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  1. We booked through the ship. Boy was I glad because when we got back to pier to take to take the ferry back to Cozumel; we literally had maybe 30 mins left to board. The travel time is very long...But as I always say “I never known when I’ll be back to be this close to experience something like this”...It was truly amazing and very glad we did this excursion.
  2. There are plenty of great hotels in Dania Beach.
  3. Being from the South and trying multiple BBQ places in several Southern states; I wouldn’t eat here again. It was OK but wouldn’t recommend..
  4. When you enter Cuba’s custom they have to stamp your passport. In addition to giving them your visit.
  5. My husband wore khaki shorts every night on our cruise last October and was never turned away. Several men wore athletic shorts as well.
  6. Plain and simple...Who cares...
  7. Why do you care how I chose to spend my money? Odd that you would even post such a ridiculous comment.
  8. I just went to Cuba on 9/24/18 on RC Empress of The Sea. The day your ship embarks you are ask full out the forms for Cuba. I filled checked Support for the Cuban People. The agent at the port did not question what I had plan and gave us ( party of 3) our Visa. Once in Cuba we walked off the ship and hired a cab (classic car) right off the street for us for 30 mins to drive us around. All for the small cost of $30.. We gave the driver $80 since it would have cost much more per person to do an excursion through the ship. We walked through the streets. We loved that we did what we wanted to do on our time and not being stuck for endless hours on a tour.
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