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  1. In Canada, headlines are showing up that many of us can't cruise because we aren't considered fully vaccinated by the cruise lines due to vaccine mixing. The original headlines on Friday were due to an RCL blog post and change to their website which has removed the offending information but tweets say it is only removed while they consider the matter. In Canada, in order to fully vaccinate as many people and to reduce the risk of VITT in those who had started with AZ, Moderna and Pfizer were acceptable second doses for all, no matter one's first dose. Combined with a delay in Pfizer sh
  2. You are correct. I had a brain blip and forgot about the other ships!
  3. Our first WS cruise was to be on the inaugural TA of the Star Breeze over a year ago; we ended up on the Legend instead. With the same background as yours, we didn't know what to expect from WS. Add to that an old ship on her way to drydock, and being flooded out of our cabin, we came to a different conclusion than you and hope to cruise with WS in the distant future (I'm not going to head out for at least another year, maybe two because I want more than a hope & a prayer that our cruise will happen as sold and I don't cruise to places that will be among the first vaccinated.) Stuff ha
  4. We were on that cruise and were surprised at how good the wifi was (there weren't many on board, though, so not as many vying for the limited bandwidth.) We even managed a short video skype call with the grandkids with acceptable throughput. For checking email it will be more than acceptable.
  5. The date is unclear. In Canada 9/7/2021 would be 9th of July, 2021. So those saying it is July and those saying it is September may just be reading the date according to the way dates are written locally. Both are wrong, there is an international standard for dates, largest to smallest, therefore the date should be written 2021-09-07 (for September 7) or 2021-07-09 (for July 9.)
  6. It seems amazing that 18 months ago (almost to the day) my cruise on the Breeze, her inaugural trans Atlantic was cancelled (although not as last-minute, but after final payment despite me specifically having my TA question WS about the asbestos.) Here we are, still talking about cancelled first cruises by the Breeze.
  7. Other friends have booked on several crossing since cancelled. We were intending to join them but never booked because we could see the writing on the wall. We did cancel the Feb 2021 cruise on the Windstar we had booked on board and took the refund of our deposit. Now, we wait and see what/when things will get back to normal. Our US friends are fully vaxxed but as Canadians, we are still in a waiting period. Given I can't go to a museum or movie, or indoor restaurant at this point, the idea of travel is so completely foreign to me, I will simply stay at home awaiting August and t
  8. Agreed, Delta isn't the last variant. But we won't be having Echo Foxtrot or Golf variants. Up next are Epsilon, Zeta, Eta. They are using the Greek Alphabet letters used in science and maths, not the phonetic alphabet.
  9. Our first TA was NY to Southampton via Boston & Halifax and the Azores, then Cork. I was exhausted trying to do all the great ship stuff plus the 23 hour days. I swore I'd never to that again. In 2019, I book the inaugural TA on the Breeze WB from Barcelona. Which was cancelled in December so we ended up on an EB from San Juan on the Legend. This sounds like an insult but really, I don't mean it that way... if you have to an EB ocean crossing, do it on Windstar because there isn't a lot of entertainment or enrichment on board. We had a lovely cruise, just drifting along. We
  10. While in general, I agree, I would never sail on the ResidenSea. She just looked awful to me! Nor would I sail on the any of the large cruise ships. I prefer smaller ships because they tend to look more like ships than floating monstrocities (spelling pun intended) and I would happily choose the motor yachts again. Perhaps after I sail on one of the other ships, I'll change my mind, but it will take a lot of convincing since I like my space and a balcony.
  11. I've now looked over the floor plans and pricing. Even if legit (which I doubt) it is not practical as one's sole home at sea. Granted, I only do a month at a time at sea. And the most challenging packing came on Miami to Vancouver cruise through Panama and via Alaska. In May. But that was done in a 285 sq ft cabin with 60 square foot balcony, bathroom with tub and separate shower, dual sinks, dressing table, walk in closet, desk, couch, chair and hi/lo dual purpose table. The most affordable residences on the Narrative I looked at were 205 square feet with a larger balcony an
  12. That's my reasoning too. On Silversea we always booked the Vista cabin (no balcony) but I will never do that again.
  13. It is a tough call, there are such advantages to both. I found the bed was too close to the bathroom door. If it swung inwards in the bathroom, that would have been fine but the door often was between me and my night stand while we were getting ready for bed at night because we leave the door open so we can chat with each other. Also my dh had to go so close to me in the night if he used the bathroom. I like to look out at the ocean in the morning from my bed. Finally, the room seemed cramped because we had to get by the bed to the open space of the sitting area. On
  14. "Cruise ships with overnight capacity for more than 100 crew and passengers will not be allowed to operate in Canadian waters at least until November, the minister said. The ban on large cruise ships, many of which were hit by COVID-19 outbreaks, began in March." This doesn't affect Windstar since the Breeze Alaska sailings have been cancelled and I'm pretty sure there wasn't an east-coast fall cruise schedule for the colours. BUT in the ban that was declared in March, Windstar was small enough that it would be allowed. Now Canada has made the size of ship to be too s
  15. It seems odd that shows and restaurants are still a 'thing' anywhere on earth! Even with social distancing, that means no visiting with anyone inside, no touching (therefore no grandkids' hugs) and only trips to the grocery store allowed. The grocery stores have food, but not always what you went for. Still no steady supply of toilet paper (it is showing up more often, as it should since a plant is in this town!), no rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, or masks (which are required for those with compromised immune systems in my building when they go to the laundry or mail room.)
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