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  1. My group is acheduled to board the Pacific Princess 1 year from today. While I’m hoping that nothing like this latestflood event will happen then it’s worth considering a hotel that would be out of the potential flood area. Not sure I could lift my luggage up to my shoulder while wading through water. Does anyone have any recommendations? I ‘m wondering if the hotels near Piazzale Roma are out of the flooded area.
  2. IHere is a report on the flooding. The passngers are due to board today. I’m wondering if the ship will even be aloud to dock. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/30/world/europe/venice-floods-italy.html
  3. RubyLee

    Plaza deck ocean view

    If you stay in P301 I would love to read your review of the cabin as my friend and I will be in P301 on the Oct. 14 sailing of the Grand.
  4. RubyLee

    American Express Offer Is Back

    It appears to me to be good for new bookings only.
  5. I found a recommendation for this tour on Pinterest. It sounds interesting but other than 1 review couldn’t find anymore info.
  6. Thank you all for your feedback. After consideration I upgraded to an unobstructed cabin 4045 on deck 4. 😄 PescadoAmarillo I love your blog! Our cruise from Venise to Rome is on Oct. 30, 2019 and I’ve been reading about your Adriatic, Mediterranean adventures on the Pacific Princess and have found your writting to be very helpful for planning and entertaining.
  7. i’m currently booked in an inside cabin on deck 7 but I’m considering changing to an obstructed ocean view cabin so we have some natural light for the 12 day Oct. 30, 2019 sailing. I’m considering cabin 6046 or 6049 and am wondering if anyone has some experience in these cabins and some feedback. Does the cabin have a sofa or a just a chair? Is it noisy. Thank you
  8. RubyLee

    Grand-Chef's Table

    How much does it cost?
  9. Thank you for the info.
  10. it’s been some years since I cruised on a Princess ship that had the International Cafe. Other than drinks are there any additional charges for food there?
  11. I’m considering booking one of these cabins for a 10 day Mexico cruise on the Grand Princess. These both are OV, with porthole, next to the Terrace pool. Hopefully someone will have stayed in one of these cabins and can give me some feedback. Is it noisy? Thank you
  12. RubyLee

    What to do immediately upon boarding?

    What kind of swag do you get on the UST?
  13. RubyLee

    Landmark Sale (May 1 – June 19, 2018)

    Thanks for posting the list. The good news is our cruise on the Pacific Princess, 10/30/2019, is on the list. It doesn’t look like there is any savings on the cost of the cabin but those OBCs are a nice bonus.
  14. This is an independent tour with Sibenik Walking Tours. http://sibeniktour.com/?portfolio-118=sibenik-walking-fooddrink-tour
  15. We will be on a cruise that visits this port in November 2019 and I’m considering this walking tour. Any feedback?:)