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  1. huhwhat

    Playa Uvas

    Is there a charge for the teak loungers too? Were the chairs you did ultimately use comfortable? TIA
  2. huhwhat

    Playa Uvas

    The pictures of Uvas show a pool. The pool looks a bit small. Does anyone actually take a dip in the pool? Perhaps a silly question but is it "freshwater" or saltwater in the pool? (While I like sitting on the sand and snorkeling in the surf, sometimes a nice dip in a pool is refreshing on a warm day.)
  3. huhwhat

    Playa Uvas

    Woohooo! My first double post.
  4. huhwhat

    Playa Uvas

    Perhaps this has been covered in the preceding 26 pages but can anyone speak to the massages at Playa Uvas. Cost? Quality? Setting? Any guidance is appreciated.
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