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  1. When I try to log in this morning to look at my cruise, I get "WHOOPS! YOUR PAGE WAS NOT FOUND". Not what I want to see with under a week to go. Anybody else having problems with the website today?
  2. hughdm

    Wish Princess would mix it up a bit.....

    I know you said you were loyal to Princess but try Celebrity. Summit does the Caribbean out of San Juan, and I bet you won't be disappointed.
  3. hughdm

    Bert with an "E"?

    Haven't been on Princess in a few years. Is Bert Stratton still doing piano bar anywhere these days? We loved him.
  4. hughdm

    Princess website is horrible

    Yes, as a customer of both Princess and Celebrity, you're going to think better of the Princess site after you try using Celebrity's.
  5. hughdm

    Princess vs Celebrity

    We like both and tend to get suites. Celebrity does suite class much better, but you pay. Luminae is an outstanding restaurant on a par with a nice land French restaurant. We are looking forward to trying Club Class dining on our upcoming Princess Alaska cruise.
  6. hughdm

    Can I change credit card at embarkation?

    If the card you registered when you checked in on-line is now not valid, I bet at embarkation they will be asking YOU what card to charge!
  7. hughdm

    TA question

    I am booked with a TA. 1) I transferred the cruise to the TA months after booking it. I had to email Princess to accomplish it. 2) I set up my own EZ Air after transferring it to the TA.
  8. The thing about cruisetours and southbound is that the land portion, even though Princess handles it beautifully, is more hectic. Best to rest up on the cruise portion. We did a cruisetour northbound, so we speak from experience.
  9. SHIP: Equinox CABIN #: 6305 DECK #: 6 CLASS: S1 Sky Suite AREA: Aft, port corner BED NEAR: Center of the cabin QUIET?: Very BALCONY VIEW: Great Aft balcony. Right on top of Tuscan Grill, so lip under, but no problem viewing. BALCONY SIZE: Wrap around with two chairs, footrests, and a table big enough to eat on. WIND A PROBLEM?: No SOOT A PROBLEM?: No PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: The pole is near the bed and was not a problem for us. The balcony is uncovered, so shade depends on the direction of ship orientation. I could usually sit in the shade if I wanted. There was a work crew outside a couple of afternoons. Very roomy and we loved it. We would definitely book it again. Photos and video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HJhRu9wUbejH4tVS2
  10. hughdm

    Celebrity Equinox Angled Cabin - Deck 9

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lYvbGYBf2WB3jSFTVuliFltauVnhdqfheWJTeFujSbs/edit#gid=650283419 This is a spreadsheet of cabin reviews assembled by someone into a Google Doc.
  11. hughdm

    Celebrity or HAL for Bermuda?

    Been to Bermuda three times and docked both places. Where Summit docks is really quite nice and we didn't really miss docking at Hamilton. It's a relaxing ferry ride there. Celebrity is very smoker unfriendly and I understand HAL is less so, if that is a factor. Never sailed on HAL but love Summit and doubt you would feel out of place.
  12. We have done a Sky Suite in Solstice and three Royal Suites on Summit. In the Sky Suite, we were wondering what the big deal was about butlers, but on Summit we found out. It may have just been that Juan on Summit was just that much better at butlering and we did have him all three times. Getting ready for a Sky Suite on Equinox, so we'll have another data point.
  13. hughdm

    Best time to buy photo packages

    For us, the best time is NEVER! We never buy more than 1 or 2 if any.
  14. Been on Solstice once and Summit three times. Equinox coming up. Summit is great fun, as you can tell based on our repeat business. I would pick based on itinerary and if that's a tie, price. You really can't go wrong.