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  1. Here is an inspiring and apropos video collaboration from the Azamara Cruise Directors. https://youtu.be/qvY-UtknaRI
  2. Your information is incorrect. Azamara’s policy is identical to Royal Caribbean and Celebrity...if you choose to cancel and do so up to 48 hours prior to your sailing date, you get a future cruise credit. Any refunds are a result of the cruise line canceling a voyage or if a guest is denied boarding for health reasons. So far Azamara has not cancelled anything. When and if they do, those guests will receive a refund.
  3. Laurie is correct. The email begins, “Dear Travel Partner”, which is missing from the OP photo.
  4. Also, the ships that are leaving the region have been in Asia for weeks. The Journey is just “passing through” as it makes its way to Dubai, then Europe for the summer season.
  5. I’m on the Singapore -Dubai cruise as well. I have every confidence that Azamara will make the decision as soon as they can, and in the worst case scenario, will make things right for their guests. I just had to buy a second ticket to Singapore, as my original one connected through Hong Kong. It’s all very frustrating, but I have faith Azamara will resolve this situation (which is not their fault), as best they can. Still almost two months to go.
  6. Wow, that looks like a wonderful menu..thanks for sharing Phil. Is this a trial, or permanent? Looking forward to trying it in April.
  7. I’m on this cruise too. Hope to meet you. I think you’ll love Azamara!
  8. I just stayed in one on the 16 day transatlantic Journey crossing just a few weeks ago. Lack of storage in the bathroom was really the only downside. The desk was lower than normal as well, but I rarely sat at it. I think I remember checking the dimensions, and the accessible suites were actually larger than the regular ones. We had no issues.
  9. The reserved seats were for the High Seas Choir made up of guests, who were the opening act for the show. Some of them may have left after they finished singing for other seating, but the seats were utilized and occupied prior to their performance. Anyone there early enough would have been free to move into any abandoned seat.
  10. My observation is that the new guests are perhaps not the best fit for Azamara. If they left the show, it was their loss; I have never heard Eric sing better or with more passion, many of the song choices were updated and all were very well received, and the Grandpa jokes were just fine.
  11. Suitcases came out today! Ann I love your lemonade reference. This has indeed been a bumpy road, but anytime I am on the Journey is a positive as far as I am concerned. Looking forward to seeing you and Charles soon. Holly
  12. I got the same response as Ann when I clicked on the link.
  13. I’m also on the 12/14 sailing and wondering the same thing. Reservations was not able to give me an answer.
  14. Thanks Ann. Enjoyed following along with you on your cruises. Do you know if Danny is still onboard for the crossing? Looking forward to seeing you and Charles again soon. Holly
  15. I have a Celebrity Visa card and I use the points every time I sail on Azamara for onboard credit. It works across all three brands.
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