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  1. Angiegal, we did the same thing! Son 27 girlfriend 24. There are just some things mama don't need to know. Plus they are just cheap enough to take the money saved and call it a win. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Thanks for the tip about the 5th floor. That will come in extra handy since our family(2 rooms) is on the 6th! We are sailing her Dec 9th for a Journey cruise. I've read the reviews, both good and bad, and figure 'Eh :cool:we'll see.' If its good great, if it's not it is a port heavy cruise we'll make the best of it.
  3. I see the Sunshine getting beat up in some reviews. That would explain the tremendous deal we were offered by our PVP for one of the Journeys sailings. Worst case scenario we will see some warm weather in Dec. Thanks for all the info and I'm glad the OP was able to have a good time despite a few issues. I like their attitude! :D
  4. :D:D:D:D:D:D Thank you, thank you, thank you! I found out I can order it from the state store. Guavaberry Coladas all around!
  5. I am loving this review. We sail her May 3 and this report is getting me even more excited! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Following also. We will be sailing her May 3. I love the smaller ships Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. We did the second Canadian sailing. We booked an OV guarantee and WOW! We were bumped up to an awesome balcony room. It was a handicap accessible aft room. Its a gamble I guess.
  8. Just my $.02 We just got off the Magic on Friday. It was our first Disney cruise after sailing RCCL, NCL but mainly CCL. Disney is now our cruise of choice. For our family it just seemed to 'fit' better. Our group this time was our 22yo ds, our 8yo dd, hubby and me. When we talked about it we all agreed Disney was our favorite so far. The shows were outstanding. We never bothered to go to the other cruiseline shows anymore. But the Disney ones were truly Broadway quality. The staff was the friendliest we ever encountered. Hubby said he didn't even miss the casino. (which I was concerned he would) The spa was truly heavenly and there was no sales pitch at the end(unlike other times). On Disney there was no hassle about bringing on your own bottle of alcohol or beer for your room. Even so we found bar drinks to be about $2 less than other ships. The only thing we thought was better on Carnival was the speed of dinner service. Our cruise experience before this was a total of 11 cruises 8 Carnival 2 Norwegian 1 Royal Caribbean. We wish we had tried Disney sooner. :)
  9. Thanks Host Mick. I read thru the tips thread, and thru as many posts as I could. Seems like everyone is talking about the newer ships. I also got the Passporters Guide to DCL. As a chronic overplanner a last minute trip is throwing me into a tizzy!
  10. Hubby and I booked a last minute cruise to Canada on the Disney Magic. June 17 we will be leaving New York City heading north. It will us and 2 of our kids 22yo son and 8 yo daughter. We have been to WDW dozens of times and cruised 10 times on different cruise lines(Carnival, NCL and RCCL) but never Disney. So I beg mercy from all you DCL veterans. Hit me with the must knows and gotta see/dos. In other words
  11. I just ordered from BV today. I got one bottle for me and one for my sister. I got Crown Royal and my sis got Malibu. They were both $55 dollars for 1 litre bottles. While I appreciate the convenience of Bon Voyage, it blows my mind that Crown and Malibu are the same price! Crown is at least twice as expensive as Malibu here in Pa.
  12. My favorite thing to do on a cruise is get room service breakfast, bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon with coffee(shot of Bailey's optional ;))enjoyed while sitting on the balcony. My daughter enjoys cookies and milk before bed. We have only had good experiences with room service and recommend it highly!
  13. Thank you for updating. I have been watching this thread since my daughter was adopted from China. She was adopted in 2004 so we automatically got her Certificate of Citizenship. We have always used that when we traveled. We got her US passport this summer and it was kind of emotional for me(I am a huge sap). I am glad things worked out for you.
  14. We are taking our high school seniors(twins) out of school next week for a cruise. One of them said,"If this is an educational trip it will be an excused absence." My reply, "How can travel NOT be educational." We will be visiting 4 countries with 4 cultures. The ship alone has crew members from dozens of different nations. One of my sons is a culinary student and is doing a paper on the cuisine of the different ports as well as on the ship. The notion that education only takes place in a classroom is preposterous. But that is just my $0.02. YMMV
  15. Cold compress works great. We went to a cruiselines private island(not Carnival's)on an overcast day. I was sitting in the sun and just forgot to reapply sunscreen. My chest got really burned. That night in the cabin I took cold soda cans and kept rolling them over the burned area. When the can got warm I switched it out for a cold one. I just kept doing that. The next day I was still red but not hot to touch or sore.
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