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  1. sadly, our US holds that dubious honor!!! Almost 2 million cases today!!
  2. Better handled would be any where that started precautions prior to 3 months after knowing of the virus.. and "being hit hard and at what cost" would obviously mean loss of life, period!
  3. Sweden (almost 19K cases) is better than NJ (223K cases) for sure.. I just think that the places that haven't been hit that hard yet, may still get hit hard. Unless of course, their Governments handled it better than ours in the US (which I'm sure most did)!! Of course NJ is the most densely populated state (per capita), so there's that!!
  4. awe, I hope that you will come back and sail RC, it is a wonderful cruise line. We have also sailed on Princess (5X) and loved it as well, I think Royal may be our cruise line, when we feel like it's safe to do that again. Meanwhile, we were supposed to sail out of Puerto Rico in 2 weeks and I have just gone on to request a refund, vs the future cruise credit. We probably will sail again in the future, but maybe not next year. Stay safe If you could live our reality here in NJ (and neighboring NY) you wouldn't be so quick to want things re-opened. I have 3 friends that have be
  5. I feel your pain. We were supposed to cruse out of Puerto Rico 5/10/20 and I am beyond disappointed, but not surprised. I don't see us going again until MAYBE next year, but God only knows how this is going to turn out. When this all started, we thought that in a few months, we'd have a handle on it. No one knew just how vicious this virus was at that point. Now we are wondering if we'll even get to go to the beach this summer!!
  6. Maybe with your circumstances (having a son that cannot travel because of his particular health issues and this respiratory disease), they would make special dispensation for you. I would definitely give it a try. I have emailed Frontier tried the same for my cost. I don't feel like we should incur any additional costs for this, since it's out of our control. Good luck to you and your family!
  7. I wish!! We paid over 500 for 3 flights to Puerto Rico. That included bags and seats.
  8. Boy, you are so right. This past month has seemed like an eternity and sadly, there's a long way to go. I am starting my 5th week of "working from home" today. Our cruise was cancelled of course. We are having a little bit of trouble with Frontier Airlines, which I'm surprised about. They let us cancel without a cancel fee, but are charging us a "rebooking fee" of $25 p/p. I think that stinks, since we have no choice. I would rather take the refund, but they aren't giving us that option.. Anyway, I guess that's not a big deal, considering everything that's going on in the world. You are ri
  9. I didn't mean you specifically. I know I'M cranky..haha.. I want to run away sometimes.. We are in NJ, which is hopefully on a plateau now and starting to go downward. In the middle of my 4th week at home (working) with my husband and daughter. The weather here is pretty good, maybe 4 out of 7 days (typical for NJ),so we go out for walks every day after "work". Keep hanging in there, stay well and stay home...
  10. Everyone is cranky after being stuck at home this long. I have an observation to make about Florida.. IMO the Governor should have closed down that state BEFORE spring breakers came, celebrated as kids do on the beach, and more than likely spread the virus to their home states. We watched the scenes on the beaches in Miami and other spots in Florida and couldn't believe it was going on. Maybe that would have kept the numbers lower in your state!!
  11. Things here in NJ are scary to say the least. Our 5/10 cruise was cancelled, which was no surprise here. We are close to NYC and trailing a day or two behind them in numbers and "flattening of the curve". I have been working from home for going on 3 full weeks now, along with my husband. Our daughter, who works in NYC, has been working from home for 5 weeks now. We are home and trying to stay here as much as possible. We work and then go for walks when the weather permits, at the end of each day. Trying to order groceries online for pickup or delivery is becoming harder and harder. I
  12. Mainly because he likes to leave from a warmer climate right from the get-go! Also, the waters of the North Atlantic can be a little rougher, but the captains usually know how to navigate that. I have many friends that have sailed out of Bayonne and they love it. My very first cruise was to Bermuda many years ago and I don't remember an issues either.
  13. yes, it is pretty.. have sailed under those bridges many times, going on Seastreak to Yankee games (when they used to do that). My husband likes to start vacation in a warmer climate, although I am working on him to reconsider. It would be a lot easier to drive to the port than to fly and have to stay at hotels! My very first cruise many years ago, was to Bermuda from NYC. I remember that it was awesome.
  14. We have done November once, maybe we will check it out for later this year..
  15. Just got the email last night that our 5/10/20 Southern Caribbean cruise out of San Juan has been cancelled. Can't say that I'm surprised, but we still are so sad! Things are pretty surreal and scary here in NJ. Our state with the most people per square foot, has been hit hard. We are second to NY at this time in cases. We have been working from home this week, while our daughter that works in NYC just started her 3rd week working from home. Now, we try to reschedule this cruise to a better date. We have only ever cruised in the spring, with the exception of June once and November once. T
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