Hope everyone has a great day, will post pictures and impressions a bit later once we get over and on our excursion. Seadog out for now
  13. Our Master and Commander of the Dawn for this sailing... Our Cruise Director for this sailing... We ended up at Gatsby's Champagne Bar.. Where we had cocktails and listened to Zoe Jackson Piano and Vocals.. When we made our way to dinner at We finished in time to catch part of the Sunset..
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