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  1. Love, love the fwd corner cabins! We are booked in our favorite on six of our seven booked cruses! It will be an excellent location for our cruise to Alaska next August.
  2. We love the Sky. We also love Regal Princess and have sailed on her 6 times. We were on the Sky Princess over the Holidays in 2019 and again in March when sailing stopped. We will return to the Sky this year in December. Of course the Piazza is great for people watching and we also found the open Princess Live space to be great for watching people as they pass during the day. In the evening I enjoyed the Crown Grill Bar area. The bar has nice live music in the evenings and I especially enjoyed people watching here on formal nights. Seeing all the lovely gowns on the ladies and surprisingly jazzy shoes on the gentlemen passing by as they head to and from dinner in the Cielo Dining Room was a real treat. You must walk around the open track on Deck 18 to see the lovely murals painted around the track. They are great for all those selfies I know you'll want to take. Deck 17 (Sun Deck) is great for some nice ocean vistas, cloud watching and sun sets. It also is a popular deck for sun worshipers so there's that element of people watching too. Like the Regal, Outriggers Bar at the back of the ship is a nice place to watch the wake. The bar in the Retreat pool area is a popular gathering spot for adults. The Sky has some great art and beautiful tile, marble and glass work that is worth a walk about to see. Don't forget the stairwells for some interesting art and like the Regal, passenger hallways have the beautiful photos taken on Princess cruises. I suggest you visit Deck and look for photos #268, #289 and #148! If Captain Tuvo is "driving the ship" (Captain will tell you..."driving the ship is easy, it's parking that is hard.") during your cruise you will cross paths with him in the early morning as he makes his daily ship tour, often with an Officer zipping around with him. He visits every deck and area of the ship, every day. It's like seeing a rock star as he is adored by passengers and loved by the crew. If you're lucky you'll see for yourself. Captain Laakkonen is also great captain to passengers and crew. He was our Captain when cruising stopped and returned us passengers safe and healthy to a world in distress. Before the shut-down the crew were outstanding and the Princess Theater shows top notch. I expect they will be just as good when Princess welcomes us back. The Sky Princess is a beautiful ship and you will enjoy sailing on her!
  3. This has happened to me two times. The online system defaults to the pay in full selection during on-line booking. I think it is a flaw in their online system. Both times I called immediately to confess my mistake. The first time I had to explain my error several times before I reached the correct department and then it took about a week or more to rectify. The second time was just a couple of weeks ago during the half price deposit promo. I instantly saw my error as I was hitting the enter button! I called the 800# and very quickly reached the Customer Relations Department who refunded the difference between the deposit & payment in full. It was processed through my Princess Visa account with-in 48 hours. I voiced my concern on the payment process with the nice lady in Customer Relations and I followed up with a brief email. I suggested a fix of either the system refrains from defaulting to full payment or adding an "are you sure?" question before the transaction is finalized. Something needs to be done because I feel it will happen to me again! I get so excited to complete the booking I just hit enter too quickly!
  4. Thank you birdmom. This is just what I was looking for.
  5. I thought I read somewhere that Princess is changing the required minimum deposit amount do. I seem to remember it being a sliding scale based on cabin category and possibly length of cruise? I think it was to go into effect on May 1st. Does anyone have the details?
  6. Even though this is slightly off topic I'll list what we have for an emergency situation. Ever since the Carnival Triumph was stuck out at sea we have backed a "grab bag" filled with the items we may need in an emergency. We pack: an extra 2+ weeks medications, copies of our passports & photo IDs, family contact info, a solar phone charger & extra charging sticks, a hand crank radio, headlamps, handheld torches, a little battery lantern & tea lights, a few extra batteries, dollar store rain ponchos, small umbrella, extra socks, first aid kit, packaged nuts & dried fruits, packaged peanut butter crackers, small juice boxes, sun hats (or winter hats & gloves), sun screen & SPF shirts, small amount of cash and a hand towel. For our last cruise I added N95 masks, sterile gloves, and disinfectant wipes. All this goes into a nylon backpack which surprisingly is not too heavy or a burden to carry. We store it with the life jackets. We were on the Sky princess in the Western Caribbean when Princess ceased operations. I had read the announcement on social media early in the morning (before the Captain's announcement to return to our cabins to listen to a message from Jan Swartz), that all ships were to return to port. I had also been following the Diamond Princess situation and the other ships' difficulty seeking safe harbor. We were a little concerned the Sky Princess would be caught up in the possibility the port would close, even though our ship had ZERO illness. We went to the Horizon Court and gathered a few apples & oranges, yogurts and such, just in case we were denied entry to Port Everglades. I don't know if this was widely reported but the Sky Princess had to make a special stop in Dominica Republic to pick up Covid-19 tests. The Captain said "authorities" requested a sampling of crew to verify zero Covid-19 infections. We met a pilot boat for a sail-by to receive the tests. We must have passed as the passengers were hustled off the ship early the next morning and were whisked away to an airport in turmoil. I was very glad we had masks & sanitizing wipes hanging out at the airport with 30,000+ cruise passengers trying to leave Florida. We plan to return to the Sky Princess in December 2021 and have high hopes the cruise industry will succeed in getting back to sea. This is a huge industry and I just can't see these requirements the CDC has laid out lasting once the vaccines change the infection spread.
  7. Princess may have changed the title of your saved cruise. That's is what I discovered with my saved cruises having the same message. I searched for them again and they were still available but with a different name. One was listed as "Western Caribbean" before and now it is titled "Caribbean with Mexico".
  8. I think they were!! I have a friend that we meet to cruise with. She is well under 5' and carries this little step with her to the MDR so her legs don't dangle! It fits perfectly in a nice little Vera Bradley bag.
  9. We went met a couple in our Roll Call group who were in L104 with the large balcony and solid railing wall. They had brought those bed risers and used them on the deck chairs to make them high enough to see over the railing. It worked perfectly. The light weight plastic riser cubes easily stacked together and took up very little space in their bags. I thought it was brilliant!
  10. We love the L107 & L108 mini suites. So much so we have been in them several times on the Regal Princess. We booked L108 again for our New Years B2B last year on the Sky Princess. We currently are booked in L108 on the Enchanted Princess in January 2022, the Majestic's Cali Coastal in April 2022 and in L107 on the Discovery Princess to Alaska in August 2022! My husband is an photographer and just loves the wide open balcony and sweeping views for his photo shots!
  11. I agree with Astro. We've had the pleasure of being on the Regal many times and just loved it. However we found the Sky Princess to be even better, if that's possible, during our 3 weeks on her in 2020. Love, love, the new Princess Live. Take Five is a perfect replacement for Crooners and even the Crown Grill Bar has an element of Crooners about it with the live music. The Royal and Regal have beautiful decor and some of the most unique and beautiful chairs of any of the Princess ships, however I found the deco on the Sky to be even more lovely. The detailed tile work and glass art make the Sky Princess stand out from her sisters. We found the production shows Rock Opera and 5Skies to be the best we've ever seen. The production and talent was out of this world. You can't sing the praises of the Sky Princess without mentioning her one of a kind Captain Tuvo or better known as Capt. Bye Bye. He is a ray of sunshine everywhere he goes. And Capt. Laakkonen was amazing to have as captain when operations were ceased last March. He kept passengers and crew well informed and was a calming leader before he returned us safe and healthy to a world in distress. We are booked on the Sky Princess in December and hope very much to sail on her then. We also are heading to the Enchanted, Majestic and Discovery in 2022, all in the same Lido cabin. We have become a fan of the Royal class ships.
  12. He is fun. I have thought Alex would make a great Brand Ambassador for Princess. Similar to John Heald with Carnival.
  13. I follow Alex on Instagram and have seen his post about his new cafe. I wish him and his young family well. He will be missed, one of the best!
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