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  1. We sailed on the Allure 5/26/19-5/2/19 and found there to be no issues getting off of the ship at any port. It was far faster than our previous experiences on Princess. We were on the 6th deck though, so we just had to go down a deck or 2 to get off. The elevators could consume a lot of time, if you're dependent on them to go down. We were able to take the stairs. Basically we just walked off in PR and St. Maarten, with no lines at all. Although, like some other posters, we never rushed to be the first ones off. Why wait in any line, when if you just stay on ship and enjoy breakfast, you can walk off a little later.
  2. just got off of the Allure a month ago and I want to go back!! It was the BEST!!! So jealous!
  3. what's the saying... a bad day on vacation is still better than a good day at work? Enjoy yourselves and be optimistic that you'll have a wonderful time, and you will!!
  4. Yes, we all said that if we had to do it again, we wouldn't do it because of the traffic. Taxi's won't help there. They are sitting in the same traffic. The experience at Maho Beach (seeing the giant jets go right over the beach to land) is definitely worth seeing though. Now that we have, we will just go to the beach that is near the port where we docked the next time. The Caribbean is just amazing. We did check out towels. I would always check out 3 and then return them. It doesn't matter how you do that. It's easier having one person do it in my opinion. They have "towel stations" near the pools and when you're in port, there will be a station set after you get off of the ship. Have the best time!!
  5. I don't recall asking for egg crates on the beds. No, if you shut off all of the lights, the "nightlight" in the bathroom stays on and there was plenty of light. I don't know what "dreamworks" is. This was our first time on an "oasis" class ship with RC. We had a very quiet cabin on Deck 6 (ocean view balcony), so I can't comment on your location. All I know is I am so jealous and want to go back!! We will!!
  6. FYI, we had an ocean view balcony (and wouldn't do anything else) on the 6th deck and it was an awesome location. We were close to the Boardwalk (same floor) promenade (one deck down) and the restaurants. We were more AFT that foreward, a little more that 1/2 way back on the ship. We loved the location of our room and would do it again in a heartbeat. I personally wouldn't want any of those inside balconies. I'd rather "ocean watch" than "people watch" from my balcony. (IMHO) I believe on that same deck (Promenade) there is a jogging/walking track that goes around the outside. My husband ran on it a few times. But the "inside" Promenade is a busy place.
  7. as far as we could tell on our cruise 05/26/19-06/02-19, the Promenade Deck was where the action was. That was where all of the dance parties were (atleast 2 or 3 that we went to). But, the parties were over by 10 pm, and after that, I'm sure all went back to normal.
  8. We thought it was very nice.. We rented some chairs and an umbrella and enjoyed about 2 hours there. We didn't notice that the beach had been negatively effected, or not restored after the hurricanes. We did notice that as we were riding on the bus getting to the beaches that the island overall took a huge hit.
  9. There was actually only 1 comdedian show. (we saw it on 2 nights in 2 diff venues). I mistakenly booked the "headliner" show ahead of time, thinking it was comedians, but when we got there it was an a singing group called ReVoiced. They were fabulous and we were so glad we saw them.
  10. totally agree. We just got off of the Allure on 06/02 and since we had an 11:40 flight, we didn't leave our room till after 7:45. It only took us 20 min from our room to get out side of the terminal. We called an UBER and were at the airport by 8:30. We could have easily made an earlier flight, but were nervous, so we sat there for a few hours. It was all good though!!
  11. We just got off of the Allure on 6/2 and did the self disembark. The worst (longest part) was trying to get down on the elevator that morning with our luggage. We finally took the "up" elevator and went for the ride. Very easy after that. Maybe took us 20 mins to get out of the building from the time we left our room. Would definitely do it next time!
  12. we did, but not through the ship. We went in St. Maarten and did the Orient Beach/Maho Beach one. It was great, but we actually spent more time driving from one side of the island to the other, than we did on the beach! Prob wouldn't do it again because of that!
  13. yes, 2, Tues and Friday. We all dressed up, my husband with suits, my daughter dresses and I wore a jumpsuit one night and dressy palazzo pants the other night. Love those nights!!
  14. my daughter got it for the last three days for $50. We had wifi in PR, so I was fine, till we got home.
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